Friday, February 12, 2010

HPW User Profile: Mountainforce

After doing the Example of a Post on one of mountainforce's posts, I was inspired to do a user profile for him. As it turns out, he has all the earmarks of a genuine anti-Semite, with tendencies to call attention to the mistakes of Israel and Jews on off-topic threads, as well as a fixation on Joe Lieberman as a traitor working against America. He doesn't have too many posts, but expect it to grow as time goes on. Mountainforce has 40 posts and 1 fan.

“Christians in Jerusalem want Jews to stop spitting on them

“iz real has no legal claim to those Palestinian lands.”
[profiled in Example of a Post]

“Lieberman, the poster boy of AIPAC is untouchable. even the number 1 man, kept his hands off from Liebi. That is just how things are in DC, if you dare to speak the truth be ready to be labled as anti-sem I T”

“Berlusconi has been sold out by the z i o nst agenda”

“i wonder if they [Iranian missiles] can hit Tel-Aviv.”

“Finally about time, somebody has the currage to stand up those bullies. Good for you England.”

“when all this said and done You will know that the favorite sons of AIPAC, Lieberman and Rahm Emanual, derailed the health care bill.”

“you are wrong, they [Lieberman ?] care about Izrl. more than they do about US”

“her husband cares for another country other than US, while the wife is milking cancer fund. Double standard at its best, but most of you too blind to see who is the enemy.

....and they will be celebrating Horenika this weekend, go figure.”

“another crooked Z I O N I S T,

Why am I surprised?”

“Great News!”
[that the gay marriage bill in New York failed. Off topic, but illuminating]

“zion i s t power”
[you would think there would be context, but there isn't]

“I agree boycott Israel! why are they getting a free pass?”


  1. I just found your blog - you are doing somehting I've been looking for - takingon the HuffPost the way some of us have been takingon the Guardian at CiF Watch - kol hakvod!

  2. This "mountain force" reminds of a very tenacious & hateful poster from the unmoderated "yahoo Canada" news board (now closed). He's using many of the same phrases & spelling.

    You've probably already guessed that he has numerous accounts & held the record for being turfed & re-appearing, so your work is cut out for you. He is also a fan of ICH and if you've ever visited their comment section then you have an idea of what's about to hit Huffington Post.

    If this Mountain force" is the same person he posted under names like "buzz light year" "god" "pastor poop" "shredder" & variations of the same.

    The thing that never changed was of course the hatred.