Monday, February 8, 2010

HuffPoWatch: Senate Passes AIPAC's Iran Sanctions Bill in Five Minutes

One of the most active anti-Israel bloggers on the Huffington Post, MJ Rosenberg, recently published a post about the Senate's vote to place sanctions on Iran because of their nuclear program. Rosenberg lamented the iron grip that AIPAC has over the Senate and unsurprisingly many of the HPers agreed with him. This is an ongoing, fully moderated thread, so expect updates within the next couple days.

To start with, the concept of lobby really is legalized corruption within an administration, this system evades the true functions of governance as we have witnessed on numerous occasions through home & foreign US administration policies and AIPAC is no exception. 
Their job is to culminate the total destruction of middle east politically, economically and culturally so that Israel could rule over the whole zone again politically, economically and above all militarily, so this is the real aim of the AIPAC and the neo cons, they have the money which counts a lot in the USA (Money talks!!), they control the mass media which creates opinions such as FOX and company. this is the way the USA functions and as long as this system applies, then there is no hope for a truly democratic and representative administration in America, so except a hand full of honest representatives in the congress and the senate the rest of them are financed by one or the other lobbyists or powerful donors.
And really none of them care about the well being of the rest of the humanity except their own pockets.
How can any one explain the rise of the TEA PARTY movement with all their bigotry and populist diatribes in a country that supposed to be one of the most advanced and educated in the world? And some one like Palin can get to political fame with such unlimited ignorance of the planet that she lives on which is difficult to believe??
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One would think that the unnecessary war of choice in Iraq was enough....
but, no, the Khazar [Jewish ethnicitydominated US Congress can not think.

Thanks for another great Article M.J.
When is someone going to out all of these senators for backing an organization that is an agent of a foreign Nation, and an agent that has been involved in espionage against the US on multiple occasions?

I believe that all those senator should resign and be charged with treason, for they have waisted all year to work on bills that will benefit the American citizens, and that goes to the House as well , but can do this in a record time, I say they should all move in live in Israel and maybe could run for the Knesset and we could see joe brainless could be the leader of the likud party.
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 [Barbara Boxer's] integrity isn't an issue. She has her marching orders and will obey them. Regrettably, they come from overseas...

What's the expression? "I was born at night, just not last night." 

Anyone who's paid attention in the last few decades can escape the fact that AIPAC and the radical and militant pro-Israel groups in the country pull all the strings in our government. They get what they paid for, I guess.

Jerry, why do you conveniently forget that it was the USA that overthrew the Democratically elected Govt. of Iran in 1953, installing our own dictator to continue selling America cheap crude which destroyed Iran in the ensuing twenty years?
AIPAC has a hold on America and we will do its bidding no matter what it is. It is time for American to tell AIPAC, a foreign entity to get off American it now

What is there to say about the thugs in Washington? How are they better than the ones in Tehran? no need to vote, we take instructions from AIPAC.

Israel does not want Ahmadinejad's government to fall, any more than it wants Hamas toppled in Gaza. Israel wants to keep the pot boiling, its greatest fear being that someday the world will awaken and impose a peace on that region. Of course, the only possible prospects for any kind of a just peace would require Israel to end its 40 year long illegal occupation of the West Bank and its brutality of the Palestinian people.

So Bibi calls the shots, AIPAC says "Seig Heil" and gives Congress its marching orders. Congress obeys, gobbling down the carrot (or rather the lettuce $) lest it feels the stick that beat Cynthia McKinney.

All US communicatons route through Israel
Our Congress is held hostage....

blackmail. Any questions?

Unfortunately if you legitimately criticize Israel in any way you are branded an agenda that has worked well for Israel, put a guilt trip on anyone who disagress with their politics.

riff, I have been listening to the words anti semite for over 60 years , I am now deaf to the words ..they mean nothing

Another sad example of that secret cabal running this country. The American people need help? Dither and dither for weeks to no end. The cabal says jump, and the senate says, "How high?", bends over, and hands over the American people's wallet.
[who's the cabal, again?]

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