Tuesday, February 2, 2010

HuffPoWatch: Israel Disciplines Top Officers

The HP published an article about Israel reprimanding officers in the IDF. Naturally, the HP community responded the way they always do: By assuming the very worst about Israel and the very best about their enemies. In other words, it was just a slap on the wrist, they didn't really mean it, it was just for the PR, etc.

Right now the comments in the fully moderated thread are not too bad, but there is the potential for much greater hatred.

Richard Pearce
One of the interesting tidbits I've come across over the years is that the Nazis in fact disciplined several members of the various branches of their military for excessive brutality towards Jews.
I guess that means that they were capable of investigating themselves, and Nuremburg was just an example of Germaniphobia.

Even if you believed an "eye for an eye" Israel is thousands and thousand over quota.
And nothing excuses the targeting of women and children as occurred in Gaza Massacre.

It's difficult to motivate soldiers-even Israelis who have been raised on a diet of hate based propaganda-to murder unarmed civilians without a little religious nudge. The use of religion to motivate and justify violence is universal.

Israel might save itself a lot of p.r. grief, not to mention time spent on phony "investigations," if it simply admitted that it liked turkey-shoots and told the world explicitly to bugger off. Having rhetoric match conduct might be refreshing.

I love the accusations of "antisemitism," as if Palestinians would be fine with non-Jews dictating their every movement, bulldozing their homes, killing them by the hundreds and removing them from their land in favor of rabid, hateful settlers. The shrieks of "anti-Semite!" are hollow. No one buys it any more.
"Racism" would be more apropos when it comes to Israel... just ask the Ethiopian Jews.

What´s this, Israel actually admits to having done something wrong or at least not behaving like the most moral country in the world? Come on ,there is one reason for them taking this action and it has nothing to with accountability within the IDF. If they have so far found one soldier guilty of creditcard theft after the massacre(unbelievable) ,how can they possibly expect the world to lay off this subject? Funny how the amount of what Israel counts as anti-semites has suddenly risen about 1000% after the inhumane, cruel operation Cast Lead. The actions of both sides of the conflict should really be judged in an impartial court.

Good for Israel, Although it's a small step and they have many more to go.
They are in denial about their psychosis, but eventually the air will clear and
they will cry "what have we done?" in 20 or 30 years.

co-sign toomuchtolosel!!!
The lack of empathy is horrifying, and mimicry of 20th centuries worse tyrant despicable.
And if Gazans were not occupied by a hostile, murderous, nazi -like force, they would't have to fire fireworks at Israel. But I guess you would prefer that they use F-15's, spent uranium shells, phosphorus munitions and cluster bombs-that civilized people use. Months after this cruel massacre the rebuilding remains captive to Israeli intransigence. Have you no pity, compassion or shame? Do the crimes of every other country throughout history justify you own. Don't children claim when confronted about bad behavior that, 'everybody does it'. So this is the moral legacy of scholars spending thousands of hours studying the Talmud? Do any educated people believe that their government is divinely inspired, infallible like the pope? Still bitter that the world appeared to abandon you to the gas chambers. You forget that the world was a little busy trying to stop Panzers from crushing their people. Does your sense of morality truly believe that only you can possess nuclear weapons, and nobody else?

So the Israeli government scapegoated a few officers in an attempt to prevent outside investigation...Big deal. Bottom line is that the Israelis want Hamas to be strong and active because it gives them an excuse to continue their West Bank land grab. Lets not forget that this last rampage was conducted on the slim excuse of a couple of home made rockets landing in a field. For that the Israeli army killed thousands of innocents and destroyed much of the infrastructure in Gaza. [Yes, Israel wants Hamas to be strong, so they attacked them...brilliant!]
As for the attack on the UN compound...I have no doubt that it was a deliberate message sent to the UN in retaliation for the exposure of the level of violence and utter lack of restraint shown by the Israeli army.

How is that possible when Israel bombed EVERYWHERE in Gaza: houses, hospitals, clinics, schools, UN facilities, mosques, government buildings, infrastructure, roads.
Why did Israel completely destroy 4247 houses and damage another 44,000.
Why destroy 650 factories, 24 mosques, 10 sewer/water lines and 187 greenhouses?
Why shell 34 health facilities and 50 UN facilities?
All of that to kill just 330 combatants? And "whoops", another 1021 civilians?
There's no way to justify the Gaza Massacre, it wasn't about self-defense it was about terrifying the population and causing as much damage as possible.

I think they are waiting for instructions about how to handle this little PR problem. From those who have already turned up, the instruction seems to be deflect! Deflect!

It's just a quaint tradition that Israel has with the UN:
During the summer of 1948, Count Folke Bernadotte was sent by the United Nations to Palestine to mediate a truce and try to negotiate a settlement. On June 11, Bernadotte succeeded in arranging a 30-day cease-fire. After visiting Cairo, Beirut, Amman and Tel Aviv, he came to the conclusion that the UN partition plan was an "unfortunate" resolution and proposed his own plan.
Bernadotte's plan called for the Jewish State to relinquish the Negev and Jerusalem to Transjordan and to receive the western Galilee. Bernadotte advocated a total demilitarization of Jerusalem and blamed the Jewish forces for "aggressive" behavior in the city. He was then assassinated by LEHI.
LEHI was a Jewish extremist group, also called the "Stern Gang", engaging in a campaign of "personal terror" against the British and Arabs in Palestine. When the IDF was established on May 31, 1948, LEHI was disbanded and its members enlisted in the IDF.
 [Basically a long copy/paste bomb designed to slander Israel.]

OOPS. Israeli military command will throw some officers under the bus to try to avoid further investigation. Poor Israel, they just cant seem to get better press. Certainly reprimanding a few officers is a "fair" trade for the killing of 600 women and children. As a matter of fact Israeli press would have us believe it was really Hamas that killed its own people. Vilification of the enemy as sub human is key to their removal. see Germany, circa 1939.
When Isreali supporters admit Isreal was founded by illegal immagrants and a criminal campagn of bombing, followed by forcing 700,000 people from their homes and built a country on top of the rubble, i’ll stop being "ridiculously biased". Until then, yours truly ridiculously biased.

"It's amazing how the anti-semites twist everything to suit their own bigotries"
actually the real bigotry is to accuse semites of being anti-semites...last time I checked both christians and muslims are semites..do you have anyone in mind?

Anti-semitism has nothing to do with it. This was a token action designed to keep the world from looking at the totality of Israeli crimes. Being against the criminal actions of Israel is not anti-semitism.

I'm actually opposed to all elections but that has nothing to do with not electing people responsible for surrounding civilians so your death squads can massacre them by the thousand.

This is window dressing for the gullible goyim, and as long as Likud is in power we're stuck with this, UNLESS we kick, not kiss, the back of AIPAC!

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