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Spyguy68 is an interesting poster. He doesn't usually concern himself with Israel, but when he does he is strictly realpolitik and "America first". Over time, though, his posts have become more and more incendiary, to the point of anti-Semitism. The posts are in chronological order, with most recent first, so you can see for yourself the change. He has around 200 comments and about 20 or so fans.

Brazil Rejects Iran Sanctions, Will Not 'Bow Down' To US Despite Clinton Visit

“Israel's control of the US government has been well documented by many sources. Pointing out a well known fact is inconvenient for Israel but it is perfectly reasonable to point this out.”

Brazil Rejects Iran Sanctions, Will Not 'Bow Down' To US Despite Clinton Visit

“There is no such thing as antisemitism, it is a made up word intended to end discussions.

As for Israel, why is it the only country in the world that gets a free pass for its actions.

It is not antisemitic to find fault with Israel.

If you don't like comments about Israel, then help it modify its actions so it doesn't get complaints.”

Brazil Rejects Iran Sanctions, Will Not 'Bow Down' To US Despite Clinton Visit

“it is US/Israel because the US is a shill for Israel. Israel is the one screaming the loudest to punish Iran for having the gall to question Israel's actions.

The US government is bought and paid for by Israel and does as it is commanded by Israel. Heck, Olmert even bragged that he could get Bush out of a meeting to get him to give Rice new orders,something no other leader could do..

As for Europe, they are too afraid of being independent of Israel and the US.

As for Iran getting nuclear weapons, that is not a big deal since lots of countries already have them, including Pakistan (a Muslim country). Although if Iran is really trying to get nuclear weapons, they are doing it in the most expensive and time consuming way. It would be far cheaper and quicker to just buy them on the arms market since there are plenty missing - see

If Israel did not exist, this would not be a problem.”

Brazil Rejects Iran Sanctions, Will Not 'Bow Down' To US Despite Clinton Visit

“Considering these numbers:

- World-wide Muslim population = ~30% of entire earth.

- US population = ~5% of the entire earth.

- Jewish total population = ~0.2 of the entire earth.

- Israeli Jew population = ~0.08 of the entire earth.

Who do you think Americans should be trying to get along with and who should Americans be throwing under the bus?

Personally I think Muslims are much more important for a good future for the US than Israelis. If Americans let Israelis drag the US into a war with the Muslims, the future of the US is pretty grim.”

Kissing Cousins: Assad Hangs Tough With Ahmadinejad

“Democracy is vastly over-rated and not the best or even close to the best governing concept for everyone.

Just because Israel is allegedly a democracy does NOT make it in any way shape or form an acceptable society, especuially since there are several classes of humans.

When Israel follows the US example and ensures that EVERY human within its border, and I mean EVERY HUMAN, exactly equal rights including the right to live anywhere within the borders and buy property with no restrictions and to be compensated when property is taken by the state, then I will maybe consider Israel a democracy. Until then it is no where close to being a democracy. Note that Israeli parliament representation is NOT one human one vote, that is some humans in Israel are given more power than other humans purely based on race and religion. If Israel was a true democracy, the religious parties wouldn't even show up on the radar. and the Arabs would have more representatives in the governing body.”[because the religious parties wouldn't be allowed to vote?]

Iran To U.S.: Leave Middle East

“The sooner the US throws Israel "under the bus," the better the US future will be.”
[Macready agrees]

Iran Attack May Backfire: War Games Show Unintended Consequences

“Not if they can apply the Israeli doctrine of "might makes right" and take the land back by force.

So exactly what moment in time determines who "owns" any particular patch of earth?

It seems pretty reasonable that the Jews have no claim to the land in the ME other than the fact that they were able to take it by force. Therefore they can hold on to it as long as they have enough force and when they don't they will just have to move on, just like they expected the Arabs to just get out of the way.

Israelis can not have it both way - if it is OK for the Jews to forcibly take the land from the natives, then it is equally OK for the natives to forcibly take the land back.”

Iran Attack May Backfire: War Games Show Unintended Consequences

“You can not possible guarantee the US will not attack China.

As for the so-called Jihadists, they only exist in your fevered mind. There is no such thing.
What there is, is a few hundred (out of 7 BILLION) people that are upset with the US for the many bad actions that the US has done over the years. These people can no more attack the US than the planet Pluto can.”

Iran Attack May Backfire: War Games Show Unintended Consequences

“The Jews lost their homeland about the time Jesus lost his life. Once the land is lost, it is lost.”

Iran Attack May Backfire: War Games Show Unintended Consequences

“Israel could fix this problem easily by withdrawing all its people to within its recognized borders, but it will not. As a result Iran and others will continue to find Israel objectionable.

Basically Israel si he source of the problem NOT Iran.”

Jon Stewart Takes Aim At Hamas's Anti-Semitic Cartoons (VIDEO)

“Native Americans are treated no worst than many other groups in America.

But the bottom line is if they do not want to live on the reservation, they can move ANYWHERE in the US (which many have done), they are free to attend college, even outside the US if they want to. They have more trouble than any other American getting a passport. They can start a business.

basically Native Americans are no different than me. They have all the same opportunities and rights I have.

The same can NOT be said about Israeli Arabs, let alone Palestinian Arabs.”
[note the thread this was posted in]

Jon Stewart Takes Aim At Hamas's Anti-Semitic Cartoons (VIDEO)

“False equivalency.
To start with, every native American is a full and complete citizen of the US and has the right to travel anywhere and live anywhere in the US.
When is Israel going to do the same for the Arabs that live in "greater Israel?"
Also, the Native American have been compensated for the land that was taken. Mostly it was in 1800s dollars, but they have also been given many economic opportunities such as running casinos in most parts of the US and getting royalties for the minerals that are removed from tribal lands.
When is Israel going to fully compensate the Arabs for all the property that was stolen from them? (this alone could bankrupt Israel many times over).
The US is a true democracy where Native Americans can vote and can be elected to public office. There are even Native Americans serving in the US Congress and US military.
When will Israel give the Arabs the full vote in an equal democracy (not the skewed one that Israel has now where Arabs are restricted from holding full power if that is the way the people vote). When will Israel remove the excess power the minority parties that? When will Israel let the Arab majority control the state
So if you truly want to emulate the US model, then lets have the one-state solution right now and make every Palestinian rich with compensation.”

Obama: 'We Overestimated Our Ability' To Restart Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks

“Israel is 100% responsible because the Israelis have been taking land that was not theirs since WW2 and the natives have been fighting back.

So far the Israelis have been able to follow the "might is right" slogan, but as everyone that has studied history can tell you, this just means that in a few years someone with more "might" will just come along and take everything Israel has stolen. Virtually every invader gets thrown out eventually.

As for Gaza, this is entirely a problem created by Israel. Open up Gaza to free and unrestrained complete trade and let it prosper and there will be few attacks from Gaza. Israel is stupid to expect that killing people will bring them peace.

As for the WB, forcibly remove the settlers from the WB and Jerusalem and there will be few attacks from the WB. and if the airport is shut down that just means that Israel isn't treating its neighbor with respect.

Will it ever get to the point there are zero attacks? No, but that is just the price of making the Arabs pay for the sins of the Nazis. There will always be a few angry hotheads that will do stupid and counterproductive things. Israel and Palestine will need to control these hotheads as much as possible, but it is impossible to provide complete security and some Israelis are going to die. Israel should quietly mourn the dead and then move on. Revend just means more dead.”

Netanyahu Peace Speech: Israeli Prime Minister Appeals To Arab Leaders For Peace

“It sounds like you might not have a very good understanding of the US constitution and US history.

All the native Americans are FULL CITIZENS of USA and are free to live and work anywhere in the US. They have the right to VOTE in all elections and in areas where they have enough votes, they even get elected to government offices. The people of the USA try to ensure that there are no second class US citizens just as hte constitution guarantees.

If you really want to follow the US model, then Israel should declare that Gaza and the West Bank are part of Israel and issue Israeli passports to everyone there and issue passports to all the Palestinians in the refugee camps in Jordan, etc. Since everyone would be an Israeli citizen then the new citizens would be free to live an work ANYWHERE in Israel. they could even file legal claims to get back their families property.

So I agree that Israel should follow the US model of how it handled the native Americans - make every one a citizen.”

Israel Rules Out Hamas Contacts, Threatens Force

“Every member of the US congress is bought and paid for by Israel. There is no one in congress with the guts to stand up to Israel, no matter how much it endangers the future of the US. It will take an obvious danger to the US before anyone in congress will go against Israel. The current dangers are much too subtle for people in Congress to understand.

Of course congress is that way about all the dangers facing the US, like health care costs, retirement costs, Peak Oil, etc. Americans have ALWAYS waited until a crisis is extremely deep before taking misguided action. They will do the same thing with Israel.”

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