Tuesday, February 9, 2010

HuffPoWatch: Israel Open to Peace Talks With Syria

A thread was recently published on the HP about Netanyahu expressing a desire for peace talks with Syria. Most of the comments that were picked up here were not particularly anti-Semitic or extremely anti-Zionist (with the exception of the "rape" comments mentioned below), but I think it provides a good look into the mindset of the HP community in general.

Most of the comments were what you expect: Netanyahu lies, Israel lies, Netanyahu doesn't want peace, Israel just wants to steal more land, blah blah blah blah blah. Hardly a word about Assad or Syria and their actions of late. Take a look at the comments on the unmoderated thread and see for yourself:

Anyone who is intellectually and morally honest about the whole subject of Israel knows that Israel will NEVER give up what it has and will continue to absorb territory. It is the MO of the Israeli government (and by default, the Israelis themselves).
Whenever Netanyahu or any other Israeli leaders says he/she is "open" to peace talks, this is code for we're going to continue to do and be what we are........
I recently heard an Egyptian scholar who said that Egypt and Israel have had "peace" for many years and yet, they are bitter adversaries. "Peace," he said, "is the absence of war....nothing more."
One thing is certain: I will die knowing that peace will never happen between Israel and its neighbors.

Muslims lived in peace with Jews for centuries. You don't know what you're talking about.
Put it this way - a stranger comes into your home, rapes you at knifepoint, and than offers to "live in peace" with you in your home, but he keeps the knife.

You Israelis, better reach for peace, We are getting tired of paying off Egypt/Jordan to protect you Artificial-State.

Israel LOVES peace talks so much so that she never wants them to end.

To the Palestinians that would be like saying "We think it was right that Zionists forced us from our homes and towns at gunpoint, stole all our property, and refused to let us return to our homes"
That's like expecting a victim of rape to say "I think it was OK that I was raped at knifepoint" just to get her stolen purse back.
Sorry, but your propaganda is getting old and stale.

Yes it is a historical fact that American and European Zionists moved to Palestine, and by armed force stole the homes and towns of the native people.
I don't necessarily "mourn" for all the folks over there who murder eachother any more than I mourn for all the people who die in Congo. I just want Israel to pull off their murders of civilians without my tax money. Is that too much to ask?

Peace headlines usually mean they are about to start bombing Gaza

Israel does NOTHING without a big fat check from the USA first. Wonder how much this costs the USA?

Netanyahu and "peace" can never be used in the same sentence.

War, and defining this as a religious conflcit works as a PR job so carefully cultured over time. It also detracts Israel from dealing with the legality of what they are doing to the Palistinian people. So peace, as called for by Israel, is actually against the goal.
The problem for Israel is now...the PR job is beginning to come apart. We seen them rushing to complete thier mission, of simply making the situation in the West Bank impossible to have a Palistinian INDEPENDANT state, and the situation in Gaza so miserable that people will leave, surrender, or fight to give an excuse for Israel to destroy them wholy...like the Caanonites.
Of course, they will blame it on God.

It's not "sharing" when you force thousands of people from their homes at gunpoint, steal all their stuff, and never let them return home again. What you're talking about would be like sharing your home with the man who forced his way in with a gun and repeatedly raped you. [Going for the "rape" trifecta.]

That's just the stuff that made the news. The Israelis also like to burn down Christian homes and throw them in jail for random reasons.
You're delusional. Israel's conduct created the suicide bombers, thus they are responsible for any fallout, walls and checkpoints included.
Do you truly think that Israel is just going to stop its suppression of the Palestinian people "as soon as" attacks from terrorists stop? You must've missed the part where Israel bulldozed homes, illegaly settled East Jeruselum and elected war criminals to the head of their government.

You've really slurped up a lot of that "Ersatz Israel" Kool-Aid

Why expect Muslims to 'get rid of extremists' when Christians and Jews won't do the same thing?
BTW, the reason Israel has checkpoints and walls is because they tried to colonize a populated region with European and American Zionists. The Jews of Palestine were able to live in peace with Palestinian Muslims and Christians for centuries. The "peaceful" Zionists have pretty much wiped out the Christian communities in Palestine that had been there for over a thousand years.
You seriously have no idea what you're talking about.

Sure it is. Israel's only desire in this "peace deal" aside from the PR value (which is the real interest -- makes them less war-mad after blitzkrieging Gaza...) is the "security" of Israel. Syria's only interest is in recovering the Golan.
By insisting that Israel's desire in the peace talks must be part of the outcome, that is a pre-condition. It is also hypocritical, because it is asking the opposing side to agree in advance to your position without agreeing to theirs.

alysheba 3
Israel is always open to talks because that means it can continue to do as it wants (war crimes), while constantly saying "But we are trying."

What's your point? That planting a colony in Palestine for European and American Zionists was a bad idea?
I agree!

The Israelis do not want peace, knowitall. There (sic) system forbid it.
Two can play the sweeping generalities game.

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