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HuffPoWatch: Jon Stewart on Hamas Cartoons

The Huffington Post had an article about a clip from the Daily Show in which Jon Stewart reveals some highly anti-Semitic cartoons created by Hamas for Palestinian children. Watch the clip, and then come back.

Many of the HPers were rightly horrified, but a few took the opportunity to remind us the Palestinians are suffering in Gaza, and others complained that Stewart should have mentioned the Palestinians' suffering for "more balanced coverage". Far be it for them to simply condemn the cartoons outright rather than making excuses for them.

Anyway, on to the comments.

Key word there Cuth...Arabs.

As can BE Jewish, without being Hebrew.

It's utter deception and manipulation on the part of Israelis to act as if they are the sole possessors of Semite blood. Indeed...they are in fact, the minority in the world of Semites.
[I think he has a problem with the fact that anti-Semitism means Jew hatred...]

I wish John Stewart would address the report by UN investigations into atrocities committed by IDF on Gaza instead of this nonsense... the Goldstone Report.. maybe then he would see why the kids are taught to hate the Israeli people.

an appropriate set for the sock puppet to use as his stage.

From Amnesty International.

According to the Israeli authorities the fence/wall is "a defensive measure, designed to block the passage of terrorists, weapons and explosives into the State of Israel...."

However, most of the fence/wall is not being constructed on the Green Line between Israel and the West Bank. Close to 90% of the route of the fence/wall is on Palestinian land inside the West Bank, encircling Palestinian towns and villages and cutting off communities and families from each other, separating farmers from their land and Palestinians from their places of work and education and health care facilities and other essential services.

....The fence/wall encompasses more than 50 Israeli civilian settlements in the Occupied Territories, in which the majority of Israeli settlers live and which are illegal under international law. .
The International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled in an advisory opinion that the construction of the fence/wall by the Israeli army inside the West Bank, including in and around East Jerusalem, violates international human rights and humanitarian law and that "Israel also has an obligation to put an end to the violation of its international obligations flowing from the construction of the wall in Occupied Palestinian Territories".
[trying desperately to deflect attention onto Israeli wrongdoings]

How come Israel hasn't been tackled by the international community the same way as South Africa and what was formerly Rhodesia?
[there is no context for this post. It was posted as a direct response to the article]

As terrible as they are, how many children actually see these cartoons? Not like they have regular electricity in gaza.

"Isn't Hamas that terrorist organization that's running Gaza . . . . " means you can't or are not even willing to begin the discussion with Israel's self-described enemy.

Sad, up to now I thought Stewart's comedy was above this type of rhetoric. . . .

I am a huge fan of Jon Stewart, but was upset with him over this segment. Yes, the cartoons were anti-Semitic propaganda aimed at children.

Jon states "I can't believe they're showing those terrible cartoons to children."

The truth of the daily conditions of the children of Gaza under the occupation is the reality and still the outrage.

Again the cartoons were propaganda, but so is (and more insidiously so) the propaganda arm that exposes it, and especially the propaganda that seeks to silence opposition to the occupation.
MEMRI, the organization that "expose truths" in Middle East reporting lives to report only on the most inflammatory examples it can find among Palestinians and Arabs... and is propaganda, just as Fox news is. MEMRI does not report on the occupation nor the Palestinian or Israeli peace activists.

MEMRI has also been called into question on its English translations of Arabic programs.

I continue to be appalled that in this country Israel can not be looked at critically. ALL the politicians shut down on this issue. We can look critically at any other country in the world, including our own, but not at Israel. The cartoons are wrong, but their presentation in the context of the gross bias of our mass media and politicians who never give adequate attention to or acknowledgment of the role of the Israeli state and policies in perpetuating the gross injustices and suffering that Palestinians face is immoral and inexcusable.

Blood drinking aside... the first cartoon was not exactly incorrect. And the one about stereotypes clearly goes both ways. Israel needs to stop playing the victim here. Both sides are violent and yes evil in there actions.

This crap will never end. And its both sides fault.

I could take Stewart's exposure of Hamas propaganda to children better if he would as a Jewish person cast a critical eye at the gross Israeli injustices against Palestinians, both in the occupied territories and those living as third class Israeli citizens. At least he could highlight what Jewish and Palestinian peace activists are doing or the cruelty of the separation wall that has destroyed Palestinian communities and taken more of their land.

Thanks so much for this rejoinder to Stewart. To me, the greatest humanitarians on earth these days are the wonderful Jews in Israel and America (J St., for example) who are working with Palestinians of similar goodwill to try to achieve justice for all in Israel. Hamas' terrorism is clearly wrong. That said, Israel's Zionists, who expand their colonization of the Holy Land with new settlements arrogantly every day, are the ones responsible for Hamas, not to mention Al Qaeda itself, which is clearly determined to take over Pakistan, get its nukes, and vaporize millions of Jews in NYC and Tel Aviv in an instant. The arrogance of Israel's Zionists, and their grotesque American backers and moneymen, who've done their best to buy control of American politics to make America a mere tool of Zionist foreign policy, is like something Biblical--like a Tower of Babel, designed to show, yet again, how you sow the wind, and you reap the whirlwind, because pride goes before the fall. People like Stewart become part of the problem, rather than the solution, when they are not evenhanded in their rebuke of ALL the sinners in the region, not just Hamas.

I bet Mr. Stewart finds nothing wrong with the lsraeli government having children sign b0mbs and artillery shells that kiIIed Arab children...

I am a huge Jon Stewart fan but the picture he is painting is very biased. The fact is that radicals exist on both sides not just Palestinians. Israelis also brainwash their kids into hating Muslims. How many of you have seen the photos of Israeli kids signing live ammo? Search for it on internet...

Do you really think that Palestinian kids think Israelis are great people and that these cartoons are making them hate??? If so you are really brainwashed. These cartoons are in fact an accurate depiction of what Israel has been doing to the Palestinians for over 50 years! Have you bothered to read the numerous reports, many by Israeli soldiers themselves, that Israeli soldiers in Operation Cast lead were order to fire upon civilians?! This is not anti-Semitism! I should know since my grandparents were actual victims of anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is not cartoons. It's liquidation of entire villages and the wanton slaughter of women and children. It's what Israel has been doing for over 50 years!

Theatrixnyc Don't they harvest the organs? Same difference....[as Jews drinking Palestinian blood]
[click for context]


simply head shaking material...
[off topic anti Israel deflection. Link to a satirical Israeli clip, which I recommend watching, it's pretty funny]

As a Jeww, I find Jon Stewart's skit UNFUNNY and UNINFORMED. What is happening in Gaza is unacceptable to say the least. You have to go there to know how dfficultt lyf is for the Palestiniians.

Cartoons making fun of M.uslims = freedom of speech
Cartoons making fun of J.ews = OMG!!! Unacceptable!!

Yeah, it makes total sense...

I'm sure the cartoons from the Polish ghettos were equally hilarious.

Unfortunately the cartoons are a reflection of the truth and I guess Hamas decided not to confuse reality for their children. There are a lot of Jews that feel that what successive govts. of Israel have done is atrocious and just plain horrible but the majority of Israelis do not lose a wink of sleep if let's say 100 Palestinian children were killed earlier that day. To a Zionist a Palestinian or a Lebanese life is equivalent to that of a cockroach and that unfortunately is the reality. You have to see it to believe it and I have seen it.

Maybe Jon Stewart should visit the ghetto called The Gaza Strip. Hamas' cartoons are justified, all things done to them by the Israelis, considered.

Now, Stewart should show a few films of Israel blowing up Palesrtinians. Be even-handed for a change. [remember Stewart's interview with Barghouti and Anna Baltzer? I do]

The term Semite, is commonly associated with the Jews, but it is historically a word which encompasses most of the people in the middle-east. That said, because one disagrees with the policies of Israel, doesn't make them an anti-Semite. Its an argument which has been worn thin.
[That argument is the only thing 'worn thin']

If he's taking a shot at them, then I'm divided.
On one hand, I'm not a big fan of the term "anti-Semitic". Immediately when
I hear it, I'm going to be against those perpetrating it.

On one hand, let's face it, the Israelis are doing some terrible things to
the Palestinians.
And I say that as someone whose great-grandfather died in the Holocaust.

Dr Norman Finkelstein.

One of the last decent people who tells it like it is.

Notice the idioticwoman crying..........................pathetic.

DD214 [deleted]

Hamas is right and Jon Stewart of course is a JOOOOOOO.

The most racist , arrogant people on earth.........and always play the HolocaustCard as they are doing the same thing to the Palestinians WHO ARE SEMITES!!!

[saved the "best" for last for you]

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