Monday, February 15, 2010

HuffPoWatch: Jenny Tonge Fired for Anti-Israel Comments

I've already written about this article here, but this post catalogs the response of the HP community to it on the fully moderated talkback thread. As you might expect, most of the comments were assuming that Israel was in fact prone to do such heinous things, complaints that Tonge was being fired for mere "criticism" of Israel, and the occasional accusation toward the Israel lobby. In short, nothing we haven't heard before.

They can say those things because they are in league with the forces that control the media and the people behind these crimes.

African has missed out on the magical word. Israel created anti-semitic-ism and have used it to devastating effect on the rest of the world. Even though the term embraces all the middle eastern people, whenever it is used one associates it with Israel....brilliant. Based on this magical word, they can sue people, nations, wage wars and do whatever is the flavor of the day.
Africa on the other hand has no such word. Imagine the reparations that could be reaped from colonialism, national interference and sabotage, oppression etc. if Africa had a magical word. Racism is not good enough, because it is a blanket term that applies to all peoples. You should have you own personalized word to connote depression, oppression and marginalization and then the money will start pouring in. With all that money, Africa could afford some expensive lawyers to even sue the US for slavery and deprivation. Imagine that.....and it is all in a magical word.
Because of the I S R A E L I lobby it has more power than an Energizer Battery.

This type of irrationality and utter unbelieveity and gullibility is amazing. Why would anyone who is mentaly competent say these things? It prevents rational discussion about the middle east and the financial industry that caused the collapse of the world economy. The spectre of "anit-semitism" is a strong deterrent to open discussion. Always stick to facts - such as the head of most are banking orgs that took bailout money and lined their pockets and destroyed the economy were also .... The leaders of the treasury and the backbone of the Fed and exec of bailout compensation are ... This are comments base on a certified amd documents reality.

What's the difference between the American and Israeli [Olympic] teams? Oh that's right, sponsors pay for the US team, the US taxpayer pays for the Israeli team. No wonder the rest of the world sees them as one and the same.

You do realize that Israel itself has admitted to harvesting goyim's organs for purpose of transplants, don't you?
A revealing story indeed.
The Israeli Defense Forces already admitted themselves that they harvested human organs from dead Palestinians and dead Israeli's.
How dare a gentile (non-Jew) mention that.

why shouldn't she say jews harvest organs, they got caught doing it in New York within the last couple years. I am sick of israelis getting a free pass on every hateful thing they do!

Wow say something about Israel, loose your job. That's sad.

Wow. It just goes to show that you CANNOT say anything against Israel, no matter what, without experiencing the consequences, just like those who say things against Rush Limbaugh do. How ironic is that?
You would think that it is blasphemous the way people protect Israel. I haven't seen anything like it for any other ethnic group of people. What's up with that? Anybody got any ideas?
My curiosity is in high gear after this story for sure.

"the pound of flesh which i demand of him is dearly bought, 'tis mine & i will have it." [A quote from the anti-Semitic caricature Shylock in Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice.]

Kragos sure my comment doesnt piss off any Israelis before you post it....would'nt want that to happen.

How many UK/US politicians have lost office for daring to criticize Israel, this year alone?
Wonder what the dialog would be like if politicians weren't required to be silent concerning Israel's crimes.

They are the only one that has a real history of illegal organ harvesting, besides the US.

[To a pro-Israel poster] Send them to someone else Oleg.....I need zilch from a fascist.

Well, if you are first on the ground, you get the pick of fresh parts.

Well, if the shoe fits.
Israel has conformed it has harvested body parts before form Palestinians.

The Chinese can do... but the Holy, choosen, all loving people of god can't goooooooooooosh


Why is it possible to accuse the UK and USA with impunity, yet accuse Israel and wow. Your done!

Are you talking about the Bosnian genocide? Or perhaps the Armenian genocide? Or maybe the Rwandan genocide? The Jewish genocide? Or is it the Cambodian genocide? Or the Palestinian genocide?
Which one? Or is that the genocide of one people is more important to note than others?

I am sure they are up to no good in Haiti as is weird today I had this belief while reading times magazine that something stink in Haiti. So many relief organisation, what is there to prevent doctors from killing people or even harvesting organs. Something stinks all around!
This follows the pattern set when George Galloway was kicked out of the party. Follow the money. Who are Labour's chief financial benefactors?
All three UK parties are owned by the money, which is now working on the Scottish party, SNP.
try doing some research on a.ipac's sister organizations in UK...CFI and LFI...not that you know of them already....
The Israel Lobby, which says jump and the three parties say how high?

Wow..just discount all the other countries who where there first and try to prop up the k. lkl..ers. They are not above criticism so they need to stop acting like ch!ldren

Apparently, Israel is COMPLETELY off limits for any discussion at all. And we went to Iraq and Afghanistan to spread democracy. How about some of that free speech at home first?

Could it be because no one else is harvesting organs but the Israelis?

Israel is not off limits - it's a democracy isn't it?
If it's off limits - it's not a democracy.End of. [Impeccable logic.]

Ah another win for the Ministry of Hasbara, maybe soon it is illegal to even suggest that israel could break international law?

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