Sunday, March 14, 2010


On Friday the Huffington Post covered a story about Hillary Clinton chewing out Benjamin Netanyahu, and gave it a blazing front page headline:

Since it was given such prime billing, the article naturally generated a massive amount of traffic. Right now it has over 2,900 comments, despite the full moderation, making it the largest thread we have covered so far.

As for the comments themselves, the vast majority were what we have come to expect from the Huffington Post: Praising Clinton, happy that she was standing up to Israel, condemning Israel for the settlements and "not wanting peace." About half of the total comments were impotent cries for America to cut off aid to Israel. None of those were included in the HuffPoWatch, but there were plenty more that had clearly abusive, hateful and anti-Semitic undertones.

This thread contained everything we have seen before, all in one place: Israel/Jews/Zionists/neocons "control" America, Israel is committing genocide and apartheid, Israel is just like the Nazis, racism against Israelis, distortions of history, and so forth. This thread contains easily the most anti-Semitism we have ever seen in one place, even though the anti-Semitic comments made up the clear minority of the thread's content. Click below to read them.

Yamit my brudda! I zot u ver in Branson, schleppin all zee gelt!

This Congressional resolution represents our Congress rolling over to the wishes of a foreign government. The Congress puts Israeli interests ahead of American interests.

There is no doubt about the Christian heritage of the founding fathers of this nation. Those beliefs are tightly woven together with our national traditions and therefore we respect them. We can not throw them out. If your family has come here since 1776, you must respect what was here before you arrived. Adding respect for other religions traditions will never hurt us as a nation.
I wish I could feel good about anything Hebraic, but they are an exclusive religion that only grudgingly opens up to others outside their own sphere. They want rights and privileges that they themselves are unable to give to others, which is respect and tolerance. They don't see the two sides of their own coin. One should always look to how they are treating the Palestinians to observe their true nature. They do that on the American taxpayers dime, and this is what I object to.

It was a bad choice to place an artificial state in this neighborhood.

Grim Al
Israel's status as a democracy is questionable. It's loyalty to the US is false. And as for being the most loyal ally in the world - where were they when we sent troops into Iraq and Afgahnistan, in part to further Israel's security? Numerous other allies were on board with that - are you suggesting that they are less loyal?
And chaimschwatrz, have you considered my suggestion that you enlist in the IDF? Your rants here show where your loyalty lies and it's not with US. Would you not be far more effective in defense of Israel if you were there combating Hamas whose transgressions you are fond of citing?

That is how US MSM propaganda works. There are good pictures only when she [Clinton] talks only in Israel's favor.

When do the weapons inspections of Israeli nuclear facilities start? Also I didn't know "doves" sold billions in weapons to anybody.
Israel doesn't "listen" to anybody. They just continue to oppress militarily, economically, morally. All they want is power, property and exclusive rights to profit. The US is right in their hip pocket. You have to have a scapegoat boogeyman to scapegoat in order to justify huge amounts of aid and the sale of billions in weapons to an already armed to the teeth band of Israeli Nazi's.
What exactly is Iran doing to poor Israel?

Israeli soldiers bulldoze houses filled with people, but if the people try to run out they shoot them.
This is what our tax dollars is supporting.

The betrayal of USS Liberty
Dual US-Israel citizens - pushers for the Iraq War
Israeli spies in the US
Imprisonment of children and torture in Israeli prisons
War crimes in Gaza Ghetto
$3000000000000 per year from the US taxpayers...

A fifth column is a group of people, like the Jewish Lobby and Neocons Richard Pearle and Paul Wolfowitz, which clandestinely undermines a larger group to which it is expected to be loyal, such as America.
Israel thanks the stupid Americans for Israel's land grab.
All the time while Israel rakes in Billions of American foreign aid, or as I call it welfare, for their social medicine and subsidized housing on Palestinian land.
They sit on the beach at Tel Aviv and laugh at how stupid Americans are to fight their war for them.

Israel will listen the minute we stop writing the $3 billion+ check we annually write to them. But that day will never come.....not so long as AIPAC runs things around Washington.

It is good to know that finally we have an administration who is not all gaga about Israel. A neutral stance years ago, would have made us less enemies. If Israel has to be admonished, then they should be admonished, like any other country. The US has to stop pandering to Israel, and supporting it to the point of ridiculous. It is also time for the Jewish Americans here to stop being blindly loyal to Israel. After all, their first priority should the the country they live in, the US. The Jewish lobby here, should start being loyal to the US and be concerned for it's well being. There is no point sticking our necks out for Israel, and making more enemies in the process. Israel has continuously thumbed it's nose at the world, and broken UN rules, time and time again. It is time big brother called them on it.

Israel is not interested in peace. it is interested in owning all of the land occupied by the Palestinians. Israel does not care if all Palestinians are displaced, starved, or murdered. They just want them gone. Hows that for your tax dollars? Next time the US mentions Human rights in China [Notice the user name] or Nuclear weapons in Iran, remember this little tidbit.

They've been thumbing their nose at the entire world my friend. There's several UN resolutions that they ignore, even Geneva Convention statutes! They are a renegade nation! They are arrogant...and the usa supports them...frustrating!!

Beautifully stated !!! It never ceases to amaze how the oppressed almost immediately becomes the oppressor.

Israel aims its nuke warheads at Europe
Israel is a cornered rat.
Soon the dollar will dry up and then what will they do for their meal ticket???

Good for her it's about time the U.S. stood up to these jews.They don't want peace.

I agree. Right now the US is doing the "talk tough" bit with Israel, in hopes of maintaining a shred of crediblilty with the Israel's arab neighbors, but everyone knows that the words don't mean a thing. The US will continue letting Israel do whatever it wants, whenever it wants. Our politicians are too afraid of being smeared by AIPAC and the pro-Israeli US media.

The Israeli's must understand within the last two months they have been doing some really BAD things on the world stage, hardly indicative of God "chosen people", then again we never ask, which GOD do they represent of favor?

Israels duplicity seems to now be an ingrained part of there mentality and culture!

Agreed! why will Israel never learn from history! they keep repeating it for themselves!
They have had more influence over US government then the people of this country!
The corrupting force of wealth and greed underneath the moral decay of America and Israel!

good post Patroclus....but I do not think the "rabid dog" can be put on a leash of any kind...we will see....fanned

Israel is in no way interested in any treaty with the Palestinians. They're gonna do whatever the hell they like. In the process, they have the Palestinians trapped in a huge concentration camp. The Palestinians rightly say, "We want our country back!"
What was the United Nations thinking when they created the country of Israel?

LAThinker, It is you who needs the education. The Palestinians are treated worse than dogs by the Israelis. They endure countless humiliations from Israelis on a daily basis and endless waits at check points to go from point A to point B.
Yet you suggest that they really don't wont their own state! Get real.

Let me think Occupied people, subjected to apartheid regime send rockets to Imperialist oppressor land causing billions of dollars of damages, killed thousands of people and disrupted the entire imperialist oppressor's economy......
....It's over man. Americans are waking up.

It is about time someone poked a finger into Israel's chest.
Poor freaking Israel... boo hoo. Now I will be blunt about it.
Israel should never have come into existence. Land was stolen from the Palestinians, with the blessings of the United States at the time, to give to the Jews after WWII. Why? Because we felt sorry for the Jewish people? Because THEY needed a homeland? Because of collective guilt? Bull.
Give Israel an inch, and they will arrogantly demand the whole yardstick.
How many people have died since then fighting over the existence or non-existence of Israel? How many threats of nuclear annihilation does the rest of the world have to endure because of the existence of Israel?
I think it is time for the rest of the world to hold Israel's nose to the fire and make it clear that they need to be far more grateful for their existence then they have been and that they need to back off with the continued aggression toward the Palestinians, who's land the Jews took over. It needs to be made clear that if Israel does not show human respect and dignity to their neighbors then Israel will find itself alone, unprotected, and with a very uncertain future.

You don't have a say really, since we have a large Isreali consituency in the Federal government, who exactly would ever listen to you? You are just an American, you have no say really.

The biggest foreign policy mistake by the US in the 20th century was the subservience to the Zionists to force the creation of the modern state of Israel. Can you imagine: a foreign power claiming the state of Florida and forcing all Floridians to abandon their homes and leave before giving the land to the arch enemy Iran? That's about what the West did to the Palestinians and the world has been paying the price ever since.
There will be justice in the world when the Jews become the minority and the Palestinians become the majority in a democratic Israel. Laws will be passed to reconcile the theft of land and the Jews will once again become (justifiably) stateless.
I doubt that this post will past scrutiny of the mods.

With so many in government holding dual Isreali citizenship, Isreal can do whatever it wants, since it not only seems to control its own government, but ours as well.
Are you question the loyalty of American Jews?
alysheba 3
Only the ones in government making the decisions regarding freeing Israeli spies and enabling the aggression of Israel.
Grim Al
And those whose loyalty to Israel is greater than to their own country.

Israel has enough nuclear weapons to blow-up anyone that disagrees with them. Their treatment of the Palestianians is despicable.
All U.S. aid to the Zionists must end.

He's [Obama's] not the puppet they [American Jews] thought they'd purchased.

Garnering the sympathies of the world worked towards their salvation
Imposing their will on the weak is now seen as okay.
How quickly we forget.

It's just so sad watching very basic demographic data, and noticing that the Israeli jews don't seem to have a clue that one day they are going to be a minority in Israel. You'd think they could suppress their greed and arrogance for the two seconds it takes to start acting accordingly.

Probably the day after he [Netanyahu] sucks the last drop of blood out of our country's tax rolls. Must be nice, living like princesses in the Mediterranean...ON MY DIME.

another classic line used by Israel firsters when cornered..seriously get some new talking points...these old talking points are beaten to pulp and are boring!

end the oppression and second class citizenship of palestinians.
we changed South Africa, we can do it again!

Israel is run by a lot of irrational extremists. They have no interest in negotiating any peace. Their view of peace is making life so terrible for the Palestinians, so that they would just leave. This fact is that some of the parties in the current government of Israel advocate this openly, Avidgor Lieberman's party is one of them, but there are still people further on his right. None of this is ever mentioned in the media, who are we fooling? Israel doesn't have anything common with us, they are a brutal people living in a 3000 year old make belief culture, we need to cut the cord and move on. Here is a book by Shlomo Sand a professor in Israel writing about the invention of the jewish people.

Rachel Brownlee
This has been going on for decades, the only reason you tend to see things more from the Israeli side is because the reality of situation has been distorted and censored by a US media and government. It's only with the advent of the internet that the truth has started to come out.

Very much agree. I'm quite ignorant on how Isreal came about in it's current state. But the phrase "Isreal has the right to exsist" echoes from having heard it many times. Well, with rights to exsist come reponsibilites. I see Isreal as a greedy, uncaring, self absorbed entity. Not at all what the citizens of the planet earth need. Or should tolerate. Need to be reigned in.

Why should we "have Israel's interest" in mind? It's time to pull the plug on the place.

time for the US to quit letting israel run us. they are totally taking advanage of our good nature. time to cut the purse strings to them and egypt too. let them work it out, we need to quit thinking we can fix their problems. NO more $$$$ to them, heck we are probably paying for the new settlements. israel cannot stand on its own, they will have to negotiate with all other middle east countries to continue existence.
that time is NOW. NO more AID!!

alysheba 3
And with that statement you condemn thousands to death at the hands of Israelis wielding US freely supplied weapons. Nice to know you support the ethnic cleansing the US has enabled.

What thousands of years of hate between these two cultures? Jews got along fine throughout the Muslim world before 1948. They certainly were treated far better than in most Christian countries for centuries before that time. There were Jews from Iraq to the Mahgreb, and they played vital roles in Arab society and the Ottoman Empire. Through the millet system they were free to follow any profession, could practice their religion freely, and enjoyed unprecedented prosperity. Some even rose to the highest ranks of the Ottoman state.
The Zionist land grab at the end of WWII ended all of that. Jews were expelled from most Muslim countries after their brutal employment of ethnic cleansing that left hundreds of thousands as refugees. (The notion that they "left" is a lie--even Israeli historians acknowledge the ethnic cleansing, and British officers attest to it.)
Zionism is the problem in the Middle East, and we have had our finger on the balance for far too long. Its time to start working for a FAIR and JUST peace that ensures the well-being of the people who currently live under the heel of the Israeli jackboot in Gaza and the West Bank. It is time to pull the plug on Israel and show them that continued recalcitrance has very serious consequences for the long term viability of Israel.

it is about time we sound off about israel. They have been the issue for a long time. Go Biden and Clinton. Not that it will do much good Isreal is like the sneaky teenager, that always gets away with being bad. Because they had a abusive childhood. so we should feel sorry for them and lets them have what they want forever. Poor Isreal... shame on you Palistian for wanting anything. cry me a river. right

they are desperate for an attack to feed on the victimhood mentality. Their security is as important as that of their neighbors, there is no thirdway about it.

They own the U.S....Huff Post's Israeli articles are moderated by's a joke trying to say anything on this so called liberal blog.

Israel has destroyed the goodwill of the entire world to the point that only the U.S. We are their bread and butter. If we start cutting off financial support, they will start acting like a civilized country instead acting like a rogue nation. The only way to make them agree to and accept a country for the Palestinians is to begin to cut off funding. The need us.... we don't need them.
Because they haven't been afraid to assassinate government leaders who oppose their will, even in Western countries.

It could go deeper than that considering that Mossad had a large presence in New York city (many members deported) to watch or be part of 9/11 in some way. For example, who planted the explosives that brought the 3 buildings down? Boy, if they opened up that can of worms ... !

WE are not afraid of Israel. It's the politicians and HuffPost who are afraid of Israel. It's becoming clearer everyday, with all the unwarranted censorship here just on this comments thread.
Not to mention all the rest of the spin control in other media. Be good, HuffPost, or bye bye.

Eject all members of Congress with ties to AIPAC ( like funding ).
Eject people that have dual citizenship from sensitive positions. This is not some "purging", this is common sense.
Israel needs to wake up, and if they can't, the world will, and tell them that what they suffered, they are not entitled to suffer on anyone else. Point Blank.

I'm going to be lambasted high and low, but I'm going to say it anyway - revoke dual citizenship rights. You either are an American, or you aren't.

Don't forget the enormous power Israel/Jews have in the US now, especially since the GFC. The Goldman Sachs type businesses are super rich and control much of the wealth/power.
I suspect the murdoch media will love to again join forces with them to attack Obama and the Democrats. Murdoch because he wants media friendly laws and the American Israelis because they want the home country treated like as untouchable.

most people would agree with Clinton , but the Jewish Lobby? its time to send them back to the promised land.

The Jewish neo-con scam of the Iraq war was good for the military industrial complex's government paid contracts. Haliburton with its tax shelter corporate base in Dubai and murderous Blackwater mercenaries also profited. The war was created by and fought for the foreign nation of Israel. Leaders like Wolfowitz and Pearle should be brought up on charges of treason. Who do you think they work for, the average American citizen? Think again.

Oh we can do better that that, lets stop the 3 billion we GIVE (not loan) them annually. This welfare state would collaspe under its own arrogance.

Tom Volkskrieger
Why won't you talk about the massacres by the invading jews that occurred prior to 1948?
Do I need to post Israel's shame? Don't her supporters have any sense of historical truth?
If there really is a jewish state, why not go back to the historically accurate name of Judea?
Anyhow, here is a list of some of the state crimes committed by Israel, I await your response to each and every single one.
Every life is sacred.

[To a pro-Israel poster] The previous statement has been approved by the Ministry of Propaganda.

It's not a democracy, it's a theocracy.

What's to understand about their aggressive, insulting actions?

The State of Israel is a belligerent nation, whose recent policies have rsulted in illegal land grabs, significant human rights violations, and notable war crimes witnessed by the entire world.
Please spare us your arrogant suggestion that the plight of the Israelis is so complicated or different from many other peoples with troubled histories that it is not comprehensible by ordinary people. Your implication is absurd, and your arrogance is showing.

Ally? Friend? Try "BACKSTABBER."
Not to be trusted.

Well, now a host of Israeli explainers around the world will be tasked to, once again, complain that Israel acts in an honest and necessary way to protect its existence and that not to see the absolute necessity of any Israeli selfish self-seeking or fascistic actions undertaken in righteous desperation is to forget what the Jews in Europe endured for several years!!!!

Ten minutes after the United States ends military funding for Israel, all attacks on the US would stop.

You honestly belive this nonsense?
Isr ael owns this administration........this is theatre wake up
Theater of the oppressors .... yes that is what Israel represents.... but shouldn't.

How cheeky of her to talk that way to our masters. ;-) AIPAC is going to punish her. Any American who loves their country should be appalled at how our politicians have to align with Israeli interests instead of American interests. This is an outrage but AIPAC and the other elements of the Israeli government lobby in this country has made putting America's interests first synonymous with antisemitism. That is too bad for America but also very dangerous for anyone who is threatened by real antisemitism. Making bogus claims of antisemitism only makes real antisemitism seem more mainstream. That should scare the bejebus out of people in this country.

And according to you what's best for Israel is to exterminate the Palestinian, one acre at a time? This is the issue that in my whole life has me the most livid. The tribute to the oppression of the Jews by the Nazis is to do the same to the Palestinians. I don't care about the blame shifting or put both sides on trial. The bottom line is that the Palestinian land has been robbed systematically and they have been oppressed inhumanely. Period.

The world needs to start pushing for a one state solution with full rights and citizenship for all Palestinians. Israel has taken so much of the Palestinian land and resources - and will continue to do so - that a viable Palestinian state will not be possible. Combine all the area under one democratic government, give Palestinians full voting rights, citizenship, etc. and stop this hideous torture of the Palestinian people.

Rachel Brownlee
"Anti-semetism rising worldwide"
Gee, I wonder why?
Surely it can't be a response to their criminal, hypocritical actions - it must just be irrational racism, yeah, that's it.
Horse feathers. People are coming to their senses in regard to the price we have paid for peace in the Middle East as we bow to Israel's every whim.

Nothing will happen that will be good for the Palestinians until the terrists state, Israel, is defeated.

The founding of Israel on Palestinian soil was the worst Idea in history.

[The following two comments are in response to someone asking why there is comment moderation on Israel-related articles]
Because AIPAC -and ADL-attorneys are standing by to sue the c*rp out of this online-magazine, if they allowed free speech on this matter.
Paul Hackett
Because there are some sensibilities that must never, ever be offended.
Its just bad political theater. The U.S. has no intention of pressuring Israel to fundamentally change its policies towards resettlement or apartheid.

Tony Gagliano
Doesn't everyone realize that Israel doesn't want peace. If they did they wouldn't put this chicken hawk Bebe in power. With friends like these guys who needs enemies. Once a proud people who overcame overwhelming odds after 1948, they now have lowered themselves to be the new Goliath in the mid east. Of all our allies I would love us to sever ties with these war like people.
Kevin Atlanta
End all Foreign Aid to Israel and leave the "Chosen People" to fruits of their labor.
This is a clear act of contempt and it's about time the Jews understand they have no leg to stand on in dealing with the rest of the world with contempt.
Israel controls our foreign policy...always has, always will. Yes Clinton, very embarrassing for you, but what about the families being destroyed in the Israel prison camps...
It is sad that a foreign government has more representation in congress than the people do.
AIPAC members should all have to register as Foreign Agents ,just like JFK wanted in the sixties but we all know how that panned out.
Look into whose controlling congress and then you'll see why...

ut oh, my comment didn't go thru, so we know who owns this site, huh?

War criminal (Lebonan, Gaza) genocidal murderer (Gaza) Haloucost perpetrator (Gaza). The US is Israel's bitch.AIPAC controls US policy. Israel has no intention for a 2 Stats solution.Palestine was a county before the UN resolution in 1945 carving out the State of Israel. ThePalestinians lived in peace until Israel started taking land ,Any disagreement of this is stating a lie.

Mark Sartor
Why are we still giving Israel Money?? They have no interest in real peace..

It's not you the people who supports israel, it's the people who have bought your senate..
But you allrdy know the people of USA aren't in charge of your country so..

In this forum, It has been suggested that alleged Isra.eli nukes are deterrent to its enemies.
I wish to suggest that this is utter nonsense and Bebi and every single isra.eli knows this too.
Is.rael sit in the middle of the middle east hot-zone, it is not defensible from a determined enemy.
There has to be a FUTURE after the use of the weapons and there would not be one for is.rael.
Is.rael is heavily dependent on US economic help in the form of aid, and spending, although it is NOT an ally of the US.
Is.rael has more to fear from the US economic decline than it does from its enemies.
Is.rael has NO FRIENDS in the international community other than the US, they all universally condemn is.raeli apartheid and its war crimes.

Friends of Peace:
The extremely conservative and reactionary government of Israel stands alone for reasons other than being the longest standing democracy in the Middle East. It stands alone for its "imperial rights block of jews" who still think like the grandfathers of the past - "if you're not a Jew, you're a Dog."
Israel is a democracy in name only. The only rights for people are those who wear the star of David. The poor, the weak, the Christians, the Muslims, are not given a seat at the table of justice. Who in Israel will stand up to these select few orthodox clans of the self-righteous who strike fear into every other Jew and non-Jew when it comes to bending policy to their own selfish and self righteous ways.
Why the U.S. gives any foreign aid to this nation I'll never understand. They take the money and finance corporate expansions into U.S. industries regularly. They would say privately they don't need our money or our help. Well, I say, fine. Then cut it off.
Our State Department is at least starting to play with some balls against this nation that costs us military expenditures and entanglements like no other country in the world. Stop being pawns to these mad men. May the radicals face the retribution they deserve for lacking any sense of common interest among neighbors and those who are different, yet are in many ways more human.
Pray for change.

Paul Hackett
If Obama ends our "alliance" with Israel I will thank him. No single thing he could do would improve out standing in the world more. Guess what Israel - nobody likes a sadistic bully.

[If America cut off the aid] They would retaliate. It may not be called "terrorism" but their power networks in the US would go to work. They could hurt our political, economic, and military institutions far greater than Al Qaeda could. Israel, and it's American sympathizers do not live in caves.

LOL, they're just words from the Secretary of State of a foreign country. israel could care less. israeli hubris is unmatched and rooted in the label "chosen people."

We are so stinking lame.
We should stop funding these hateful people.

Nice try. The ration of Israelis killed by Palestinians to Palestinians killed by Israelis is 1:1000. It is the Israelis who are perpetrating what they call their 'shoah' against the Palestinians.

What that has to do with the story? Land is not theres! Holocause was horrific but the holocause in Gaza is equally horrific. No innocent people should be exterminated...and that's what they have been doing in Palestine.

moose and squirrel
for decades israel has brought a cultural holocaust on the palestinian people. it is morally unjustifible, and given what jewish people have gone through, tragically hypocritical.

They are animals and they wonder why the whole world h/ate their guts.

Yes, Israel was unfairly attacked in 1967 and again in,I believe 1972. But 1967 was 43 years ago. How long is that going to be an excuse to maintain a brutal system of defacto apartheid? And the massacre in Gaza at the end of 2008 had nothing to do with self-defense. While I am not condoning the rocket attacks by Hamas, more Israelis die in car accidents on a typical weekend than have been killed in these attacks over several years. They are not exactly harmless, but they most assuredly did not merit the massacre of 1300 Palestinians, the majority of whom were women and children.
The Israeli government is in the grip of right wing militarists.They do not want peace. They want domination. And so far they are getting what they want. But it won't last. The sentiment of their patron---the United States---is shifting.

Israel is not our friend nor our ally, they the enemy. Israel have caused us so much headache and treasure, we need to cut them loose. We need a serious investigation into Israelis in our government and how much damage are causing us. We also need an investigation into all the Neo-Con J/e/ws who took us to wars.
Start with AIPAC, the Israeli Lobby in the US

Loretta Callahan
Excellent idea.
I'm so f*ing over Israel's entitlement, chosen people BS. Just because their kinfolk suffered terribly ... it doesn't give them unlimited rights to steal land and cause misery to others. Plenty of people on the planet have had terrible things done to their kinfolk.
Basta! Enough, Israel.

Paul Hackett
Unfortunately aid money spent on Palestine is of transient benefit at best since Israel frequently bombs Palestinian power statons, government building, libraries,, universities and even schools and hospitals whenever it feels like it.
And we call Israel our ally? Nothing would improve our standing in the world as quickly or dramatically as it would be improved by dropping this supposed "ally" of ours immediately.

This is Israel we're talking about...Come on...They're not actually interested in peace

Talk is cheap, the only thing that matters is what action is US willing to take. Israel owns the US, so in a week or so at the AIPAC annual meeting they will let everyone know who is in charge.

Jerusalem is Palistinian by right. It was stolen by the Jews and they will kill anybody who doesnt like it. Yeah sounds like a beautiful town. America needs to cut its ties with them before they start WWIII.

Let's see how sovereign they are when we stop propping them up. They wouldn't exist if we weren't constantly throwing money at them. They have a right to exist but they don't have a right to commit genocide.

brit prof
Why do you buy into this nonsense about "hate groups"? The Israelis love to play the 'H' card whenever there is criticism of their policies and I for one consider that to be both cynical and an insult to the millions who were slaughtered.
The issue with Israel is political! It's about their treatment of the Palestinians and the occupation. It is NOT anti-semitism.

Israel, is like Goldman Sachs, a giant Octopus with its tentacles wrapped around the United States, sucking the life out of us. Matt Taibi BTW said that about Goldman, Israel being an agent of Goldman does the same thing to us.

I'll believe that Mrs. Clinton is angry when the US withholds millions of dollars in aid to Israel: ain't gonna happen. Israel can get away with whatever policies of apartheid and genocide it wants, and it knows it.

Are they angry that Israel is a bunch of lying stealing, child killing criminals? or are they angry that Israel made them look like fools? again.

Don't blame Barack Obama for this mess. Israel does not want peace. They do not want to see a viable,thriving Palestine either. The continuas building of settlements in the Palestinian lands captured in 1967 gives them an excuse, destraction if you will, to provoke Palestians. Perpetual conflict allows Israel to grab more palestinian land, piece by piece. Like cancer.
So no. Obama cant solve this ,not even if he could walk on water. Moses, abraham, jesus and mohammed all have failed.

Israel's hold on this country is tremendous. It's almost like we must ask permission to mention their name. It's hard to say anything negative up here about that country for sure. They have the media sewn up and totally controlled. Don't be surprised if the Mos.sad comes knocking on your door either. :(

They stole that land from the Palistinians.

BRAVA!!!! Finally. It seems to me the Israeli government is becoming the very monster they've long cried about: The Third Reich. Thank you Secretary Clinton for calling out the thuggish and moronic behavior of Benjamin Netanyahu.

They want peace more than the z!onist.

Israel has been using the excuse that they were persecuted for years. You can only get sympathy out of a tragedy for so long. Eventually, you must stop acting as if the world owes you something.

It is a little...ironic that one of the most famously oppressed peoples of the 20th century eventually became one of the biggest oppressors.

Yes, after they obliterate millions of innocent palistinian lives.

There is only one way to deal with Israel's intransigence and apartheid - cut off their allowance.

Wink, wink. Israel owns Clinton, Obama and the entire U.S. Federal Government. It AMAZING that Obama hasn't nuked Iran for them yet. I guess he's waiting on them to tell him when.

Israel will cease taking land when all of Palestine is theirs and every Palestinian man, woman, and child are destroyed with the weapons we sold them.
It started about 60 years ago... so settlement by settlement they are taking the entire country... in another 40 or so years they should have it all.

The only way that's gonna happen is if there are mass demonstrations but forget that. When Jews have such a massive control (completely out of proportion to their numbers) of the msm and they influx huge monies as in AIPAC, it becomes next to impossible.The respect I had for Jews many years ago and their progressive nature has turned to contempt and, yes, disgust. I don't even know why so many of them still consider themselves progressive while supporting the Gangster State.

Every time someone falsely cries 'anti-semite' they show the world who the real bigot is.

Just like Iran showed they are a dictatorship at their last elections, Israel just proved all the ones who hate them ...right!
They are bullies and think they are better than everybody else. Rahm is right...WE ARE FED UP WITH YOU ISRAEL!!!

Where is the US Jewish community opposing what Israel did?

It isn't about the people or the PM. It is about the ideology. Zionism is a banal evil. If you define your state and society on a racial differentiation, you inevitably commit racist acts. Like Nazi Germany, or Apartheid SA, Israel has to define who is a Jew and who isn't. To cement their legitimacy, they also have to erase Palestine. So Israeli Palestinians become "Israeli Arabs," Palestine becomes "Judea and Samaria."
"Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you because geography books no longer exist, not only do the books not exist, the Arab villages are not there either. Nahlal arose in the place of Mahlul; Kibbutz Gvat in the place of Jibta; Kibbutz Sarid in the place of Huneifis; and Kefar Yehushu'a in the place of Tal al-Shuman. There is not one single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population." -Moshe Dayan, Israeli General and Minister of Defense

Tony Andrews
You must refer to the paraiah, rogue, terrorist state of Israel.
You are reading some of "the outrage regarding what the terrists" (stet) do

Ahhhh No. I dont think Egypt uses illegal phosphorus bombs and cluster bombs against the Palestinian people. Egypt is not run by war criminals like Israel.

For the same reason the msm does [censor] when anyone criticizes that gangster state.

I don't why we fund this terrorist state that never stops expanding. We should insist they give up their nuclear weapons.

You don't understand the level of wealth and influence Jewish americans have?You don't understand the sophisticated pro-Israelipropaganda machine that controls all information on this subject that is put before the american public? you don't understand the power of Israeli lobbies such as aipac?


They own you, folks. They own you totally.

It is nothing more than a delaying tactic by Zionists in their continuing attempt to take as much of Palestine as they can.

Expanding the settlements is WRONG! If the US started annexing land that is part of another jurisdiction we'd be vilified as well. And I can't comprehend how some comments are published that are far more sinister and duplicitous than mine. Why does Huff-Po protect Israel? The nation has not brought anything but more war and conflict since it was given to them- and it has nothing to do with religion, and everything to do with Z_ _ _ists power consolidation.

Israel is a democratic country alright. So to make sure it remains a Jewish democracy they will make sure that the the Palestinian people will never get either their own state or be integrated into one state--Israel wants the land so no two state solution and if all the Palestinians became part of Israel and could vote they would vastly outnumber the Jewish citizens. So much for Israeli democracy. I speak as a rabid ex-Zionist who once wanted to go to Israel to fight Arabs. By was I duped by the Israeli propaganda machine.

  Paul Hackett
Israel should stop building settlements because it is illegal to steal another people's land and territory. Did you not learn that stealing was wrong when you were a child? Or is it okay just as long as the victims are goyim?

I question their value/status as an "ally" now.
Methinks all too many of Israel's leaders have become the sort of people that abused them, their parents, grandparents, etc. An abused child....

But look who owns congress - AIPAC

In one fell swoop the Israelis have become "king of the world". Now there isn't a shadow of a doubt who really runs America.

Shun Israel.
It's sucking the blood, treasure and integrity out of the U.S.

The first lesson of a occupation is. The more brutal you are the more innocent people you
murder the sooner you leave. eg " Cast Lead "

Israel to America: We'll do what we want, now keep those billions in military aid flowing. Apartheid, what apartheid??

If anything has been vividly demonstrated, and your comment makes it abundantly clear, it is that no one can criticize the actions of Israel without being labeled an anti-Semite.
How exactly can my comment be construed to as a "categorical" refusal to discuss antisemitism? Short answer, it can't. Nothing in my comment denies real antisemitism, which is as abhorrent as any form of racism.
No, it just seems supporters of the state of Israel consider ANY criticism of that state racism. How convenient.
I will continue to criticize the apartheid state of Israel as I will continue to criticize racism, in all its forms. One manifestation of racism is being committed against the Palestinian people by this apartheid state.

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