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HuffPoWatch: William Delahunt Claims Israel Snubbed Him

Today the Huffington Post covered this story, about a US Congressmen who went to Israel because he wanted to work with J Street. J Street wanted to meet with some Israeli officials but were turned down. But the story doesn't end there, Mr. Delahunt says that he read a newspaper report that he was being "boycotted" by the Foreign Ministry for his affiliation with J Street. Apparently Danny Ayalon felt that Israel did not need "mediators" to discuss things with the Americans.

So in short, it was probably not a good move by Israel, but they do have the right to talk with whom they choose. Regardless, it could have been done more diplomatically.

Anyway, if this had been any other country besides Israel, it would hardly have made a blip on the radar screens of the Huffington Post readership. But since it was Israel, the story set off a firestorm of hatred on the fully moderated talkback thread. Most of the comments were not anti-Semitic, they were generally complaints about US aid to Israel. Hey, we haven't heard that one for a while, time to bring it back! The anti-Semitic comments were usually of the racism against Israel and Israelis kind, and the "Jews own Congress" kind. There was also quite a lot of the "hasbara" insult too. You can read all about it below:

[To a pro-Israel poster] Are you Hasbara or something?

Ah i see GIYUS is hard at work this evening remember the mantra Juicyju you must always DENY DIVERT & DEFLECT any bad spin on Israel at any costs

Israel and Zionist organizations are becoming increasingly dependent upon the charge of "anti- Semitism" as a political weapon. Individuals and organizations, indeed entire nations and societies, have found themselves so besmirched. Anti-Semitism has a very precise definition. It refers to remarks or acts targeting the ethnic group termed Semites, which comprises both Jews and Arabs. Israeli and Zionist media and political forces have warped this definition in several ways. Above all they have manipulated the concept of Semitic ethnicity so as to apply to Jews alone, thereby enabling them to level the allegation of anti-Semitism against the Arabs in spite of the fact that they constitute the majority of the Semitic peoples. In addition, they have stretched the definition of anti-Semitism to include any criticism of Israel and Israeli policy. Thus, anyone who speaks out against the aggression and inhumane practices inflicted against the Palestinian people by Israeli occupation forces risks being branded "anti-Semitic". Israeli and Zionist forces have rallied their enormous network of relations and vested interests to disseminate such a climate of terror as to forestall any discussion of Israeli policy or actions that might somehow be construed as adverse. Even in academic circles, for scholars or researchers to so much as broach certain subjects is enough to set off the charge of anti- Semitism. As a consequence entire fields of scholastic inquiry have entered the constantly expanding list of Israel's taboos.

Call a spade a spade.
Anti Semite has little to do with Anti Jew.
Many, very many, Jews are not Semites.
Why refer to them as something they are not?

after driving several milion muslims out of their homes , and walling them into a ghetto what do you expect ? did no one fight back in the warsaw ghetto ? why the suprise when Gaza fights back [Revisionist history and a Nazi-Israel comparison.]

Flying Dutchman
It almost seems a self for filling prophesy. They manage to alienate friends and sympathizers, and at the end the complaining starts about how everyone hates the jews. Sometimes I wonder if this has anything to do with the jewish faith, there is a lot of victimhood in those stories, victims of a very cruel god. [If people hate the Jews, it's because the Jews are (a) imagining it or (b) because they did something to deserve being hated. The classic racists argument.]

I'm thinking the same thing. You walk around thinking you're the chosen people, demanding that everyone respects that ... other people might take offense to that.

It's about time US politicians started to call out Israeli arrogance and disrespect when they try to impose their hard-line views on the hand that feeds them.
I wish the Congressman had said something like "hard to believe that a country that has enjoyed what amounts to hundreds of billions of US taxpayer money over the last couple decades would thumb his nose at a US representative."
Great news!

HA! This is actually good news! The U.S. needs to get the door slammed in their face by arrogant Israeli officials. Humiliation is a great teacher! You see, Congress is so beholden to Israel’s lobby they can’t even recognize war crimes when they see them, and then they dare to accuse a judge of Goldstone’s stature of bias.
This government has enabled the deconstruction of a future Palestinian state in these two ways:
1. By allowing American “tax-exempt” organizations to collect funds from wealthy Americans and funnel them into illegal settlement activity, which includes the demolition of thousands of Palestinian homes, stealing their land and funding illegal settler projects. (google Lev Leviev (diamond king) and Irving Moskowitz (bingo king)
[edited for length. There were many positive responses to this comment.]

Israel plays hard and fast ...their way or the highway...just do as you are told and they will allow you to be re-elected .

"By way of deception thou shalt wage war", the motto of the Mossad. Zionism can't survive
any other way. They know perfectly well that they can't prevail in a serious and fair discussion
so they do what ever is needed to distract and confuse.
Jerking the Ambassador around to
humiliate him. Same to Delahunt. Playing games with access unless you toe the line. At the
end of the day Delahunt and the Ambassador were marginalized and couldn't do their jobs
properly. That was the goal..They use their classic trick of calling anyone who asks a legitimate
question an Anti-Semite.
Anyone who reads the Goldstone report about Gaza is an
Anti-Semite. Anyone who supports lifting the siege (a war crime) is an Anti-Semite. You
instinctively try and defend yourself which distracts and confuses the real issue you were

The time is long since past to put an end to the "special" relationship we have with Israel.

For a long time, Israel misbehaved but they have a lot in common with
Complaining about what happened would not resolve anything. we need2
Kome together.
I, for one, do not subscribe to their point of view, it called political
Reaffirming our loyalty to Israel is what matter
And we have to look forward to send them more money, because at the
End. We have to recognize that we are owned by their

[And the follow-up:]
Read my post vertically and you will see who I work for. :)
Rachel Brownlee
Why would Israel want to talk to an organisation that promotes peace and reconciliation?
A brutal occupation just doesn't work the same under these terms.

Last time a checked Israel was the invader and the occupier.

People just don't wake up one morning and decide to strap on bombs, unprovoked. During the 1940's-today, Palestinians have been displaced, denied their right to their own homes and segregated into what is tantamount to apartheid.
We have no problem with an Israeli state. We do have a problem with one which is based on false claims and comes at the expense of an entire peoples.
Ironically, the greatest threat to the peace and survival of the Jewish people and, a Jewish State, are the radical Zionists themselves. My many Jewish friends, co-workers and family members disdain the recalcitrant, intolerant and belicosenature of the radical Zionists.
Look not outside for your enemies for they are within. The more walls Israel builds, the less bridges will be built with their neighbors. Build bridges, not walls.

yeah, protection - cluster bombs, phosphorus, fighter jets, bombers, missiles.... more like pre-emptive protection against ideas and peace.

The Isrealis only care about the Isrealis. And our money.

It seems like a petty response considering the US gives Israel 3 billion dollars in aid every year and congress is the body which funds that. the leaders in Israel do not want to hear anything about peace. They are too busy dehumanizing the Palistinians in Gaza and building settlements in Palistinian territories to want to talk with a liberal congressman who espouses peace.

Let there be no question of who owns Congress:
AIPAC (the Israel lobby) owns the place regarding Middle East policy.
[Edited for length, but AIPAC isn't the only group he believes "owns" America's Congress]

After his brush up with Turkey, Danny Ayalon is looking like he is not a good person to be in a diplomatic position.
You'd think that with Israeli arrogance reaching new heights, they would be wanting to cultivate all the allies they can get.

Rachel Brownlee
Israel likes your money though!

Rachel Brownleelink
Funny, I saw him speaking the other day pledging support for Israel.
Isn't it the main criteria for becoming president?

This is good . . . I hope this makes the front pages and the national evening news . . it is more than time Americans got a glimpse of israeli behaviour

We pay their bills, fight their wars, arm them, defend them at the UN, ignore their apartheid, and they diss our pols. Talk about arrogance in the belief they own us.

Israel only cares about Israel, they have become truly shameless.

They know they own us.

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