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HuffPoWatch: Obama Asked Why US Doesn't Criticize Israeli HR Abuses

Well, there was quite the informative thread yesterday. An article was posted in the "News" section about someone in a town hall meeting asking President Obama why America did not criticize Israeli and Egyptian human rights abuses against Palestinians (though the "Egyptian" part did not make it into the headline). The President's answer was pretty well balanced: He said that it was important to realize that both sides commit wrong actions, but that using loaded language was not helpful for seeking peace.

The reaction of the Huffington Posters, however, are what we are really interested in. At first, the thread was people bashing the President and the majority of posters defending him and what he said. This left the anti-Zionists in a difficult position: How can we hold strongly opposing (and extreme) views than the President? Could he possibly be right?

They eventually reconciled this with the perfect conclusion: Obama knows that Israel is totally wrong and evil, but the Jews are forcing him to toe the line! And thus an outpouring of anti-Semitism was released onto the fully moderated thread. Most of the comments were the standard "Jews control America/Congress/Obama" fare, but there were also attacks on Israel as a democracy, etc. There were even a couple that claimed Jews were more loyal to Israel than America, though many were deleted as well. You can read the comments for yourself. It was quite disappointing: Just when we thought anti-Semitism on the Huffington Post might be decreasing, it ramps up again massively.

Naturally, this is an ongoing thread, so there will probably be more comments before this is posted.

Obama's response was very disappointing. Israel no longer deserves to be a nation. We should stop giving then aid. We should discontinue our treaty with them.

As an "ally" what has Israel ever done for the US? Have they fought in a war with the US. fact the US invaded Iraq, a nation that of no threat to the US, but was a potential threat to Israel. The US tax payer funded the war and American parents sacrificed their children. Israel did not lose a single soldier and didn't have to pay a dime. Sweet deal for them. [America fights wars for Israel. There's quite a few of those on this thread.]

David Rozgonyi
I thought the original comment was actually fair and more importantly, respectful. And as for offending the sacred pride of the pale.stinian people, you do realize that there is utterly and absolutely nothing you can criticize the state of Is'rael about or its actions that isn't immediately labeled anti-sem.itic, right?

All I know is that my son is not going to die in a Middle East war for Israel. That's the bottom line for me. Our President, like all former Presidents, kowtows to the Israeli lobby, irrespective of the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the populace.
Israel----the 51st State.

I have an image in my mind: the artful dodger! This answer is about as lame as the war=peace meme he invented.
We're talking about significant human rights abuses, that he's been ignoring since his silence on the atrocities we all witnessed during the Gaza invasion.
Obama must live in a parallel universe because his answer is completely divorced from reality. Palestinians are suffering excrutiating oppression and Obama pretends to be "uninformed".
It's very obvious Rahm Emanuel's instructed him on the issue according to Israel Projects "Global Language Dictionary": Start by saying positive things about Israel; "Israel is the ally; Israel is a democracy; Israel can do no wrong; followed by "our security; their security"....and then "we should sit down and talk it over for the hundreth time"; and never, ever mention: the Palestinians are suffering abuses and oppression.
Palestinians are evermore so crowded into those ghettos, losing more land, more rights, at the mercy of the settlers and their "king's torah" guide (google it!) which spells out the goal very clearly, and this piece of "literature" is funded with U.S. dollars, believe it or not!
I suggest the President get a copy and a dose of reality!

i'm sure he's aware that she's right. but he has to be insincere or suffer the wrath of the pro-israel lobby.

A spineless status quo reply from our president.
Full steam ahead Israel, continue building your settlements. You are the 51st sate of the Untied States.

There is no democracy where there is religious discrimination [How ironic, Tony.]. Obama is not thinking right.
desert sage
MLK did indeed make the anti-zionist = anti-semite comment but everyone makes mistakes. If you don't believe there are a large number of semites (jews) in israel who are anti-zionist then you are ignorant of what is currently going on in israel. operation cast lead was an exercise in genocide and it is way past time that we get on the right side of this issue. I fear that America as currently constituted would call our founding fathers terrorist and side with george III. go figure.

OMG! Centuries and then standard AIPAC rhetoric. Just depressingly lame.

Any mention of the j word or the A lobby seems to get scrubbed on this site proving my accusation
Israel is a democracy? I thought they were a theocratic republic. As long as people are sorted by religion nothing but pain can come of it. I am not against the Jews and I do not support the Arab decision to have the Palestinians live in a permanent state of war. However we created this mess in hubris induced fever. I can only wonder how things might have worked out if we had stuck to our values rather than creating a religious based government in somebody else’s country.

the rhetoric is awful because it reflects the awful reality. z.ionism is an ideology of ethnic supremacy at the root of some of the most egregious injustices of the 20th century.
Change we can believe in? New President. Same obfuscation of the issues.
Zeta, you got it correct. The answer is, "Because AIPAC owns me and most members of Congress both Republican and Democrat. And we won't go against the Jewish lobby no matter how badly Israel behaves. "

Dan Stewart
To understand the real reason that Obama was clearly put on the spot and didn’t answer the question read:
“The Israel Lobby”
by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt
The London Review of Books
[Edited for length. The rest of the post is a description of the book.]

Democratic Israel what a joke ! its democratic for Jews only
What if he was just straight with her and said, "Because if I did, the pro-Israel lobby would make sure that my presidency would only be one-term, if that."
He wouldn't even get one term, they'd get him out in less than a year.

Why the continued misrepresentation of what is nothing more than religious apartheid. There is no Israel, there is only Palestine, a state where there are two distinct religious sects, and people who exploit the difference between the two sects for their own personal power and profit. Currently one religious sect blatant uses military power to dominate, isolate and exclude the other religious sect, in order to drive them from the country so that they can steal all the assets of that country and of course rename it to assuage the guilt with claims of historic precedence, based on of course the one particular slice of history which favours them and completely ignoring the rest. Like all abusers, the dominant group is using threats of extreme violence, basically nuclear blackmail, to prevent global isolation but like all cowards that use those kind of tactics the threats are empty, once the line is crossed they know they will lose everything.

Rahm Emmanuel is Jewish [click for context]

If they saw him as working against zionist interest, one of the most powerful lobbies in Washington being the Zionist lobbies certainly could tear him a new one.

[In response to the question "Do you really think the Jews could bring down a President?"]
YES! Its amazing to me that many in America, attempt to make it seem as though, a small group couldn't have the power to bring down a President. As though the President really is in charge! This President, and many others, have all but the same. That it is the SPECIAL INTEREST that actually run Washington! Do you know that at the root of all SPECIAL INTEREST is money and wealth! And at the head of this are the "INTERNATIONAL BANKERS"!
The Jews/Zoinist, are very powerful. And if you know/ understand history, you can see how, and why! THE GENERAL AMERICAN PUBLIC, IS SOOO IGNORANT! It should be a crime! The crimes perputuated against society by those in power. They have the money, and power over what, and how the American public is shaped. The wealthy make up look down. And down look up. They influence the poor to actually do that which is against its own self interest. And for the interest of the wealthy. Mainly, by keeping you ignorant. And many of you just dont want to believe that your government is bought and paid for! We in America don't live in a Democracy! Thats why the Congress can't get anything done for the people! They are bought and paid for! The President. No matter his intensions. His hands are tied Many in America think America is invincible! The IGNORANT. THE ARROGANT. Happen to be they who have the power to change the course we are on.
 [other responses to the same question]
If they saw him as working against zionist interest, one of the most powerful lobbies in Washington being the Zionist lobbies certainly could tear him a new one.
You must not know much about AIPAC and waht sort of power they wield.

It is a democracy only if you're Jewish, and they talk smack about the US constantly.

There is no such thing as a theocratic democracy. Not even a Jewish one.

and this will continue as long as we let the Z i o n ! ts controlling our politics and our government.
[He should take his own advice: That hate ... leads to suffering.]
Yet EVERYTHING which came out of Israel was made possible by the American taxpayer, and the American soldiers who shed their blood fighting Israel's wars.

We all know why, but good luck getting ANY major outlet to let you ask such questions. Freedom of speech is for whoever the gatekeepers think are 'moderate' and normal. I wouldn't be surprised if that lady was called antisemitic and is now being tracked by AIPAC and/or their allies. They are that vindictive.

Israel killing 1400 civilians and teaming up with Egypt to starve the population of Gaza is probably more "inflammatory" than some language like the lady who rightly accused Israel of human rights abuses.
Then, he claims that we're got to "pay attention to" the plight of the Palestinians not because it's the humane and right thing to do but only because it matters to our security and that of Israel. What a disgusting answer.

"why was there no HuffPo articles about Israel's rapid response to the crisis in Haiti?" because like everything the gov't of israel does, it was a transparent PR ploy. a better question is why doesn't israel send some humanitarian relief to gaza? or better yet, stop causing the humanitarian crisis there?

I love Jewish culture. I love the great Jewish comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler, Rodney Dangerfield etc. I love the great Jewish film directors like Woody Allen, the Coen Brothers, Steven Spielberg etc. I appreciate all of the great accomplishments that Jewish people have shared with the world. I love matzo ball soup, bagels & lox, Manachevitz wine, deli sandwiches piled sky high with lunch meat that I can barely fit a bite of in my mouth etc.
What I can't stand is when someone somehow insinuates that I am an anti-Semetic person when I wonder out loud why the hell the US government gives Israel a blank check every year out of my tax dollars when they treat the Palestinians in a similar manner to that of the Germans towards their forefathers or why AIPAC is allowed to blatantly manipulate our public servants much to the detriment of our traditional American values of fairness and disdain for tyranny.

Obama is sold to AIPAC.
Robert Yager
hey their the chosen dont like it? tough.

Because they are the chosen people.

[deleted] Obama danced around the question, we need to stop fighting Israels battles around the world. We all know that all Jewish Americans loyalty lays with Israel not the US.

They (Palestinians) don't have too recognise anyone! It's their democratic right! Hence Hamas being democratically elected. Of course the US likes to pick and choose what democracy IS

[deleted] Take a look at his advisers, and all of his top administration pics, and Wall Street, he is surrounded by Jewish people, and so is our Congress.
His hands is tied, he wouldn't dear, you can't cut off the hand that feeds you

He should have been truthful and said
In this country if anyone dares speak against Israel they are automatically labeled Anti-Semitic

What does Israel have for us other than a place for us to send our tax money??? [On its own this comment isn't too inflammatory. However, it was spammed about eight times.]

Israel isn't the only Democracy in the region. Lebanon has had a democracy for many years. When you practice propaganda, you should use factual propaganda.
I always hear about how the Israelis are so smart that they "made a desert bloom" (with Palestinian labor!), so if they are so smart and successful, what do they need MY MONEY for? What does the USA get for the $4 billion we flush to them annually? Why should the USA fund any country who's national policy is based on ethnic and religious cleansing?

Apartheid does not equal a true democracy. Well, if the Pals are such a problem why did Egypt and Jordan give up their animosity when Israel gave their territory and signed treaties with them? That tune you're playing is an old and unconvincing one.

Well, there are 2 answers to why Obama didnt answer directly.
One can be simply that "The pot cant call the kettle black." The other is the Israeli lobby would destroy his career.
However, notice that people like us, people the Israelis cant harm are asking the question, and contstanly bringing it up. I think I have said this many times in my posts, this is the war Israel is not equipped to fight. I am sure that AIPAC and other Jewish lobby groups felt chills going thorough thier spines that a person would dare ask that question in public. In these hard econimic times, asking the question in the frame of 'our tax money' drives the question right into most American homes as we look around, seeing our public safety institutions and school, suffering from lack of funds.
[Edited for space.]

because Israel runs the USA

[deleted] Because Bernanke , Greenspan , Volker and the money boys are for the most part Jewish . I am not anti semitic . In fact , my best friend in High School , my room mate at the University , and the best man at my wedding were Jewish . Still , I urge everyone to read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion . Perhaps it was not of Jewish origin , but it was without doubt written by SOME group of International Bankers with designs on Global enslavement of the masses .

fifteen pounds
There is no reason for Americans to subsidize Israel with billions each year. They have direct access to many of the worlds wealthiest and some live there, as well....To call Israel " a true democracy" is a is a theocracy based upon a racist and discriminatory belief based upon a book that may or may not have been written by "god"....We are all sorry about what happened to Jews in the past....but, they are doing to others what they had done to them...2 wrongs do not make a right...This conflict will only resolve itself when Zionism is rejected by Jews as the poisonous doctrine it is.....if it is not, mere demographics in that area will mean that Jews, and Zionists, will become a distinct minority in their own self proclaimed state.....what happens then? After all, it is a true democracry, right? Suppose the majority, 20 years from now, decides and votes to end Jewish favoritism in will accept that?

What exactly makes Israel a Democracy? Their legalized discrimination? Their extreme racism? I would like to see a politician answer the question with SPECIFICS as to what is it that makes Israel our 'Best Ally'. Pure nonsense regurgitated by spineless politicians enslaved by the 'pro-Israel' money.
The harsh treatment of the Palestinians by Israel is undeniable, despite the fact that there are those who seek to excuse it on the grounds of protecting the nation of Israel. However, I believe that the way Palestinians are being treated now far from protecting Jews endangers them. I am not talking about an anti-Semitic backlash which is negligible compared to the moral degradation that is engendered by brutishness which will inevitably rot the soul of Judaism.

The Hagganah (sp?) was a pioneer in the field of terrorist organizations, the SS had some serious challenges in supremacy for ruthlessness and barbarism from them. Underscoring the value of effective propaganda & PR. I hope the moderators have enough integrity to let this post stand btw .
He should have said we don’t condemn them because A I PAC has a grip on both houses and Jews vote in large numbers and contribute large amounts of cash during elections so Palestinians don’t count when it comes to human rights

Has it ever remotely registered in your Zionist brain that the Jews' homeland is the planet Earth, just like everybody else's and it was meant by your Creator to be shared by all?
And that there are no such an entity as the Chosen Ones, that would exclude any member of the Human Race, that would be a creation of His?
I'll guess most likely not and as long as that situation is permitted to exist by you, you nor your "people" will ever know a moment of peace, which is probably exactly the way you want it to be. Wear it well amigo. Your approach fails IMO and needs to go back to the drawing board, likely to never happen without Divine Intervention.

Simple Mossad, they have a very long reach.

Why doesn't the U.S. question or condemn Israel's human rights violations? Because a slave does not question its master. [Response: "Fanned"]

Obama is terrified of offending the powerful Israeli lobby many of whom give loads of money to the democrats.

As we are funding Israel and protecting it from international sanctions at the UN, we have every right to condemn its very well documented litany of crimes against humanity and war crimes. For just a brief glimpse, see the Goldstone Report, which despite unending attacks, an army of pro-Israel advocates has not been able to even dent.

[deleted] What would you have him do? Point out that a large percentage of the U.S. Congress is also citizens of Israel? That would win him friends, how?

I applaud the girls courage. The answer is simple although not PC. The reality is that anyone who isn't sycophantic towards Israel and doesn't turn a blind eye to it's human rights abuses is automatically labeled antisemitic.

and lieberman [Click for context. Claiming that Israel "sent" Joe.]
Why doesn't Obama Criticize Israeli human rights abuse, it is because almost no politician has the courage to stand up to the pro-Israeli lobby.
The last peace of any significance was 30 years ago with Jimmy Carter.
In 30 years they couldn't work out peace?
If the US occupied Mexico and Mexico resisted and the US killed those resisters calling them terrorists... Who has a better chance of deciding if there is peace, the US or Mexico?
Israeli zionists do not want peace.

Nice of him also to mention Palestinian violence awhile turning blind eye to how aggressive and violent Israel is.
That young lady obviously hasn't had the correct sort of indoctrination...better tweak that public school curriculum to include a few more trips to the holocaust museum. NEVER question Israel or Jewish involvement in the commanding heights.

Palestine belongs to the Palestinians.

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