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HuffPo User Profile: skialethia

The user skialethia is one of the most active voices on the Israel-related threads. In all honesty, her views on Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict are not that extreme, in the sense that she supports a two-state solution which includes Israel as a Jewish state....most of the time. As far as people on the Huffington Post go, that is pretty good.

It is simply the method in which she makes her points that eventually convinced me to write a profile on her. Quite simply, she slanders Israel and it's supporters, most commonly in the form of off-topic copy-bomb posts (occasionally with links) that oftentimes only tangentially relate to the topic at hand. She often berates anyone who has the temerity to disagree with her on a particular topic, having no qualms with making a debate personal.

And every now and then, as it so often happens with strong anti-Israel views, her comments cross the line into anti-Semitism. Usually they are of the "Israelis are all bad" type, but there are a decent amount of conspiracy theories both at home and abroad as well. Her posts are often loaded with racism against Israelis, their supporters, and occasionally Jews as well, as you will see. She also calls for boycotts against Israel. On other threads she is also a very vocal supporter of the current government of Iran. This strikes me as somewhat hypocritical, as she claims to be motivated by human rights and the compassion for the suffering.

At 11,00+ comments, it would not have been worth the time to search through everything skialethia has written. Therefore, this page will simply contain particularly noteworthy comments as they come in. There are already quite a lot. Click the link below to read.

 Good Friday in Jersualem
Everyone here who writes "Jesus was a Jew" period, is manipulating the truth to be condescending towards Christian faith.
Jesus was an "enlightened" Jew devoted to peace, the poor, the ill and the oppressed AND thoroughly rejected, ridiculed AND persecuted by the majority of His own people.
Let's state the facts in their proper context!

Good Friday in Jerusalem
So then why state: Jesus was a Jew? And yet Jesus is described as a "sorcerer" and false Messiah in the Talmud.

Your logic is skewed. For God's sakes the man [Martin Kramer] is pure Zionism. His words are pure Zionism, and it's precisely the Zionists who invited him and are defending his speech!!! [Coo coo, coo coo.]

And I'm sure no one can forget the dancing Is rae lis:
[The video opens with, "Did Jews know the Twin Towers were going to be hit?"]

[copy/pasted paragraph removed for length]
Replace Israel with China in the story and Israeli Ambassador with Chinese Ambassador, and you would see the Justice Department and State Department hurling accusations at China and screaming fraud and espionage!
Tell me again how Israel doesn't control U.S. policy when Israelis are placed above the rule of law and can flout the law and Homeland Security? I would investigate the reasons for this. Somewhere in this mystery lies a disturbing bombshell waiting to be exposed.
“Christian Zionists are totally misguided in their quest to hasten the return of the Messiah.
Christian Zionists are trying to play God in manipulating circumstances to bring about the return of Christ....
...IT'S PLAIN LUDICROUS! They have turned into a fanatical, "religious" military cult!
Anyone Christian or other who condones the theft of land and oppression of millions of people has no clue who Jesus is. Jesus was ALWAYS with the oppressed and the poor!
So no, my position is not strange, but the Zionist position is very strange since it diametrically challenges God's will and the teachings of Christ.
God help those who challenge God's will at the expense of the rights of others, and who make so many suffer under oppression who drive them out of their homes and off their land into poverty and extreme hardship usurping God's power to realize prophecy in His own time at in His own way.
This is not God's will. This is a travesty that denies faith, and a distortion of Scripture.”
[I don't know about anyone else, but when someone starts talking about "God's will" I start to get a little nervous.]

 Hamas Hit Squad Includes 15 New Suspects
Yeah, like Israel doesn't have slave labor! HAHAHAHA! [Sarcasm implying that she thinks Israel does, in fact, have slave labor.]
"In practice, however, Palestinian workers employed in Israel and the settlements suffer blatant discrimination, and their social rights are systematically trampled by their employers and at times also by the Israeli authorities."

 British Journalist Detained By Hamas
Oh bruuuuther! Who is it that prevented journalists from covering the Gaza Invasion up close and the Jenin and Nablus massacre??? [The Jenin massacre has long been known to be a hoax.]
Israel is renowned for it's antagonism and hostility with journalists and my list below proves it!

Catholic Priests Call for Divestment With Israel
No he would approve all that [terrorism], but, once those things happened, he definitely wouldn't approve of people stealing land from Palestinians who were not responsible for the misfortune of the Jews after they've been there for close to two thousand years or more.
Two wrongs won't make a right and "vengeance is mine saith the Lord".

Catholic Priests Call for Divestment With Israel
Yes, that [fingerpointing] is something that Israel absolutely excels in!

Rewriting the Laws of War
When reading comments defending obvious war crimes, always consider the Israeli PR talking point strategy:
First part:
They have a way of justifying just about anything.
[the stereotypical 'hasbara' argument]

Obama Asked Why US Doesn't Condemn Israel HR Abuses
I have an image in my mind: the artful dodger! This answer is about as lame as the war=peace meme he invented.
We're talking about significant human rights abuses, that he's been ignoring since his silence on the atrocities we all witnessed during the Gaza invasion.
Obama must live in a parallel universe because his answer is completely divorced from reality. Palestinians are suffering excrutiating oppression and Obama pretends to be "uninformed".
It's very obvious Rahm Emanuel's instructed him on the issue according to Israel Projects "Global Language Dictionary": Start by saying positive things about Israel; "Israel is the ally; Israel is a democracy; Israel can do no wrong; followed by "our security; their security"....and then "we should sit down and talk it over for the hundreth time"; and never, ever mention: the Palestinians are suffering abuses and oppression.
Palestinians are evermore so crowded into those ghettos, losing more land, more rights, at the mercy of the settlers and their "king's torah" guide (google it!) which spells out the goal very clearly, and this piece of "literature" is funded with U.S. dollars, believe it or not!
I suggest the President get a copy and a dose of reality!
[I wonder why it would be Rahm Emanuel filling Obama's head with "hasbara" and not Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton, both of whom are stridently pro-Israel.]

 Hamas Ready to Recognize Israel
I’m not surprised that the Israeli apologists are dismissing Dwaik’s statement. Why wouldn't they? It would remove the best excuse they have to keep obstructing the creation of a Palestinian state. Instead of viewing this as a hopeful sign, they see the glass half empty; and choose to spin this into something negative.
Netanyahu always refused to endorse a Palestinian state. Hamas is starting unofficially to accept the state of Israel; but Israel refuses to accept a Palestinian state. Therefore, we must assume that all along the reason they never negotiated in good faith, returning to the pre-67 borders, is because they refuse to accept a Palestinian state; this is the basis for all their actions: for their inability to surrender land that they plundered; their ongoing theft of more land, their military oppression; their wall that renders Palestinians "out of sight; out of mind"; their blockade of humanitarian aid and reconstruction aid destined for Gaza; their silencing of peaceful protesters with aggressive tactics and prison; and banning NGO's from working in the Palestinian territories, while Israel continues to deprive these people of human and legal rights. All this spells one thing: apartheid.
If Israel were serious about peace, it would release Marwan Barghouti, who can represent both Fatah and Hamas in the negotiations and who Palestinians trust to negotiate on their behalf, but unfortunately, Israel is not serious about peace.
[Posted twice.]

Israel to Build NIS 1.5 Billion Fence Along Egypt Border
The ever-expanding Israeli open-air prison system, paid for and enabled by U.S. taxpayers to the tune of $3 billion per year!!

Israel To Build NIS 1.5 Billion Along Border With Egypt
Like Israelis care. Sewage from the settlements is polluting Palestinians think they're doing anything about it? You think they care that water resources are scare on the Palestinian side because the settlements are stealing water from the Palestinians to fill swimming pools and water lawns on the West Bank?
You think they care that they b0mbed out the sewer system in Gaza and now they don't allow reconstruction materials in so the Gazans can fix this urgent and imminently dangerous problem?
They could care less!

Lillian Peretz, Ex-Housekeeper, Alleges Netanyahu's Wife Abused Her

“So this is how the leadership of Israel behave? Imagine, if this is how they treat the "hired" help; the Palestinians who are treated as less than human by them have nothing to hope for. We're supposed to expect that they're going to be partners for peace and keep throwing billions at them so they can keep their land-grabbing, oppression operation going?
There's only one way to deal with this situation: Boycott, divest, sanction!”

Attack In Jordan Targets Israeli Embassy Convoy

“The silence on the Gaza blockade is also deafening. The silence on the ongoing theft of Palestinian land is also deafening. The silence on the ongoing oppression of Palestinians is also very deafening.” [Off topic.]

Catholic Bishops Criticize Israel On Palestinians

“Israel doesn't want peace! Israel is still stealing Palestinian land! You don't want one state with equal rights for all! And you don't want to give them back their land to establish their state. don't want PEACE!!! You are very satisfied with Palestinians in bondage and under oppression!”

Haiti Earthquake Relief: How You Can Help


Israeli Troops Kill Palestinain Along Gaza Border
[Now deleted] "Libelous rumors....­.baaawaaah­aaaahaaaa, "Izraylis" excel in the art of that!"
replied Nov 13, 2009 at 15:03:14 by skialethia

Iranian Police Chief Warns Opposition On Cell Phone, E-mail Use

And YET here you are crying over people who live in a sovereign nation, meddling in their political strife and inciting vi0lence and ri0ts.
Why not do something constructive and help me fight the barrage of propuhganda and pandering by this country to an oppressive regime that's keeping Palestinians in bondage for SIXTY YEEEEARS?” [Notice the timeframe.]

Iranian Police Chief Warns Opposition on Cell Phone, Email Use
t used to it! Why do you try so hard? You sure are wasting a ton of energy here, when the majority want you out of their business. Why don't you start a vitri0lic campaign against China, Congo (many r ap es and m rders going on there!) or Darfur?
Come to think of it, I never see you putting this energy into defending Palestinians who are in a much worse situation. Come to think of it...I never see you crying for "them" on any of their threads? [This is not so much hateful as *extremely* hypocritical. And thus it is included.]

Catholic Bishops Criticize Israel On Palestinians
“Lol!...And guess what? To billions of people Jesus Christ IS the Messiah! Who cares what the millions think about him!
He was after all despised by the Jews and now you want to claim ownership of Him for your little power play.....h
Your comments get sillier by the minute.
I don't need to know what Jesus would think. Paul was an instrument of oppression for the Sanhedrin before his conversion. Jesus and oppression don't even belong in the same sentence. I may not be able to opine on what his thoughts would be in every circumstance, but were Jesus to witness the oppression happening in the West Bank and Gaza I'm sure the reaction would be the same one He had when he confronted the money-changers in the Temple....Israel would be faced with a whole lot of righteous indignation.”

Catholic Bishops Criticize Israel On Palestinians
Not only is this a delusional, self-serving, patronizing and arrogant statement [insults], but it is based on a totally false premise. Sharon may have dismantled the settlements in Gaza, but after he did, he locked the Gazans in tight in that open-air prison, and suffocated all commerce. Those people are deprived of all rights human and legal! They are worse off than ever because of the policies of Israel. If they are forced to live off the tunnels Israel is to blame! [Yes, it's all Israel's fault.]
Israel's problem is that it can never let go of its domination and therefore Israel is responsible for the consequences of their relentless control and oppression.

Catholic Bishops Criticize Israel On Palestinians
“What about Israelis? Do they have any "moral authority" left? Never mind, don't answer t
As I stated earlier: it's not the messenger; it's the MESSAGE!”

Catholic Bishops Criticize Israel On Palestinians
“Even Jews have a moral obligation to denounce oppression and the plunder of land WHENEVER and wherever it occurs! Not to do so is to go against God and/or the universe. [Even Jews huh?]
So yeah, that time is anytime while oppression is ongoing!”

Catholic Bishops Criticize Israel On Palestinians
“Killing thousands of Palestinians and creating hundreds of thousands of Palestinian refugees came first and therefore Jesus would say that Israelis surrendered their faith in God and their right to peace to a state called Israel.” [Jews have no right to peace or to self-determination. But of course the Palestinians do, even though they've killed thousands of people as well.]

Catholic Bishops Criticize Israel On Palestinians
“What I am against is the hypocrisy of Israel showing off their minimal effort at charity, when they are depriving an entire nation of human and legal rights, when they are demolishing homes, rendering families homeless, stealing land, blocking humanitarian aid to a people who have been living on the street for ONE WHOLE YEAR, after their homes, schools, businesses, mosques and hospitals where bombed back to the Stone Age!
Charity... HOME! Why do you think that expression was invented? It was invented to expose hypocrisy!”
[Speaking out against Israeli aid to Haiti.]

Catholic Bishops Criticize Israel On Palestinians
“Where were the protests when the whites in South Africa were being attacked by the ANC???
Where were the protests when the KLA were killing Serbian civilians?
When you oppress a people and deprive them of their human and legal rights vigilante justice rises's called resistance to oppression!
Unless there is justice for all....the
n you can expect vi0lent resistance!” [Defending terrorism. And also making demonizing comparisons.]

Catholic Bishops Criticize Israel On Palestinians
“"That Pope Pius XII saved 800,000 Jewish lives, hiding Jews in monasteries, convents, and inside the Vatican itself; that he got to the Jews money for travel;...[cut for length.]
.......ignored in the singular focus on the tragedy of the Jewish "holocaust" is the destruction of Christians that took place simultaneously: not only were Catholics also murdered by Nazis (3,000,000 in Poland alone!), but, at the same time, 15 million Christians were being murdered by our ally, "Uncle Joe" Stalin, much-beloved by FDR, American liberals, and American media.
Where are the outrage, the memorials in every major American city, the Hollywood movies, the PBS specials, the "Christian 'holocaust' education programs" in public schools, the slogans, the defense leagues, the apologies for them? Where's even a mention of it in the typical American High School textbook? Why "the silence"? And why the double standard?"
[The Jewish "holocaust" huh? This comment was posted twice.]

Catholic Bishops Criticize Israel On Palestinians
“"Since the Haitian crisis occurred the Israelis were among the first to provide an emergency search and rescue team..."
Oh that's such a load of bunk! Of all the countries that contributed they appeared at the bottom of the list in order of the amount contributed! [A lie.]
And may I add this: CHARITY begins AT HOME! There is enough tragedy in Israel's back yard to keep them busy for the next decade and more! Maybe they should get busy helping their poverty-stricken neighbors and get busy rebuilding homes for the Gazans, instead of showing off and bragging about how charitable they are with the rest of the world!”
[Accusing Israel of only helping Haiti for political gain. And speaking out against Israeli aid to Haiti again.]

Catholic Bishops Criticize Israel On Palestinians
“I see it's bash the Catholic Church day by the Israeli apologia brigade.”

Haiti Earthquake: 7.0 Quake Prompts Tsunami Watch
“I pray for those people and thank God they're getting help.
But the destruction that befell the people in the video below is so much worse as you will see by the images, and still the aid is not reaching them and still they're living outside in the midst of all the rubble and all help is being denied to them:”
[Equating Gaza with the Haiti earthquake.]

Israel Publicly Snubs Turkish Ambassador
“One child killed in 2003? You know how many hundreds of Palestinians children Israel has killed since 2003?
Puh-leeeeeeeeeez!” [When one sneers at dead Israelis, but moans for dead Palestinians, it makes you wonder whether these feelings are motivated by sympathy or by politics.]

Israel Publicly Snubs Turkish Ambassador
“To answer you last question.. conceal d r t y little secrets.
And yes, they love to play the Anti-S card to silence all criticism.”

Israel Publicly Snubs Turkish Ambassador
“So it [Turkish blood libel] was a re-enactment of what actually happened. Big deal!”

Masoud Ali Mohammad: Bomb Kills Iran Nuclear Physicist Tied To Mousavi
“From this article: "Isra_l's Foreign Ministry had no comment." - No comment, huh? Pleading the 5th?
The doctor at Neda's side stated in a b b c interview "We had the impression that it (the sh0t) had come from a 'rooftop' ". Really? Isn't it odd that this sni per was able to get the precise spot in her chest. He must have been aiming "precisely" at her. But why her, why not some other person or woman?
How on earth did they also manage to get so much footage of this woman in a crowd BEFORE she became famous to the entire world for the incident, and especially footage of her walking alone with her teacher from the "rooftop of a building". Why would anyone want to film this woman who was just "anybody" at the time from the "rooftop" of a building just walking down a street towards the protest?? And how did p b s get a hold of all that footage of her for their documentary later?
I'll tell you what: this was no random target, and she was not just "any" woman in the crowd. There's much more here than meets the eye.
So Is'rl's ministry have no comment, huh?
[Basically she is saying that it was Israel who killed Neda, not Iran. Conspiracy theory.]

Iranian TV Suggests Neda Video A Fake
How can you possibly equate this with Apartheid??? It doesn't even come close! Yes there are human rights abuses, and they are happeing in many countries, but that doesn't mean they are Apartheid regimes. You belittle the concept with this ridiculous analogy! If any situation can be equated with Apartheid it's what Is ray lis are inflicting on Palestinians! Why aren't you decrying that egregious injustice, HUH?
Then you throw around unfounded accusations because all you have is this ridiculous argument that is totally irrelevant and have nothing better to contribute than a.h. attacks!”

Iranian TV Suggests Neda Video A Fake
Why not put Is ray el in the mix? Is ray li operatives have been targeting nu clear scientists inside Iran and this is a well-documented fact.
Who is known for their “targeted assas….nat
ions”? We must ask ourselves the following questions followed by “who stood to gain the most”?
Who k lled Lebanon’s Pierre Gemayel jr. right after the invasion of Lebanon by Is ray el (which they bungled) attempting to incite even more chaos for that country and animosity between different factions?
Who really k lled Rafik Hariri? Who sent those still unidentified g nmen attempting to k ll Pierre Gemayel sr. and ended up k lling four of his guards and triggering off a br u tal civil war in Lebanon between Lebanese Phalangists and Palestinians and M slim Lebanese? Who stood to gain the most?
Who insinuated themselves into Lebanon’s civil war and are really responsible for the m ssacre at Sabra & Shatila?
Who p0 isoned Arafat? Since Abbas replaced him, hundreds more settlements have been built on the West Bank and Palestinians are worse off than they’ve ever been.
Who is looking to destroy Iran and would like nothing better than for Iran to plunge into civil war pitting one group against the other to cause destruction for years to come?
[I don't have the inclination to go through all of these conspiracy theories. But here's a couple facts: Lebanon's Civil War was well under way before Israel got involved and no one really knows exactly how it is started. However, this is the first time I've seen Gemayel's death as the trigger for it. Regardless, this post indicates a mindset in which Israel is responsible for everything bad in the Middle East. A staple of anti-Semitic literature.]

Iranian TV Suggests Neda Video A Fake
“What happened, you got tired of the thread on the MidEast conflict? You got tired of defending Iz's cr im es against humanity?
Why is an Iz apologist so interested in this topic?”

US Gearing Up For New Mideast Peace Push
“Yes but the theft of 750,000 acres more is unacceptable, the oppression of millions of Palestinians is unacceptable, and millions of refugees without rights and many living in camps and ghettos is unacceptable.
Israel is losing legitimacy with the world. Can you blame people for questioning the decision made in 1948?”  [Attack on Israel's right to exist.]

Emanuel: U.S. Is Fed Up With Israel, Palestinians
“Fanned!” [In reponse to anti-Semitic comment implying that Emanuel has dual citizenship, and thus dual loyalty.]

Israel Angers US With West Bank Construction
Same old script.
"and to whine and complain, endlessly, about their status as victims of oppression and conspiracy".
All you ilk should get a one way ticket to a Palestinian ghetto. Then we will never hear the end of your your endless whining.
Clinton Makes Personal Bid To Renew Mideast Talks
“The irony is that the West Bank is filled to the brim with immigrants from Eastern Block countries and thus who are accustomed to the deluded power of CENSORSHIP. That's why they and their like-minded sympathizers have redefined Anti-S to include ALL criticism of IZ and resorted to silence dissent with this tactic. Too bad they are on a different turf now and are miserably losing the war of public opinion because of this "bully" tactic.”

Abbas Thread
If you're Irish...I'm Italian!
Listen, if you were Irish you would be 110% with the Palestinians and from your previous comments you're way to wishy-washy for my taste!


  1. So who is she, the woman who uses Freedom of Speech to upset this blog enough to give her the enormous recognition her brittle mind seems to crave.
    Rudy Haugeneder

  2. A number of posters who were vocal about defense of Israel have been banned on Effington Post. While the most virulently antisemitic crap straight outta Protocols get posed each and every single day. More supporters of Israel should be encouraged to post on Effington to counter the kind of crap this mentally defective skialethia is spewing.