Thursday, February 18, 2010

HuffPoWatch: MAM Killing: Israeli Officials Convinced Mossad Behind Hit

The Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh saga continues, with currently three articles running on the Huffington Post. In this one, Israeli officials said that they thought that Mossad was the one who killed the Hamas commander, but so far there is no evidence to support far.

There were quite a few comments who were glad to see that Al-Mabhouh was gone, there were others who agreed that Israel had the right to kill him but did not like the way in which they did so. Then there were those that thought Israel defending itself is "murder" and that the operatives should be arrested for war crimes, though presumably the Hamasnick should go scot-free. And of course there were those who took the opportunity to unilaterally bash Israel. It is the latter three that are covered in today's "watch post."

Nothing new here....There are two sets of laws/rules in the world, those who have them & those who ignore them...Israel, has long demonstrated they fall into the latter category.
Targeted assassinations and a 'defense' army that continues to kill with impunity, yeah they're certainly the victims
And Israel's own citizens and Jewry worldwide suffer when this sort of thing happens.
that figure of aid to israel is incorrect....the jews would have us believe that they get 3 billion a year.....AND that is because we did not rescue people in the nazi camps QUICK ENOUGH. so this money is more or less to EASE our MINDS and SOLES. The fact is when you take into consideration EARMARKS Israel always gets a minimum of 13 billion a year. case in point. an earmark sometime in 2007. in a resolution to give Russian 5 billion not to sell yellowcake and Israel 5 billion not to sell nuke parts to India, when the jews got the 5 billion from USA they went ahead with the sale anyway....its all about the money and our legislators try to keep face with people out of the loop.

It absolutely is murder, and it involved stealing the identities of innocent people and involved a 3rd party country. The list of illegalities around this thing are a mile long. I imagine your megaphone GIYUS thingy is going nuts today.

oh stop making excuses for israeli crimes . . .

Mac......I copied this from your link.....does it sound familiar.?
We have an election coming up. Let’s vote for new people who love Britain and always put her (our) interests first. KICK OUT all the sleazy corrupt incumbents! Most of them long ago sold their souls to the highest bidder. That ‘highest bidder’ has usually proved to be the Jewish Lobby. NONE of them gives a damn about you or me or about Britain’s sovereignty.

muck-raker is more from your link........."Britain has stopped short of accusing Israel of involvement, but to signal its displeasure," sound faililar......US politicians are all bought and paid for by the jewish lobby. AIPAC, a foreign entity that needs to be sent back to israel.

chuck prebys
I told you!!!!!!.......
Bashing Israel again I was told.
Conspiracy Theorist they said.......(the NEW term is Agenda Analyst btw)
Never, ever, EVER underestimate how devious the Chosen Land is in eliminating it's enemies, real or perceived.
Mahmoud was no saint.
At least the Mossad could have bragged about doing him in.
Now on to more important matters........911 and the Mossads involvement.

Willy Scanlon
Israel complaining about Mossad- Its all smoke and mirrors
I reported that Israel was behind the assassination in Dubai after it happend and got ignored by the mainstream media. But now the evidence has come to li9ght to back up my claim on my blog.
There is a study floating around on the internet of the current Israeli government using assasination as a foreign policy and its true. Mossad was training American military as asassination squads at Fort Hood,Texas and at the US Airborne Headquarters in North Carolina. Now the Jews got caught in assasinating a Hamas leader in Dubai. and want to play we did not know game. This is comin g from a governmemnt that has persecuted without mercy the Palastinians and any other non-jew group in Israel. Isael is not a nationb of victims.Its a nation of pariah's that shpould be treated the same as Iran as a terrorist state.
[Response: "I agree with much of this."]

this assassination carried out in another country with stolen passports .. . shows get again israel is not interested in peace in the Middle East . .it was a heinous crime . . . it shows israeli works tirelessly for war . . . there will be no justice for the Palestinian people until the US pulls the plug on this rogue regime, and there are EU and UN sanctions, trade embargoes and israel's assets in foreign bank accounts are frozen . . .

Israel was founded on terrorism and assassinations. n 1948 Count Bernadotte was assassinated when he attempted to mediate a cease fire after Zionists unilaterally declared a state after the unexpected withdrawal of British troops. Bernadotte, a Swede with family ties to the Swedish King, gained international recognition through his work as head of the Swedish Red Cross during World War II. Bernadotte used his position to negotiate with Heinrich Himmler and save thousands of Jews from concentration camps. The assassination was carried out by LEHI, a Jewish underground group that, under the leadership of Yitzhak Shamir, had waged a long terrorist campaign to force the British out of Palestine. LEHI called Bernadotte a British agent who had cooperated with the Nazis in World War II.
[Off topic anti-Israel spam typical of MarcusT]

Palestinians may have the thought of Is_rael destruction in mind, but Is_rael is doing the actual destruction of Palestinians' lands and lives. It appears when it comes to Is-rael thought is bigger crime than action!
Israel is a rogue nation. Far more dangerous than Iran.

[To a pro-Israel poster] so you are the official mossad apologist i assume...

alysheba 3
Does that include all the Hasbara Israel's supporters keep editing out [of Wikipedia]? Like the information about the number of Israeli PMs that were declared terrorists for their participation in Lehi or Irgun?

There is something called "the rule of law". Israel takes the law into its own hands, by faking British, German, French, Canadian and New Zealand passports and then committing revenge murders in foreign countries...the nerve!
This is a world of laws. If Israelis want to commit crimes they can do so on their own turf and put their own citizens at risk!
The IDF killed hundreds of innocent Palestinian children; it's hi-time those who ordered that slaughter are hauled off to the Hague so that real justice can be done for a change!

Once again this assassination, if indeed done by Israel, demonstrates the arrogance and cruelty of Israeli foreign policy. Assassination, ethnic cleansing, and crimes against humanity will inevitably lead to a bad end for Israel.

They'd do it to our own leaders if they would ever stand up to them.
Yeh, and Israel doesn't have the bomb and loves everybody (which is why they have the Palenstinians in such a warm loving embrace).
End sarcasm

Israel has just opened itself up to a new intifada. Maybe Hamas will wise up and go more covert, rather than subjecting their citizens to gunship attacks? I take that back, I guess they would get rocketed no matter what. Fish in a barrel.

Well isn't that too-too bad for them [That Israelis can't go to Arab countries]. Maybe they shouldn't go around committing war crimes and crimes against humanity.
These operatives have nothing Arab-looking about them. The motive is there big time and the m.o. is even more obvious.

And the global community has every right to issue warrants for the war criminals who ordered the Gaza invasion and the ongoing collective punishment of a million and a half civilians in Gaza.
Let justice be done all around! [Off topic deflection.]
This kind of rogue, murderous imperialism is why I truly hope Iran successfully builds nukes.

Israel people are the best lyers of the world,they still say they have no nuclear weapons with a serious face, without a smile

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