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HPW: Anti-Semitic Hate Crimes In Malmo

Yesterday the Huffington Post published a story about extreme anti-Semitism in a town in Sweden. Apparently it has become so bad that many of the town's Jews are leaving for Stockholm, England, or Israel. Some talkbackers pointed out a subtle case of bias: Although the article say that much of the anti-Semitism is coming from leftists or from Muslims, the picture is of a group of Neo-nazi white youths.

As for blog-worthy comments, so far there were not nearly as many as I was expecting, consider the reaction that any kind of article about anti-Semitism usually generates. However, at the time of this writing there are still more than 130 comments pending, so more may still come up.

Regardless of your personal opinion, you will bow to your masters. Israel has single handedly conquered the US via nothing more than politics and finance. We let them, via hardline religious leaders. I hope that one day we as a nation wake up, and realize that our "ally" is our conqueror, and that we aren't going to put up with it anymore.

this will be happening more until justice is served against the terror of Israel against the Palestinians....

This is obviously a protest against the barbaric treatment of Palestinians by the Israelis. It is not Anti-Semitic it is Anti-Israel.
The violence is a push-back against Prime Minister Netanyahu and his settlement and expansionist policies in Palestinian territory.
An article In the NY Times today is indicative of why there is such hostilities between these two factions, Netanyahu just announced more confiscation of of Islamic holy sites on Palestinian land in the West Bank:
"In a statement on Monday, Robert H. Serry, the United Nations special coordinator for the Middle East peace process, said: “These sites are in occupied Palestinian territory and are of historical and religious significance not only to Judaism, but also to Islam, and to Christianity as well. I urge Israel not to take any steps on the ground which undermine trust or could prejudice negotiations.”

Barbaric is an understatement of the situation. End of story.
They provide them with swine flu vaccines?? No thanks another experimental killer.
Electricity that they stole from Palestinians..oh I guess that should make them grateful for their open air prison. That's the least Israel can do for there prisoners.
Genocide is the answer?

zenju - maybe it's your insular dogma that prevents you from separating any criticism of Israel with anti Semitism.

What is interesting, is I go to Malmo 3-4 times a year, and have done so for the last decade. I have a very good friend there who once showed me a bunch of Youtube clips (from Fox news) talking all about the racial hatred in the city, with images of burning buildings and people running through the streets: all of which were from unrelated events, and spliced together to give a very false impression. Reading this from a notorious right wing rag makes me very suspicious. Rocket proof glass? I think the Hell's Angels are probably the only people to ever fire a rocket in Sweden, and they care more about drug dealing than racial politics.
I do understand though. When I worked in Hollywood, it was explained to me very clearly and by more than one person I would not move up the ladder because I was not Jewish. True story. [It might be a true story, but we have seen this user making anti-Israel and borderline anti-Jewish comments before, so I'm not sure.]

really?! has nothing to do with Israel's policy in the middle east?!! what world are you living in? all this hate is because of this stupid and racist policy of Israel in the Middle East.
The city mayor Mr Reepalu, says that what the Jews perceive as naked anti-Semitism is in fact just a sad, but understandable consequence of Israeli policy in the Middle East. [We don't know whether the user agrees with the mayor, but even so it's worth sharing.]

Read the entire article. The issue is Gaza. Israel must stop that occupation of Palestine.

stcuthbert - what you are saying is anti Israel anti Semitism are one and the same.
That is what you have been taught - and that is what defines your world view.
[Strawman/personal attack.]

Any kind of discrimination against any race or religion is wrong. That is why the 1948 creation of the state of lsrael in Palestine is wrong.


And let's not forget Israeli history and how they treat Ethiopian Jews as an example.

[deleted] I agree, which is why the best solution would be for Europe to deport all Muslims and Jews. It is unaccebtable for them to bring their petty, insignificant quarreling to countries that have nothing to do with their conflict. The Jewish community would not have been attacked were it not for their support of Israel's terror campaign in Gaza. Both sides in this conflict have very little to offer the European Community. They only bring violence and hatred.


i agree. move the muslims and israelis back out. no more immigration. all they do is show up, mark off a piece of land for a community, and claim they have the right to govern themselves. if europeans did that in muslim lands, they'd be ex ecuted. [The rare indiscriminate prejudice is still prejudice. Also notice the "Israelis" for Jews.]

Anti-semitism by Europeans is absolutely inexcusable and should aggressively confronted. Anti-semitism by Muslims is not ok either. But as this article pointed out resentment of Jews by Arabs and other Muslims is being caused by the policies of Israel, which is a racist, anti-Arab state.
[justifying anti-Semitic hate crimes]

Anti sematism in Europe does not come from the left despite what the far right in israel would have you blieve JL

Maybe the state of Israel was created on Palestinian land and they couldn't get rid of them all?

Hating someone because they are Jewish is stupid. Hating Zionists and Israel is quite reasonable. Jews should try to assimilate into the culture where they have elected to live and to keep in mind that their first patriotic loyalty is to the nation where they live and not to Israel. If they can't do that, they should move to Israel permanently.
[mentioned in an earlier post]

Israel will scream about anti-Antisemitism over this, and continue to do the same to Palestinians. Except in Palestine the Muslims are already physically attacked. Oh, the hypocrisy.
That being said, no one, Jew, Muslim, Christian (or any religion), Arab, Caucasian, or Negro, should ever have to live in fear of losing their life, freedoms or homes because of who they are.
he perpetrators of hat against ANYONE should have justice served upon them.

Are you defending the actions of Israel against an innocent civilian population? Or are you one of the Israeli supporters who claims there are no innocent Palestinians?
[click for context, she's deflecting as much as possible]

Read the entire article. The issue is Gaza. Israel must stop that occupation.

Exactly. Whenever anyone disagrees with Isreal's policies or their mistreatment of the Palestinians, they are branded "antisemitic." I'm not hearing it anymore. And as far as I'm concerned the woe-is-us card has been played out entirely. If the once-victioms of horrific humanitarian crimes can turn around and treat others just as badly, then they can't ask for protection from the rest of the world. Their war-mongering is getting them into trouble and any amount of whining isn't going to improve their situation. Not that I'm for harassing Jews for the sake of sport. On the other hand, they need to have a look in the mirror. Hatred begets hatred.
[deleted] Isreal, in many of it's actions, has rubbed people the wrong way.


LIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Palestinian cannot vote you are a liar and Israel is not friend of USA and it is not a democracy

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