Wednesday, February 17, 2010

HuffPoWatch: Dubai Releases Video of Assassins

The Huffington Post is really going to town on this investigation into the assassination of Hamas leader Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh's murder in Dubai. There's been a video released on the assassin team, a group of 11 people using European passports.

This thread wasn't too bad in terms of anti-Semitism, most posters on the thread were pleased with the death of Mahmoud, or at least didn't complain too much. The usual suspects, though, arrive to preach morality to us sinners and judge Israel without any evidence. Read on...

I wold have to support Hamas if Israel tries another attack. What they are doing is worse then what South Africa did in the '60s.
It's all about lad grab for Israel. The old 'Poor Israel' sob story has worn thin specially when you see them killing woman and children.

Look at our 'rules of engagement' in Afghanistan. Anything less by Israel is a war crime.

America supports Israel ,I thought it was against the law to support a terrorist organization.

Something tells me you don't know anything about Hamas.[arguing Hamas is not a terror organization]

There's not a dimes bit of difference between what the Israelis are doing to the Palestinians and what they claim Hamas is doing to them. The only difference is we are funding Israel and they've got more advanced weapons, designed from Technology stolen from us. [aside from contradicting himself in two sentences, there is a difference in intent that he forgets about]

Of course it's Mossad.
They love this sort of thing all time pretending to be a civilized country.
I'll believe it when I see it.
[note the user name]

And the cycle of hate and violence continues......

Whilst I won't be shedding any tears for the Hamas chief, I find assassination such a cowardly method of solving problems, which invariably create many more problems. Couldn't they think of any other, more mature ways of putting him away? By all accounts, he was an arms smuggler and may have been involved in acts of terrorism. I'm sure they could have built a solid legal case against him and have arrested by Interpol and locked up. His influence would have been negated.

Now all they've done is make a martyr out of him and some new, even more radical person take his place.
[it's interesting that so many HPers are interested in concepts of honor and bravery. I'll have to do a post about it]

clearly not Mossad since they didn't have their invisi-cloaks
[NOT offensive in any way, but so awesome I had to include it in here]

LOL.This won`t change anything.One man's terrorist will be another man's freedom fighter.

You know, of course, this attitude [being happy a Hamas murderer is dead] is the reason so much of the world hates us enough to stuff ex[plosives into their underpants. Smug, boorish, unintelligent, uncivilized, undemocratic.
Indeed David, lots of panting macho gloating from wannabes incapable of thinking things through and seeing exactly what they are advocating.

That excuse given by the Mossad official: "because of the apparent shortcuts, such as allowing members to be videotaped by security cameras."
Du-uh...they planned for the security cameras by wearing fake beards, wigs and sunglasses!

The fact that 4 of the individuals have an "Israeli" connection is a complete giveaway, and Mossad faked passports in the past.

The Israeli's responded immediately after the murder stating he was smuggling weapons from Iran and suspected he was on his way there, plus the fact that he allegedly kidnapped 2 soldiers = MOTIVE.

Obviously this guy was murdered by Israel and it's just a question of catching and arresting at least one operative. But is that even necessary? Nope. All clues point to Israel.

And the cycle of Israeli-incited violence continues. Very depressing
[If Israel's the inciter, it's hardly a cycle, now isn't it?]

Fanned for the comment, the common sense, and to annoy Shmaltzie.

Yes, of course they will also cover the story, why wouldn't they? Al Jazeera was of course one of the channels which had reporters on the ground when 1400 innocent people were murdered in Gaza, allowing us to see what Israel was trying to hide from the world.

Why are my comments pending approval on an article that is not moderated?
Have I been flagged for having an unpopular opinion on this website?

I'm amazed at how many people here are making excuses for the actions of these assassins. What ever happened to due process? What was the solid evidence against this guy? Why wasn't he arrested and tried? Are we living in a world where foreign agents enter sovereign countries to take out people suspected (but never properly tried and convicted) of crimes without any due process? [apparently]
And if foreign agents begin to enter US soil to take out American soldiers who participated in the illegal Iraq war or American citizens who are suspected of crimes, are we all okay with this as well?
What's wrong with you people? Is this what America has become? You may as well toss our constitution in the trash, the terrorists have won, we no longer observe the rule of law.
[so fascinating how this demand that Israel (or whoever) comply with the rules of law to the letter does not apply to the Palestinians]

You certainly have a point. But when it comes to Isra_el, things are different. Isra_el has free hands to do whatever pleases her. If you are unaware of it, your only news source must be foxinoozi!

Yes, let us, because that is what civilized people do. Hicks opt for torture and no trials and lync.h parties. Which are you? [click for context]

Denial, what else would you expect??? But its all there for us to see.... Those who present one face of rightousness and good are sneaking around in the night doing evil and bad..... You can't be both.... as America has already learned...
(sorry about the formatting, the HP is doing something new with their posts that I'm having trouble dealing with) 

They [presumably, the Joooooos] didn't care about cameras because they have disguises and fake identities and are so high up they are above the law.
Justice deferred once again.

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