Thursday, February 4, 2010

HuffPoWatch: Rewriting the Rules of War

Yesterday an IDF commander released a statement about how the IDF changed their rules of engagement going into Gaza in order to minimize their own casualties. This is something that every army does, but the HPers took the statement to mean the IDF admitted slaughtering civilians by the hundreds and committing war crimes. Some other good stuff came up as well.

When reading comments defending obvious war crimes, always consider the Israeli PR talking point strategy:
First part:
They have a way of justifying just about anything.
[the stereotypical 'hasbara' argument]

True, murder is clearly an Israeli tradition and those who don't appreciate Israel's traditions are CLEARLY anti-Semetic.

I suspect we will see an excellent representation of the Israeli value system with the posts this will attract from the Wannabes. Dead Muslims don't count and one Israeli life is worth 1500 dead Muslims.

Impossible standards??? 434 children were slaughtered and hundreds more injured! Over 1,417 Palestinians killed! Tens of thousands of homes were levelled. Hospitals, clinics, schools, U.N. facilities and medical personnel were targeted!
Only two words for this: WAR....CRIMES!

Israel, give back the land you stole!

It sounds like the famous Israeli phrase "Never again" has been changed to "Never again, unless we're the ones doing it". When exactly did they come to the conclusion that the old cocept of ghettoed populations was a good idea?
[Holocaust comparison]

this is disgus ting and to know that our money is begin sent there so IDF can kill innocent civilians. Maybe I won't pay taxes next year. Its blood money

better title:

"We rewrote the rules of GEN0CIDE in Gaza".

There isn't that better?

Palestinian women and children. Human Shields? No. Targets of opportunity Yes. The specific targeting of civilians is against the Geneva Convention. It is oblivious that Israel is not among those nations adhering to its statues nor to its code of ethics and morality.

No kidding. I mean everyone knows that Israel has a god given right to murder.

Desperate and ignorant.

Did you get your "talking points" from AIPAC or JDL or is this standard Likudnik issue?

Revisionist excuses airforceblue.
Whine? You wish.

lreik - Cast Lead was a cold calculated choice.
Justify it all you like - it was a deliberate zionist act of aggression.

Well, since Israel literally stole Palestine and then treated the Palestinians like dirt it is no wonder that the Palestinians are still a bit ticked. Read your history. Not some slanted jingoistic Israeli version. Try seeing their side for five minutes.
And p.s. many Palestinians are not bomb carrying thugs. Many are just people trying to live their lives.

Nice try at deflection but Islam is not under question. What is under question is the targeting of unarmed civilians by the IDF. Hard to stand on religious morality when those you are defending are shooting women and children, No?

Persian advocate : let's count how many isreali children have died versus Palestinian children. Then let's

the rules of Israel being : " wipe every Palestinian you see - make no exceptions" such hypocrites - they don't miss any opportunity to bring up the holocaust all the time so nobody forgets and conductiong their own at the same time! shame on you Israel !!!!! Give the palestinians the land you have robbed!!!!

Definitions of holocaust on the Web:

•an act of mass destruction and loss of life (especially in war or by fire);

using phosphore bomb on civilian population kept prisonner is a holocaust ?

very close isn't it
[um, not really...]

Are you supporting the IDF orders to shoot unarmed civilians? You are correct. Its not like the holocaust. Its more like the ShutzeStaffel killing civilians in Warsaw.

It is not about putting civilian lives before or after soldier's lives. It is about having some kind of ethical under pinning for you waht you do.
But perhaps it is more honest to just say that you intend to kill all these people so you don't have to deal with them anymore.

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