Tuesday, February 9, 2010

HuffPoWatch: Israel Becoming Unhinged?

Our old pal Sharmine Narwani has come out with her latest anti-Israel rant on the Huffington Post. This time, she outlines why Israel is inevitably going to attack anyone or everyone of its neighbors, included by not limited to Syria, Iran, Lebanon and Turkey. Her reasoning for this aggression: Israel's just naturally aggressive and warlike. Naturally, many of the HPers went right along with her, leading to our tracking of these comments.

The mentality behind Israeli government rhetoric since the states inception is little short of Psycopathic.

I don't believe you've left any 'shame' for anyone else.
Israel and it's supporters seem to have a monopoly on it.

Typical talking points and diversionary tactics.

woo hoo here comes the diversion...where were you since the morning...
Shift change?

Boycott, Divest and especially, especially Sanction!!!

There is no other way. Israel has no respect for International Law, has been systematically driving Palestinians from their land, has been inflicting oppression on these people for decades, depriving them of their human and legal rights while it steals their land...and worst of all, ISRAEL JUST DOESN'T CARE because it has been allowed to do this with total impunity and then has used its military arsenal to squash all resistance!

Sanctions are the only way!

you are so right skialethia . . sanctions, trade embargoes, freezing assets . . it is the only way . . . or we will be engulfed in WWIII and why . . . for what reason . . so the israeli's can continue to steal and kill . . .

Israel's "historic right to exist" was built on the backs of the Palestinians. It was premised on the theft of Palestine from the Palesitnians. Thinking in terms of biblical myths like Samson or somewhat historical episodes like Massada is very dangerous for the Israeli psyche. It is part of the paranoid mindset that keeps Israel's locked into the endless cycle of revenge. 

I also believe that many Israeli's and their supporters fail to understand the meaning of the term "Never Again". To me it means that never again should any people suffer like Jews, Gypsies and others did during the Holocaust. Though Israeli treatment of Palestinians has not risen to the level of the Holocaust, the treatment is pretty terrible and is destroying the moral legacy of the Holocaust.

Historic right to exist?
Who's history are you talking about?
Zionist history or reality.
[denials of Israel's right to exist]

Simple propaganda technique Oleg.
Take you own abuses and blame them on the 'enemy'.
Can't you come up with something a little more creative?
[so hypocritical it almost sounds sarcastic]

Yes, a few primitive rockets will scare them [the Israelis] into the sea when they have 400 nuclear warheads and chemical and biological weapons in their arsenal.

That narrative sure is getting a lot of traction though.

How do you spell "occupation"?
The ANC, KLA and IRA all fought for the same thing in the same way!

Why should Hamas be held to a different standard under the circumstances of a brutal occupation?
[defending terror]

Yes, supporting a corrupt regime that kills peace activists is dispicable. Remember Rachel Corrie
[Rachel Corrie, as those of us who know the truth about the ISM, was hardly a 'peace activist']

great article . . . you have summed israel up well . . . they will strike . . . that much is certain . . . and amerika (intentional spelling) will still supply the arms . . . and why because congress is owned by AIPAC . . . it is a very sad, amoral, unhuman scenario . . . .

They have 400 not 200, and "The US Congress Office of Technology Assessment has recorded Israel as a country generally reported as having undeclared chemical warfare capabilities, and an offensive biological warfare program."
[very off topic]

Israel thrives as a state at war. It wants a constant tension to keep its citizens fearful and ready to send their sons and daughters out to kill at the remote possibility of a threat. if there is no real threat, it will invent one. then complain about its victimhood.

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