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HuffPoWatch: Israelis Officers Cancel UK Trip For Fear of Arrest For War Crimes

A few days ago the Huffington Post published a news article which is pretty well explained by the title. The same small group of pro-Palestinian/anti-Israel activists were the ones who issues the warrant, but it was still enough to deter the Israelis. The British government doesn’t like this idea, as Yaacov Lozowick noted, because it could lead to Israel shutting Britain out of the peace making process. In the article it describes Britain’s attempt to change the law to avoid this situation occurring again. I’m not sure how I feel about that: Although it would make things easier for Israel, a law should be changed because it is a bad law, not because Britain wants to stay friendly with another country. Even if that country is Israel.

Another quick thing before we get to the comments: There was much arguing on the thread about double standards and Israel being singled out. I want to address the arguments, as it returns to a question of scale again.
On one side of the argument people look at this situation in a vacuum: Did Israel commit war crimes (or do I think they did)? If so, they should be prosecuted! And anyone who disagrees is just making excuses for them. And if Israel won’t do it themselves, Britain should do it for them.
The problem, of course, is that this situation is not occurring in a vacuum. Hamas committed crimes against humanity for eight years against Israel and never saw the inside of a courtroom. Neither did any of the Palestinian terror groups that Israel has fought for decades, though they are guilty of war crimes as well.
I know what you will say to this: That doesn’t justify was Israel’s done! I’m aware of that. The topic is not what Israel’s done. The topic is the legal system in Britain. The legal system does not work the way a legal system must. The most unpopular nations are the ones targeted for prosecution, not the ones who have committed the most of the worst crimes.
And a legal system that runs on the basis of lobbying and popularity is not a legal system at all. It has no legitimacy. And why should Israel subject itself to a court with no legitimacy? I wouldn’t if I had a choice, and neither would most people, I have a feeling.

Anyway, on to the comments. There were a few anti-Semitic bits scattered through the fully moderated thread. Most were simply labeling Israel as “war criminals” before a conviction. If you don’t see a problem with that, I now declare that lbsaltzman is a murderer! Murderer! What’s that? You say he’s never been convicted. It doesn’t matter. I still know he’s a murderer. That murderer.
Yeah, an Israeli colonel being forced to share a cell with a Rwandan-priceless! [Demonzation: Claiming that Israel is on par with the Rwandan genocide.]
Oh dear WBMD - somebody getting you to push a new slant? Not beeen in Gaza for 5 years!!!!!
Tell your supervisor - it doesn't look likely to succeed. ["Hasbara" attack again.]
You are wrong. People of israel have always play the victims part. Time for someone else to play that part.
Not dismissive, but it's hard to have sympathy for a nation that chooses every single day since 1967 to continue an illegal occupation, and then complains when the indigenous population fight back.
Don't forget the Izzie soldiers wearing the offensive t-shirts and bragging about what they had done in Gaza.
Oh bleeding hearts unite, Israel is the victim right?
Hilarity ensues when the Hasbarians (Hasbarii? Hasbarites?) once again try to position Israel (the occupying power) as the long-suffering-but-showing-much-restraint victims in the face of the evil-doing Gazans.
Lets deal with Israel the faux democracy first. Its making the other democracies look bad and it'll help stabilize a volatile region.
Then we'll work through all the dictatorships, anarchies, militias and other failed states.
HarHarHar! The World is beginning to learn what "peace" means to the Israeli Faction and like it about as much as the slaughtered Palestinian Children do. I suppose you are going to tell me that the Irgun was a benevolent society? Big Brother across the Sea cannot always be there to ship Israel superior weaponry when they need it most. Their excuses for aggressive behavior are getting really ragged
Soooooo Zionists are not using a theocracy? Maybe if settlers stopped stealing other peoples land, then Israel would have fewer excuses to kill people. Fine I misspoke when I used the God line, the rest is still valid. I will clarify that I am disgusted with both sides of this history, I wish it would go away. I'm sick of seeing footage on the news of mutilated bodies. However the IDF uses far too much force and does little to help the innocent of Gaza survive their laser guided attacks. Oh almost forgot, the white phosphorus attacks too. Do Gazans use white phosphorus, and thats why Israel used it? It could be that they do and I just haven't heard that yet.
I am loving the Europeans more all the time. America has danced with Israel for years and we have become just like them, arrogant, hateful and scared.
Because they have Politicians just like your Lieberwitz who walk to the Office on Sundays, or are otherwise paid to jump at the crack of the Israeli whip.
Aleksandr Titkov
It's funny they consider themselves being harassed. Maybe if your policy was not in persecuting and wiping out innocent Palestinian civilians they could travel freely.
Since the U.S. vetoes any security council sanctions against Israel this may be a good way to trick the military delegation into flying to the "U.S." and only when they land in London will we finally see some justice be served to the plight of the Palestinian people.
I don't believe it. What has happened in Israel has less to with Religious differences and a whole lot more to do with just plain ol Cowboys and Indians. Israel chooses to couch its usurpation in Religious terms to gain world sympathy for its actions.
"Build their society" with Israel and America trying to undermine it at every turn. Israel wants to keep the Palistinians right where they are. I only hope America catches up one day to where Europe is in so many ways. This of course is unlikely considering all the influence Israel has over "our" government.
Look who runs Wall Street, there is more of a connection here than just Madolf
No other country in the world gets away with what Israel does.....thanks to AIPAC.
Are you claiming human rights laws are crafted specifically to punish Israelis? What narcissism.
These laws apply to every individual. Israel is not exempt. The Israelis started this process of war crimes investigation when they blew up all those Gazan kids last year.
I don't blame them, they are in fact terrorists.
Had they not committed war crimes, they would not have to worry.
Isreal clames to be civilized. You can't be civilized and commit uncivilized acts
some learn the lesson's of history while others take those lessons and become the oppressor. good on the UK for the warrants of arrest just vigilance will always keep both criminal and butcher in check
What the H* ll are British army officers doing hobnobbing with the Israeli army? Especially after the murders and brutality the Israeli army inflicted on innocent civilians last year. No wonder we've got shoe bombers, and underpants bombers, and mad bombers and not-so-mad bombers. I hope the effort is succesful to bring Israeli war criminals to some kind of justice, and anyway, what impoprtant relationships or "peace talks" might be put in jeopardy by such legal actions? There's nothing going on except more expropriation of land by Israel, and more violations of international law.
I'd love to see Israelis stuck on their, mostly stolen land, unable to travel, or even telephone out of the place, just as the Palestinians have been locked their ghettos for the last 50 years!
[Response.] Ghettos, thats a good way to put it. I head Gaza called the worlds largest prison, thats a good one too. Gaza reminds me, historically of the Warsaw ghettos, a little different and a little better, but not by much. With the Egyptians playing the part of say, the Vichy Government.
Here's a thought, Israeli officials...
Stop with the policies of apartheid, illegal occupation, and war crimes.
Problem solved!
Jerry Hildebrandt
They need arresting...............Netanyahu, Livni, Sharon, Barak.. all those THUGS are aren't even Semites but Khazars from EAstern Europe.

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