Monday, February 1, 2010

HuffPoWatch: 54 Members of Congress Urge Obama to End Gaza Siege

As Matt wrote previously, the HP published the story about the US Congressmen calling for an ease of the Gaza blockade. For an unmoderated thread it was surprisingly clean, but there were still more than a few posts worthy of note. Click the link below to read them.

Israel is conducting GENOCIDE on Palestine and here are the American politicians that have signed on to this outrage by taking money from Israel to look the other way...take a look are any of these bustards in your STATE?

Israel is the cancer that is bringing down the United States of America. The economic crisis is caused in part , by the funding of a military that is aimed at the enemies of Israel. It's bankrupting us.

Israel is a rogue state. It only survives in its current form due to support from the US government.
Time to cut the cord. [Responses: "Co-signed with enthusiasm," and "Amen"]

Sure, the Israelis will make nice to the Palestinians. They've spent 60 years systematically stealing lands and isolating a people. No they refuse them basic human rights which would get sanctions imposed on any other nation.

Why should Palestinians, or any other rational, humane people EVER end their "implacable enmity" toward Israel? It is a terrorist, lawless rogue state, hell-bent on eradicating all Arabs from the former Palestinian Mandate and seizing the land and water resources for themselves. Unconditional support of Israel by the United States has done nothing positive for our country, and continues to drag us down, economically and internationally.
You should disabuse yourself of your belief in the Israeli "mythology." Get over Israel's and Israeli's perpetual evocation of permanent "victimhood" used to justify any destructive, psychopathic actions the State of Israel decides to take in its relentless pursuit of Hertzl's and Ben-Gurion's vision of Eretz Israel and the ethnic cleansing pursued since the late 19th Century. Read Ilan Pappe's revealing history of the "movement."
Obama: Get out the switch and take Israel to the woodshed. It's LONG overdue!!!!!!!!! [I can't be the only one who finds this unnerving.]

absolutely, remember who is actually in charge at the WH
The 62 year old refugee problem that Israel created in 1948 - is not Israeli oppression.
The 43 year illegal occupation of Gaza and the West Bank / East Jerusalem - is not Israeli oppression.
The 500,000 illegal settlers devouring the premium land in the West Bank / East Jerusalem - is not Israeli oppression.
The Gaza Turkey Shoot a year ago, killing more than 1000 Gazan civilians - is not Israeli oppression.
The Gaza blockade, the Apartheid Wall and Israeli only roads, the use of white phosphorous and flechette weapons, the house demolitions, the checkpoint and permit system, the confiscation of Palestinian land, the selling of refugees houses, the use of Palestinians as human shields - all of that, is a clear sign of "not" Israeli oppression.
Is that the right flag in your avatar?
[to a pro-Israel poster] go away aipac!

Glue, gasoline or paint? More likely the fumes off of AIPAC, JDL, AJC, or Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations collective propaganda. [Might need to click for context.]
A Meat Beetle
"54 Members Of Congress Urge Obama To Work To End Gaza Siege"
Do you think Joe Lieberman will let him?
Sadly, ending financial & military end to the Zionist's is very necessary, but no small task!
You might consider reading The Israeli Lobby & US Foreign Policy. 106 pgs of endnotes!!

Or anywhere else, for that matter. And Danny Gee, why does the United States have any obligation (moral, ethical, historical, religious) to fund a terrorist, rogue state like Israel, that is dedicated to and conducting, as we speak, theft and ethnic cleansing of lands and territory to which they have NO legitimate claim or right?
this is a great and relevant question [Why does America "bankroll" Israel], and the answer is AIPAC the most powerful lobby group in the US
lthuedk 1
You mean to tell us that Michael Chertoff's security apparatus would fail Israel so completely? Rather than check traffic, they choose to commit genocide, steal land, and erect a Berlin Wall ?
Yank in France
That is totally false, not that Hamas would not be delighted to have the weapons. The fact is that if trade were managed through Israeli controlled gateways, they could control the traffic much better (!) than they are currently (not) doing, since everything is coming through Hamas controlled underground tunnels!
In fact, if you bother reading the English versions of the Israeli press, weapon deliveries are absolutely NOT the reason for the blockade. They Israelis are engaging in COLLECTIVE PUNISHMENT (in their own words!) of the Gaza population.
The sad truth is that the Israelis behave according to the logic of the Jewish people's worst oppressors!

Perhaps that is one reason the old bible belt in the US where antisemitism was once king is now totally pro-Israel??
pro-Israel doesn't mean pro-occupation and pro-Palestinian genocide......

Yank in France
Yes, that is true, just as it is unsurprizing that our indoctrinated friends stateside obsess about the Palestinians' reaction to 9/11 instead of drawing some lessons from the reaction in non-Muslim countries, like Brazil where some people rejoiced in the streets.
However, all that is a tangent, because the important point is that there would have never been a 9/11 if it were not for America's slavish support of Israel's apartheid policies against the Palestinians.
Suffering under the Jewish state final option [I think this was supposed to be "final solution."] would make me mad enough to want to pay back the perps in any way I could. I think it is time to let some people live.
Or perhaps the Israeli's could have an unneeded never ending war at an unlimited cost in lives and money just like we have.
It's coming time for one state, one person, one vote. [Response: "Hear hear."]

Well no doubt those 54 are receiving visits and threats from the wonderful folks at AIPAC right now.

Here comes the Rapture............. and I have not doubt that Israel would destroy the world if they felt threatened enough.

To be 'Israel un-friendly' is to ask for death threats.
Politicians learn how to say things very carefully. I know, I tried to run for congress. I announced my intention three times. I felt that my life was threatened every time I did. So by the third time, the pattern was unmistakable and perfectly terrifying.
[He "felt" that his life was threatened...but it never apparently was. I couldn't make this up if I tried.]

They are all Anti-Semites, of course.
Israel ueber alles !!

Israel doesn't want peace, the status quo suits it fine. The Palestinians want their land back (and would prefer not to be murdered and repressed.)

Yank in France
[To a pro-Israel poster.] Yes, to make you and your "brothers" happy, we must also cut off the impoverished Palestinians. In any case, the only reason we give aid to the Pals and, especially, to the neighboring states, is to keep them tied to the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.
Since Israel's idea of peace is to take a greater "piece" of Palestinian lands and rights day in and day out, maybe we should just ditch the moderates too, and let them fight it out?
Such a solution would lead to more hardship for Palestinians, more hatred of Israel and more extremism in the Arab world, but at least America would be free of the "problem" helped create!

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