Sunday, February 21, 2010

HuffPo Blogger Calls for Israel's Destruction

Mya Guarnieri, one of the many anti-Israel Huffington Post bloggers, has lately written a piece called "Want Democracy In Israel? Acknowledge the Palestinian Right of Return." One might get the impression from the title that the article is about the right of return, but in fact most of it is talking about the Im Tirtzu/New Israel Fund/NGOs controversy that has been flying around the blogosphere for the past couple of weeks. I cannot help but wonder when exactly the Huffington Post is going to publish an article telling the other side of that story, but I'm starting to accept that is like waiting for a train that won't come.

Anyway, it is in the last few paragraphs that Ms. Guarnieri finally gets to her headline. She says:
"The situation is beyond urgent now. And it has been for a long time. The Israeli left must redirect its energies, channeling them to the source of the sickness that threatens everyone, regardless of their political affiliation--the systematic disenfranchisement of Palestinians that began over 60 years ago. Only after the Palestinian right to return has been acknowledged and a shared, bi-national country has been established can we expect to see a truly democratic state emerge."
As I am sure I don't need to remind you, even among the Israeli left a one-state "solution" is considered to be too extreme. So once again we have an Israeli Huffington Post blogger who is more extreme than the Israelis she is supposed to be representing.

I also think it is interesting that she calls for the destruction of Israel in its current form, as a Jewish state. Only then, it appears can they be rid of this "sickness." Apparently just granting the Palestinian people their own state isn't good enough. Unfortunately for Ms. Guarnieri, although she will undoubtedly find quite a lot of support among the Huffington Post keyboard activists, the Israeli left has already left this "solution" in the dust where it belongs.


  1. tell me where, exactly, did i call for the "destruction" of israel? i live here. why would i want my home destroyed?

    a state for the jews doesn't have to be EXCLUSIVELY jewish. a shared state doesn't mean a destroyed state.

  2. I would be glad to explain, Ms. Guarnieri

    Israel is a Jewish state right now, you seem to agree on that. It's also not exclusively Jewish, as I am sure you are aware. But what you proposed is a "bi-national state." A state for its citizens, and not Jews, in other words.

    Transforming Israel from a state for the Jewish people and into a bi-nation state will in fact destroy Israel as a Jewish state. The "Jewish character" of it will be gone. The flag will be changed, the law of return will probably be gone. In fact it probably won't even maintain the same name. The Jews will no longer be able to decide the fate of their nation, which was the original purpose of Israel's creation. If that isn't destruction, I don't know what is.