Thursday, February 25, 2010

HPW: Hassan Yousef, Son of Hamas Founder, Was Top Israeli Agent

Ha'aretz broke the story of Hassan Yousef yesterday and the HP reprinted it. Yousef was the son of one of the founders of Hamas, and after deciding he wanted no part of the Palestinian culture of death, joined the Shin Bet. Yousef helped prevent dozens if not hundreds of terror attacks and earned the nickname "The Green Prince" after Hamas' green flag. He worked for years, and has since retired to the United States. The reason he's making the news now is that a biography of him is coming out next week.

Needless to say, I was anticipating consternation from the anti-Zionists, and the fact that the article was unmoderated was icing on the cake. However, it really wasn't that bad. The article was taken up mostly by nyckid's latest handle "woodpecker4" and his constant calling for the liberation of Palestine. You can read most of his stuff below, as well as some other comments.

There's so much propaganda and ppl r blinded by it. The media here is pro Jewish and often fails to sympathize or report the suffering on the other side. Just another example of ppl pushing for their own personal agendas.

The occupation and the*ft of 1947 PaIestine is the 20-21st Century's highest ge*nocide and a crime against humanity and 2ionist terrorism. The PaIestinian refugees have the right to return to their homes and lands in PaIestine
[posted at least twice]
No one from any particular religion should be attacked. The occupiers of Palestine, regardless of religion, are legitimate military targets of the freedom fighters to liberate Palestine from occupation.

It's [the biography of Yousef] just Christian Zionist propaganda.

Palestinians have the right to fight for the liberation of PaIestine from occupation. Just like the French resistance during occupation in WWII. No amount of Western propaganda can diminish the fact that 1947 Palestine belongs to the Palestinians.

The occupation and theft of 1947 Palestine is "It's thoroughly disheartening". It must be reversed and it will be reversed sooner or later. Palestinians will never forget or forgive the occupiers.

You cannot negotiate with the enemy (US-lsrael) in a position of weakness. The so called peace process is a hoax.

The Mandate was a mandate to establish the Palestinian state after British colonization. Britain had no right to give it to other people other than to the Palestinians.

He [Yousef] made a mistake by betraying his people and the cause for the liberation of Palestine from occupation.

All occupiers of Palestine are Iegitimate targets in this war.

How many thousands of lives of Palestinian children did he save?
Oh right, those don't count.
[it seems to me that the anti-Zionists only care about Palestinian children once they are dead. In terms of building a new state, they're more than willing to let those children do the fighting and live in refugee camps while the BDS movement takes down Israel]

There will be peace once 1947 Palestine is returned to the Palestinians.

Why, because they own the US!

Looks like the Hasbara Brigade is on the attack again.
[although in his defense, the Hasbara Brigade was on the attack]

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