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HPW: Dubai Releases Footage of New Suspects

On December 25th (so three days ago) the Huffington Post released the latest in the long line of MAM-related articles. There was nothing particularly unusual about the information contained in the article. There was still no proof that Israel (or any other nation) was behind the killing. However, this article was unmoderated which I think is responsible for the large amounts of abusive comments to make their way into the 165-strong thread. Click the link below to read them.

Why on earth are we sending billions to this criminal country?
[In response to a comment about the expulsions of Middle Eastern Jews] wow.. really? how does that justifies MURDER. BTW, what about a Palestinian who wants to visit the village from which his/her parents were FORCEFULLY driven out, and that village happens to be in Nazareth , Jaffa, Haifa, Jerusalem,... He/she are NEVER allowed to go back. Thats assuming that Jews were " driven out" by Arabs not by other Jews who needed the Arab Jews in order to establish any legitimacy to their State.
bully's are cool in their early stages of life, then ....

Rachel Brownlee
It sure did, in fact Israel created Hamas! The son of a prominent Hamas leader has just been exposed as a spy for Israel for at least a decade.
Y'see without a violent movement against Israels expansionist policies, Israels brutal occupation would be exposed for what it is. [Unbelievable defense of terrorism.]

Billy Hell
People in the West must know that while there is a silence, this looking away, this profane abuse of Israel’s critics as anti-Jew, they are no different from those who stood aside during the days of the Holocaust."
Since Israel’s onslaught on Lebanon in 2006, its devastation of Gaza in 2008-9 and Mossad’s recent political murder in Dubai, the criminality of the Israeli state has been impossible to disguise. On 11 February, the influential Reut Institute in Tel Aviv reported to the Israeli Cabinet, which it advises, that violence had failed to achieve Israel’s ends and had produced worldwide revulsion. "In last year’s Gaza operation," said the report, "our superior military power was offset by an offensive on Israel’s legitimacy that led to a significant setback in our international standing and will constrain future Israeli military planning and operations …" In other words, proof of the murderous, racist toll of Zionism has been an epiphany for many people; justice for the Palestinians, wrote the expatriate Israeli musician Gilad Altzmon, is now "at the heart of the battle for a better world."


Rachel Brownlee
You've got it a bit backwards there, the ones who are supporting Israel are more akin to Chamberlain then those who oppose violent occupation. [It follows from this logic that Israel is Hitler...I think.]
But anyone who starts a post with 'f you' can't be taken seriously (although it does kinda remind me of Israels foreign policy)

Billy Hell
[To a pro-Israel poster] Why don't you move there if you are so enthralled by the racism and brutality of Israel?
I hear you loud and clear, mega phonie...

Another mega phonie!

Rachel Brownlee
So is the dribble you keep spouting.
Is this the best the hasbara can afford?

Rachel Brownlee
Kinda reminds you of operation cast lead. I'm suprised they didn't just dress up as Muslims and blow up the whole hotel - they have a long sordid history of it. [And by "long sordid history" I think she means, "doing it once."]

"civilized 21st century human beings"
Wow. What world do you live in? In case you missed it, the Nazis wore modern western dress.

Rachel Brownlee
Actually there was a former CIA agent called David Headley who was exposed as coordinating the Mumbai attack. [Conspiracy theory]
But don't let reality get in the way of a good delusion. [Insult]

Thank goodness that the rest of the world, unlike the US, isn't in Israel's pocket, otherwise, much of the world, like the US, wouldn't be saying much about it.
Speak up, Europa!
It's one thing to assassinate a "bad guy", but it's another to illegally use other nation's passport.

Rachel Brownlee
Actually most of the western world is thanks to our fair and balanced media.
David Millibrand (Englands foreign minister) for example is listed as a has a hasbara author on the hasbara website.
Go figure?

Israel is a terrorist organization.
Fight terrorism -- boycott Israel!
[Response: "I have long boycotted them."]

Rachel Brownlee
If there is one organisation that revels in its crimes against humanity it is the Israeli Government.
And yes people are innocent until proven guilty - unfortunately this did not apply to the citizens of Gaza at the beginning of last year.

Rachel Brownlee
The israelis cry 'occupation' 'illegal settlements' 'anti-semitism' and then whine when the world condemns them.
And the only people that want war are the Israeli people, the pals just want their freaking land back!

Rachel Brownlee
And one day Israels leaders will be rounded up as war-criminals, as soon as the world comes to its senses, and it's starting to.

One can only hope that the resistance fighters will become equally efficient at eliminating Israeli militants. Unfortunately, this is the only way that parity can be achieved.

Rachel Brownlee
It wasn't muslims who were caught videotaping and celebrating on 9/11 it was five Israelis. 3 of whom are confirmed mossad agents - apparently they were only there to 'document' the event - how they knew it was about to happen remains a mystery. 
Maybe you can enlighten us.
[Busting out an old conspiracy theory.]

Only for Israel does the world remain silent on this assassination.
Because the perpetrators are the Israelis and no one in the world dares to criticize Israel.
Look at this silly story.
Obviously, Israel murdered this Hamas man. Everyone knows that.
But the world is trembling before Israel.
No one dares to directly say to that racist 'state': "You are murderers".
Why is the world scared of the holy state of Israel?

[To a pro-Israel poster]Chaim--Are you Israeli or do you have dual citizenship?
Rachel Brownlee
As many Israeli leaders have been certified war criminals and terrorists - but I don't see you advocating for them to be 'taken out'!
As usual, one law for Israel and another for the goyim - and you wonder why there is so much hostility to your 'peace-loving' country.

Maybe the world is sick of having the anti-Semite label thrown at them every time they criticize illegal actions by the state of Israel.
Lonely-- It might be that we find that the Isareli's through their AIPAC reps in the US and their virtual ownership and control of US newspapers can censor out the news they don't like. It must be a B**ch for them that computer searches and the Internet can't be censored. How many US papers had any real coverage of this assassination? When we find that the President and Hillary had a match before the 2008 to see who could out grovel and kow tow the most in front of AIPAC. Hillary is still lying through her teeth for the Israelis. I could go on and on with the names of all the Zionists who were recruited into the Office Of Special Plans to create the lies that lead the US into the Iraq attack and there are at least five Zionist groups in the US spreading propaganda on why we should attack Iran. Read the News articles from Haaretz that were not allowed to be printed in the US, "Iran will have Nuclear Bomb by 2014" and "Israel Can't Make up it's Mind About Iran Nuclear Timetable"
Rachel Brownlee
I wonder if they '5 dancing israelis' are on the no fly list?

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