Wednesday, February 24, 2010

HPW: Tzipi Livni Praises Hamas Commander Killing

As you might guess from the title, Tzipi Livni of Kadima praised the death of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh yesterday, but also did not give any hint that Israel had anything to do with his death. The talkbacks were what we have come to expect on any MAM-related thread, so I won't elaborate too much on that. Naturally, the thread is still ongoing at the time of this writing, so I probably have missed more than a few comments.:
All people fight to the end for their country and their Iand. Palestinians will fight for Palestine just like George Washington fought for the US during the American revolution. Even if they are weaker, they will will. Time, history and justice is on their side. 1947 Palestine belongs to the Palestinians.

This is shamfull that you can't even deny it. Mossad is a terrorist group for a long long time. Now they don't even care to hide it.

Cynthia Rays
Tzipi (little bird) Livni was a member of Mossad [Sounds like a conspiracy theory, but is true]. No doubt she arranged or carried out some of these hits herself. It seems totally unnecessary for her to comment on this. She would have been much better off saying nothing and continuing the state terror she advocates against the Palestinians.

[deleted] Livni sounds like the re-incarnation of the Beast Of Belsen - (the wife of a concentration camp commandant who made lampshades out of Jewish victims' skin). Livni has about as much human compassion. Like many Israelis she is such a dogmatic, committed ziionist that she can rationalize any murder, even the mass killing of children, as in Gaza. She doesn't even rocognise that most of the world wants the 11 perpetrators to hang for their crime (if they are actually guilty, of course), ... along with Netanyahu, who ordered it and the Mossad chief, who carried out the orders.
Aren't the Israelis so cute! "We don't confirm or deny"... - oh, that's just so darn cute! Don't you want to just hug them?

For each Israeli killed by so-called Palestinian terrorists, over 1000 Palestinians have been killed. Now, who is terrorizing whom again?

And don't forget that Livini supports ethnic cleansing in Israel and is an indictable war criminal.
Of course she supports murder. What do you think the Gaza massacre was all about?
Looking forward to hearing from intelligent Israelis who will someday put these gangsters out of business and bring peace to the region.

hollywood is run by zionists, not sure if they would give you the full story.

"The entire world must support those fighting terrorism," Livni said. "Any comparison between terrorism and those fighting it is immoral."
Wow. So those "fighting terrorism" never use terroristic tactics? So anyone engaged in the fight against terrorism is above criticism? What a typical leap of logic for an Israeli politician.
I would argue that launching a full, unrestrained invasion into Gaza in order to combat a few bottle rockets fits quite nicely within the definition of "terrorism".

Of course Livni's parents were terrorists and she is regarded around the world as a war criminal. Talk about low moral ground.

Rachel Brownlee
If they had stolen my land and were squatting in my home then I think I would be fully justified to be banging on their (my) door!

Update: More comments for you

How about assassinating all those in the Israeli military that killed at least 1300 civilians in Gaza.
Within their warped sense of justice, how could this man be called a terrorist when he was appointed a commander by a duly elected government (Gaza). He was in fact doing his duty of protecting the citizens of that country. He was, as the Israelis constantly say exercising his right to defend his country.

Can't support murder. What happened to justice? People should be held accountable for their crimes through a court system.

But, this is nothing new for Isreal. They have been murdering people for over 50 years without fair trials.

Palestinians have the right to fight for their country, for the liberation of Palestine.

Any Palestinian fighting for the liberation of Palestine is a hero.
[response by Macready: "totally agree with you, woodpecker"]

Mahmoud al-Mabhou was a resistance fighter fighting against occupation and for the liberation of Palestine. A true hero.

It [Israel] shouldn't have been in the first place. 1947 Palestine belongs to the Palestinians.

There is no Israel, there is an Occupied Palestine...

When all the people in the world is a problem except you, then you are the problem. Not the rest of the world.

It's interesting that he converted to Christianity instead of Judaism. Let me put it simply: This guy is a propaganda pawn. Maybe he's a willing pawn, maybe he's bedazzled by the "American Dream" and espionage.

I find it highly offensive that his Christian conversion is being used this way. If he is sincere; he will wake up one day and with a crisis of conscience; and another crisis of faith....if he's sincere. This doesn't mean he'll become a Muslim again, but the faith he's experiencing right now is NOT real.

In the meantime, I'm sure he'll capitalize on his fame, play spy games and fly high, but one day he'll fall to earth.

This guy is the pawn of Christian Zionists and Zionists. Maybe it all started out "innocently"...who knows, but there is nothing innocent about Zionism be it Jewish or Christian. It's is a totally misguided direction, with a warped perspective, leading to a very bad place.
[post is talking about the son of a Hamas leader who joined the Shin Bet]

See who controls Wall Street, and you will see to whom the US you owe money. Trillions.

All occupiers of Palestine are legitimate targets. Palestinians have the right to fight for their country. It's their right.

fifteen pounds
If Israel is to survive, it is going to have to deny Zionism, and allow one person one vote, reparations or the right of return of Palestinians. This is the only solution...A greater Israel would have STRONG religious liberty protections. It would be great for will happen in is the only way for Jews to survive in that small piece of land without American support...which, we are increasingly unable to afford....If Egypt, after Mubarak were to shift its politics, and most think it will, Israel is in deep head off the inevitable, they should work to unite everyone there..but they don't...Zionism is a misguided policy, every bit as wrong as Apartheid in South Africa, or Lebensraum for NAZI Germany, or Manifest Destiny in America.

All occupiers of Palestine are legitimate target in this war.

This woman is one of the architects of Cast Lead--of course she's gonna rejoice in death--she caused lots of it.

Willy Scanlon
For quite a while it seems that the Israelis are preparing to go to war. Not only do they engage in highly publicized military maneuvers, but they have also issued political threats, assassinated its political opponents in neighboring countries, using Mossad trained hit teams and; have now publicized their new “747 style long range drones to attack its neighbors in the Persian Gulf; especially Iran. They have consistently tormented and oppressed the non-Jewish people in Gaza and the West Bank, both Muslims and Christians through its forced Nazi style occupation and expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank and Gaza ignoring even international condemnation.
In the midst of this maddening bravado, one has to keep in mind that Israel lives by the sword. Israel is an entity that is born out of war and its survives on war. It constantly berates and portrays itself as the victim of the holocaust, yet its government operates as a pariah tyrant in the region, seemingly as extreme as the terrorist cells of Al-Qaida ,or the Nazis government of World War II that tried so very hard to exterminate it. As long as this fabricated product of religious history remains in this mindset, war is always a possibility. Those that live by the sword,die by the sword. ITS TIME FOR ISRAEL TO DIE!
[response: "Fanned"]

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