Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MJ Rosenberg's Sable Video

Stridently anti-Israel HuffPo blogger MJ Rosenberg recently wrote an article based around a video that he found by a man named David Sable. According to Rosenberg, Sable is a top marketing and "branding" professional. A Google search of Sable did not really back this up, it sounded like he was involved in marketing, but that was basically it. Regardless, the video is not based around who Sable is, but rather what he says. I suggest you check it out.

If you don't feel like watching the whole thing, Sable basically says that there are actions which Israel cannot defend and cannot "spin" into looking good. Demolishing homes would be an example. Therefore, Sable suggests, Israel should stop doing them because otherwise they will continue to look bad and suffer for it. However, he also makes it clear that if a policy works, it should not be touched.

Mr. Rosenberg, however, takes it to the next level. He claims that Sable is saying that Israel should start adopting "moral policies" rather than blaming everyone else for telling them that they are behaving badly. Though I do agree that Israel should adopt moral policies, that is not what Sable is saying in this video. What Sable is saying is that at all possible times, Israel should try to find a better way to do things, because there are certainly times when they don't. But at the end of the day, Israel must do what it's got to do, just like every other nation.

I think that Sable's video does raise good points. Maybe Israel is too defensive. Maybe they aren't introspective enough. That is for them to figure out, though. I cannot help but feel as if Sable is trying too much on a cognitive egocentric point of view: That if Israel just acts ethically enough they will have nothing to worry about on the public relations front. Of course, the problem is that Israel's enemies don't need Israel behaving badly to slander them, they can create a human rights abuse from nothing at all when they want to.

And of course, Israel sometimes does need to fight to protect their people, even if that means acting unethically. And Sable isn't saying that they can't do that. But Rosenberg is. Rosenberg seems to be taking Sable's words to back up a thesis: That Israel needs to be better, regardless of the adversity they are faced with, until they live up to Rosenberg's standards. Somehow I don't think Sable would appreciate Rosenberg twisting his words like that.

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