Tuesday, February 23, 2010

HuffPoWatch: Israel Unveils Drone Fleet That Can Reach Iran

The Huffington Post finally picked up on the story that Israel has shown off their new drones that are bigger, faster and stronger than everyone else's drones. These drones aren't new, they were used during Cast Lead, and they are impressing military people the world over. On the HP, though, the commenters were not impressed. We get a number of nicely anti-Semitic comments, it's a great way to come off a slow week to be informed that we are still needed. This is an ongoing, moderated thread, so expect updates periodically. Read on...

"typical women in black"
Got bigotry too?

All I see in that picture [of Israeli soldiers] is individuals trained to kill innocent civilians; not something to brag about.


Considering your posts so far, critical thinking is something obviously too challenging for you.

And Israeli soldiers commit war crimes.
[click for context, but there is none]

Yuck. Instead of educating our children we're paying for our "friend" (ridiculous) to have yet more weapons. :-( The degree of immorality is stunning.

Without U.S. tax dollars, Israel would collapse--as it should.

The nations of the world created Israel by stealing land from the palestinians. We can just as easily UNcreate that filthy nation of killersNo more Israel--doesn't that sound wonderful? And peaceful. Finally.

Pathetic cop out based on totally warped logic. Sounds more like an exercise in "conscience appeasement". That way of thinking is what's called a "coward's easy way out". Israel suffers from extreme paranoia that is used to justify all manner of extreme behavior, war crimes and crimes against humanity.
Just like you, Israel doesn't believe in peace and will never achieve peace. Peace takes courage. Peace takes an open mind and sacrifice. Israelis hide behind their 400 nuclear warheads and a mammoth military arsenal, but all that is WORTHLESS JUNK when one has no clue what it takes to achieve peace. All that represents is Israelis thumbing their nose at everyone else, and getting in everyone's face saying: we can kill better than anyone, and therefore we will get what we want, and keep doing whatever we want even if it's against International Law. 

This is all about indulging paranoia and perpetuating endless hostitility.

Israel plans to use tactical nuclear weapons against Iran in a preemptive strike, delivered by missiles.

Good point. And Israel's chronic lament that they, as a tiny country, need to arm themselves against their enemies, has resulted in giving the US an excuse to continue to help them develop and produce more and more arms. Given their need to find room to store all these arms, it is no wonder that they need to expropriate land from the Palestinians. [well, it's a new theory, we'll give him that]

Can you imagine what a conflagration would occur if someone lit a match to Israel? It probably would be the end of the world.

And those drones will be able to hit all NATO sites in Europe as well. Is France the next target after Iran?
Because they always need an enemy and France was not kind to European Jews during WWII?
Why not st cuthbert - it makes as much sense as attacking Iran, Lebanon, Gaza. War mongers like a target regardless of the absence of rationale.
Don't bother with the usual ......they're just excuses.

Amazing the way you worry about civilians being killed in Afghanistan and Pakistan and yet don't concern yourself with the Palestinian deaths caused by Israel.
Of course, according to you Israel can do no wrong, and kids dying because checkpoints won't let them through to a hospital is different than civilians killed by drones controlled by another country, I guess

No so. But go ahead and play the victim card.

Ha! What you call pressure others see as incentive. What you call pressure others see as justification to arm themselves to the gills.
Besides, the Iran excuse is the hypothetical. The slaughter of Gazans is the reality.

One way or another, Israel is going to drag the US into a war with Iran. If false flags can't get the job done, they will just attack and leave our sons and daughters to be the ones doing the dying, and our tax dollars to fund it all.

Simply true. But unfortunately Israelis put their faith in machinery that kills. The voices of reason in Israel are labeled self-hating Jews and "anti-Semitic".

Why do we continue to allow the vicious rogue nation of Israel to add to its arsenal? If any nation in the mideast should be crushed out of existence, it should be Israel, a perpetual source of agony for its neighbors and a constant source of trouble for the United States. There are no benefits to the U.S. from a friendly relationship with Israel. It is time to Join with the Arab nations, including Iran, to rid the world of this evil empire.

Not to mention the financial stranglehold they [Jews, I mean Israelis] have on America's busines and Wall St.

Good... now maybe Israel can stop demanding that the US fight and die for them in Iran.... not one US soldier should die for Israel's ambition.... they were so ready for the US to fight Iran for them, all behind Cheney and Bush's lies about Iran..... now they can go bomb Iran without our help....

Israel already has enough weaponry to destroy the entire planet several times over. Sickening, this.

IMHO Israel is the biggest threat to world security

You know what really bothers me about your posts? They are based on excuses.
It's the U.S.'s fault, it's the Arab's fault, it's everyones fault that Israel breaches International Law repeatedly, and is holding a nation of millions hostage in limbo under military oppression, depriving them of legal and human rights, while it occupies and steals their land. This is everyone's fault???

Puh leeeez!

We can't seem to stop it, either, though, because we are no longer the USA, we are a subsidiary of corporations and Israel.

Remember the USS Liberty! And while you're at it look up the Levon affair and see that false flag operations are an Israeli specialty (with the treasonous complicity of various administrations) LBJ ordered planes launched to assist the Liberty back to their carriers. That's firing squad level treason and todays 'Congress' refuses to investigate yet another cover up.
[Everybody! Anti-Israel spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam!]

[responses to "Can Israel do anything right?]
It can, but it currently doesn't

Short answer, No.

I agree. The US has been a puppet state of Israel for at least 50 yrs.

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