Thursday, January 28, 2010

HuffPoWatch: Michael Oren: Continue to Fight Anti-Semitism

As I wrote about earlier, Michael Oren recently published an article on the importance of fighting anti-Semitism to mark International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The comments were few and pretty moderate, perhaps because this was like the fifth anti-Semitism related article in two days. There were a couple comments on the fully moderated thread, however, that I felt needed to go up here. Click the link below to read them:

Ambassador Oren,
Why does Israel work closely with Turkey in the United States to squash any recognition of the Armenian Genocide in Congress? Are the mass deaths of Jews more important than the mass deaths of any other human beings? [Criticizing Israel's policy toward the Aremenian Genocide is fine....but claiming that it tries to "squash recognition" and then saying that Israel's policy is based on jingoism is not.]

The Holocaust killed an estimated 9.5 million people. 6 Million were of Jewish decent the other 3.5 million were of non Jewish decent. Why does it seem that the Holocaust is always about Jews? Why aren't the other 3.5 million recognized as well?

Richard Pearce
Well, maybe its because the mayor of Moscow doesn't have an army of volunteers and draftees who work to portray everything he does as the epitome of human goodness?
Or perhaps its because people who criticised him weren't labelled as evil, or haters, just for doing so?
And maybe it has something to do with the fact that the American people have to take it into their own hands to voice criticism of the Israeli government, seeing as their government, and much of their media, shy away from doing it in the face of a concerted lobby?

stewball try reading this article and don't feel sorry that there are no supporters, HP is one of the site mentioned:
[Classic Freenation spam]

Unfortunatley the Rwandan don't run hollywood or most of mass media so we'll never hear about. But a genocide that happened around 60 years ago we have to hear about daily still.
[In response to "who does run Hollywood then?"]
the Murdoch

Why would Palestinians want to slaughter Jews ? Jews have been such good neighbors over the last 60 years to the Palestinian people... I just cant understand WHY ... Can You? [Defending Palestinian ambitions to "slaughter Jews."]

Israel's actions explain why people are horrified and opposed to...Israels Actions. [Anti-semitism isn't real. Again.]
Only the Israeli Government calls that "anti-semitism".
As poster Cigargod said before "The currency of the anti-semitism charge has become devalued, so in response, they have to print more of it"

David Anthony Hohol
Israel and NOT judaism DOES equate any kind of criticism of its policies as being ant-semtetic. This is why even international groups citing them with war crimes does not stop them. The shelf life of this manipulation is reaching its end however. As said above, nice try.

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