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HPW: Slaying Nearly "100 Percent" Mossad

This is an older MAM thread, but at over 300 comments it definitely picked up a few comments worthy of our attention. It was also fully moderated. I feel I should also point out that at the time of the writing there still is not any hard evidence that Israel was being the Hamas leaders' death. There was also a decent amount of anti-Semitism contained within the threads. Anyway, on to the comments:

American support for a half century long record of assassinations, abuse & indiscriminate killings of civilians, over 9,000 Palestinians in Israeli prisons, wholesale destruction of homes, olive groves, civilian infrastructure, pre-meditated attacks/war, & ethnic cleansing by Israel, does great harm to American security, integrity & honor. Subversion of American interests & security, through extreme political influence by Israel & Israeli supporters/agents, like AIPAC, is out of control and should not be tolerated any longer. This latest extra-judicial assassination by Israel/mossad of a political opponent will, I hope, lead to the end of the sycophantic pandering to Israel by American leaders/elected officials, to Israel’s goals/supporters. We should recognize that most of the “news” and information we in America get (about who an assassination victim is) is through the lens/spin of Israeli manipulation; we do not get an accurate view of the Israeli/Palestinian “conflict”
.. We also should recognize finally that Israel is NOT "the victim" in the ME “conflict”, but a nuclear (and overwhelmingly conventionally armed) armed bully and aggressor, & the millions Israel abuses, attacks, maims & murders to fulfill and maintain Israeli expansionism, (occupation & illegal settlements) & extremist mythology, are the victims! It is clear that the true obstacle to peace in the ME is Israeli extremism, state and “settler” terrorism, pre-meditated acts of aggression and war, insufferable arrogance & a sense of entitlement over all others on Earth.

Palestinians have the right to get 1947 Palestine back. Sooner or later they will get it. It might take 100 years or 200 years, but they will get it back. The so called "peace process" is an absurd concept equivalent to Palestinian surrender. That is why there will never be a peace process. There is no point at negotiating a compromise / surrender. Palestine belongs to the Palestinians. Period.

The occupation of Palestine is terrorism. Palestine belongs to the Palestinians.

No, that's not what upsets me!
First of all, the Palestinians did not declare those wars on Israel!
Secondly, Israel has been punishing Palestinian civilians for the actions of others since the dawn of time!
Palestinians regardless of the actions of Arab countries have rights under INTERNATIONAL LAW that they have been deprived of for DECADES, and nothing you say will ever justify Israel's violation of these rights!

Only the Palestinians are entitled to Mandate of Palestine. Palestine belongs to the Palestinians. There is no way to accept a division or losing part of the land of Palestine.

And Israelis continue to wonder why they have an "image problem".
Must be all that "anti-semitism"

Actually the current Israeli government feels that anti israeli sentiment was not growing rapidly enough so for the last year and a half it has been doing its best to isolate Israel at a faster pace than ever and i for one have to say they have been doing an excelent job of it. If israel keeps up at this pace they will have to approve of overtime pay for their Ministry of Propaganda or Hasbara as it is known because the poor buggers have been working night and day the last few weeks

Hate to get technical on an old debate. But Israel has killed more innocent children than "terrorists". And they have Mossad, a media and lobby organization powerful enough to spin the news in their favor, plus liberals and conservatives willing to shill for them. And they've shown the UN the finger more than any other country. Then they got their nukes without having the oil to pump to pay for them.
I wouldn't cross those guys. Hamas is squat compared to them.
Faved. So true--they certainly know how to skirt most every law with impunity.

One more step by The Zionists towards the peace process. Must be their version of an olive branch. And on foreign soil to boot.

Were somebody to justify the murder of Israeli terrorists as designated by Hamas Dershowtiz would be screaming for blood about now. [False equivalence. Hamas gets to decide who is a terrorist.]

They [Hamas] removed that from their charter. [They didn't]
The Zionist charter states that ALL of "Greater Israel" (which is even more than the land they've already stolen) belongs to the Jewish people. They have not removed that from their charter. [There is no such thing as a "Zionist charter"]

You see why there will never be peace? You consider complying with the law to be a retreat. No matter what anyone says, a Zionist will always twist the words to make themselves out to be the victims.

Flying Dutchman
"Very true, harbor a terrorist this is what could happen."
I assume you are talking about israel. With terrorist you mean colonists who live on stolen land..

Why doeslebanon or jordon or any other country have to absorb refugees from an Invader that couldnt win without big brother standing be hind him

so it is ok for jews to demonize people but not to be on the recieving end hmmmm [Click for context. No one was talking about Jews "demonizing people."]
Been to Israel lately? They demonize every Arab, Bedouin (who they treat like slaves), European and anyone else who didn't have the good fortune to be one of God's chosen people.

Flying Dutchman
They have the right to do so, they are the divine people. It is written in their big book of fairy tales.

Flying Dutchman
Israelis do not know the rule of law. They are the divine people, there is no reason that they are being treated the same as every one else, because they are better than every one else. I did not make this up, (this has nothing to do with jew-bashing, I even have jewish friends, so) it is written in their holy book. Wonder where the philistines went? They met with the israeli rule of law.

Mossad is no better than an organized crime organization made up mostly of assassins!

Ah satire to deflect AND deny with a hint of diversion . The Department of Hasbara would be SOO proud [Response: "Good one!"]

The fact that they deny it existed then is proof that it did. Israel always denies, never confirms. [Anti-Zionist logic.]

You have learned Hasbara well. Diversion, Ridicule of the messenger or message through sarcasm.

Right about the same level with ethnic cleansing , land theft and targeting civillians in a walled in area

Come on ... you have to know that mossad's most intense focus has to be on putting preasure on any members of Fatah or even Hamas that they can get thir hands on . The arrest of a family member then the discrete threat that they will harvest body parts till not much is left is enough to turn most people into Mossad agents . Mossad finds they have taken a little coruption , have a mistress , like boys whatever , any leverage is a port in the storm for mossad

And as we all know Israel does not call for the destruction of Palestine ( they just to everything in their power to prevent palestinians from haveing security too) "If only they would just quit doing terror atacks and embrace peace " How many of us embrace our burglers and robbers and murderers . Peace in the mid east? only when the invaders go home to europe where they came from

Flying Dutchman
Hate filled? Go and read your holy book Levy, you can learn something about hate by reading all those xenofobic, homofobic and womenfobic stories which are passed on for generations. The critical remarks on HP are not based on hate. Those posters don't like the way Pal's are treated, if jews were treated the same way as Pal's are treated nowadays, those posters would stand with jews. Don't blame them for affiliating with the victims of a religious war, they're just decent people.

Israel considers itself above the law. This is why the apartheid country needs to be isolated until it relents to comply with the law and frees Palestine.

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