Tuesday, January 26, 2010

HuffPoWatch: Israeli Report Says Anti-Semitism Peaked in 2009

As Zach mentioned last night, the HP published this article about an Israeli study that examined how much anti-Semitism took place in 2009. Many HPers spoke out against such hatred, but a great many fell over themselves trying to explain it away, justify it, minimize it, deflect it, or pretend anti-Semitism doesn't exist. The fully moderated thread is still going on, this article was posted yesterday (Monday), but there's already more than enough comments to justify this post, which will be updated as the comments come in.

Another bad article on anti-semitism. This article and the issue are self serving. We have a lot more serious problems then whether somebody doesn't recognize the holocaust as the prime moving event of the last 100 years. The Cambodians lost far more people after the Vietnam war, The U.S. slaughtered 18 million American Indians, and kept millions in slavery until 1865. Apartheid did not end in South Africa until 1994 - after millions of black people were killed, tortured and imprisoned. Even during WWII and after WWII the Soviets slaughtered 20 million of their own citizens.
The holocaust is over. Some people do not like other people who are different from them - humanity behaves badly all the time - it is a sad statement about the evolution of man and society. Some people have political and physical power over other people they don't like. But the world is facing real problems that are getting worse very fast. We need to get past some problems and work on the real problems that are likely going to push us back into the mire. This isn't one of those problems.

Netanyahu calld the gopvernment of Seden anti-Semitic when Sweden proved in a study that Israel had murdered Palestinians in oider to harvest their body organs [blood libel], without notification of the relatives of the murdered men. When faced with the proof that he had lied, Netanyahu confessed he had indeed lied. Nice try, but the world has awakened and understands the cries of victimisation and anti-Semitism is a ploy which has failed.
The irony is that this barbaric behaviour has actually caused REAL anti-Semititsm throughout the world. Israel is killing itself with its barbarism and the world will be a safer and better place without it. By the way I am a Jew.

Demonize to Mobilize. [Accusing Israel of silencing criticism with the race card.]

Rachel Brownlee
"I believe that would include avoiding future genocides, be it Jewish, Cambodian, Rwandan, Sudanese or PALESTINIAN!

It is amazing to note that the report speaks of the bitter love for the Jews is gradually fuming. It indicates, that it is not to be very long that love and sympathy for the holocaust victims, the entire world Jews Community and the Israeli government, will burning in the fire of unimaginable hate and disgust against the Jews.
The indication has come out in the report with due moderation not to incite people to go to action. But it has already been ventilated in sophisticated language but in unambiguous comments by the commenter and in the report refered to in the article. Strongly opined the Intelligentsia and the eminent Historians.
it may be that the saner people write articles trying to keep the good Jews aloof from the bad along with the Israel terrorist government, opined the Political Analysts. And added further that the links and the Israeli lackeys , individuals, countries, Lobby Groups and organizations will also be the target of the furious attacks that may surpass the tragedy of Holocaust. Prominent Historians apprehends that if the Israeli Government and its lackeys LOBBY GROUPS continues the present attitudes,gestures, audacious, and arrogance, will sooner than later will prompt History to repeat itself.
[This was posted twice.]

This is an Israeli report prepared by an Israeli Agency whose Chairman, Natan Sharansky was once associated with an ultra-right wing party that defends the interests of settlers living in illegal settlements on the West Bank, and this man quit his post in the Knesset in protest when the settlers in the Gaza strip were moved out!
Natan Sharansky has written opeds railing against NGOs for the JPost which appear on NGO Monitor’s website, the Israeli agency trying to silence and pressure the governments of Canada, the U.S., the EU, Sweden, Norway, Spain and others to defund NGOs.
[The rest has been edited for length. But attacking Natan Sharansky is pretty low, if you read the rest of his Wikipedia entry, he's done some pretty amazing things.]

Whenever Israel comes under international pressure, another media campaign alleging a global outbreak of anti-Semitism is mounted.
Absolutely. Not the first time, not the last.

A Semite is a member of a group of Semitic-speaking peoples of the Near East and northern Africa, including Arabs and Hebrews.
The useless canard of labeling these violent idiots Anti-Semites obfuscates the reality that violence only reaps more of its own kind and the cause is NOT because Israelis are Jewish, but because of Israel's brutal siege and attack on Gaza.
And btw Israel's assault on Gaza was enabled by "Washington who provided F-16 fighter planes, Apache helicopters, tactical missiles, and a wide array of munitions, including white phosphorus and DIME. The weapons required for the Israeli assault was decided upon in June 2008, and the transfer of 1,000 bunker-buster GPS-guided Small Diameter Guided Bomb Units 39 (GBU-39) were approved by Congress in September. The GBU 39 bombs were delivered to Israel in November (prior to any claims of Hamas cease fire violation!) for use in the initial air raids on Gaza."-
[What about violence against British and French Jews?]

Right, now I get why this lame little "report" (consisting of 37 bullet points, photos, and NO supporting evidence) was issued a few days ago. It's part of the campaign to discredit the Goldstone Report.
"Israeli leadership is planning an all-out attack on the report to coincide with Wednesday’s anniversary of the 1945 liberation of Auschwitz."– AFP. Israeli leaders are rushing to Auschwitz this week, even as the Israeli information minister has declared the report to be "anti-Semitic."
On Thursday Israel submits it's unofficial response to The Goldstone Report.
[OMG conspiracy theory! I wasn't aware this report on anti-Semitism was related *at all* to Goldstone.]

Please post these links. NGOs are being targeted by Israel. Israel is trying to get many countries to pull funding on NGOs. Stop trying to turn Israel and Israelis into the victims, when the real victims are these NGO's and the people they help! Stop indulging this self-pity narrative!


“The list of organizations that NGO Monitor criticizes is a long one and includes Amnesty International, Doctors without Borders, Save the Children, World Vision Canada, Oxfam Canada, Oxfam Quebec, Christian Aid in the UK, Human Rights Watch in the US, and France's Fédération Internationale des Ligues des Droits de l'Homme, among many others.”


(“Anti-human rights/Israel lobby group NGO Monitor built an extensive dossier on KAIROS”)



[the pain of no one else accepting his view that Israel (and Jews) are wrong all the time]

Did they compare that to the number of anti-Palestinian incidents? I'm talking about the millions who have been imprisoned in Gaza. Palestinians are a Semitic people as well, so surely they had to count those out of fairness, right?

How long will this hypocrisy last?

Yes, the SSahal [an anti-Semitic play on words from "Tzahal," the Israeli army.] provides a lovely recruiting pool for Xe and other mercenary outfits. I've met a number of their lads.

Shafiq Pandor
And that [anti-Semitism in Europe] justifies human rights abuses in Palestinians how exactly?

Don't get me wrong, the world will be a thousand times better once anti-Semitism is eradicated, but as if that gives Israel the legitimacy to carry on abusing the rights of Palestinians. Get real!

Arabs also suffer from such attacks, arson attacks on Mosques, verbal abuse. Intolerance in general is on the rise not only in Europe, but elsewhere. Try tackling all forms of racism and not just one type.

I don't think even the more anti-Israeli posters here would condone the criminal examples you listed.

That said, people's anger against Israel is NOTHING like the items you listed: the death of Jesus, plagues, disease, the loss of WWI by Germany. Those items are shallow, conspiratorial, obviously false propoganda that were created to fear monger. In contrast, wholesale land grabs, use of white phosphorous and, most importantly, the brutality that has led to the death of 100 innocent Palestinian souls for every innocent Israeli soul, in every category from pregnant women to children, are all well-documented facts. I can empathize with the Jewish psyche being so paranoid after the horrors of WWII, but this is not a case of fearful, Jew-hating madness. It's a case of people being outraged for very good, well-documented reasons.
[EVERY case of anti-Semitic violence is because of Israel, and therefore 'a good reason'??]

Just because I disagree with Israel as a nation and our relationship to them doesn't mean I want burn Jews in ovens.

Just to make that clear.
[Well, if you have to say it...]

So lets see, you attack and kill 1400 people in Gaza, then when people criticize the situation call them racist.

Israel is a country that is based on the principle that only Jews are allowed to live in it. That is the Zionist ideology. Why can't the non-Jewish world understand that Israel is a RACIST state? Israel and Zionism clearly say ONLY JEWS can live in Palestine which God supposedly granted them because they are 'God's Favourite & Chosen People'. And yet you in the West stick to your Politically Correct politics because you all know that Israel is a racist state. But you in the West cannot say that. Why? Because your jobs would be threatened by your bosses.

Richard Pearce
My, my, I think we have an Islamiphobic here.

And given the high correlationship between Islamiphobia and anti-Semitism, one wonders....
[unbelievably hypocritical, click for context. A response to a post that responds to the post above that makes the case many Islamic countries are just as 'racist' as Israel is]

Richard Pearce
You know, if Israel really were a land where the non-Jews get equal government attention, this government sponsored report would have been titled something like 'Anti-Semitism and Islamiphobia on rise in Europe' (just like the Pew report). But I guess a return to the bad old days for Muslims is not a concern to a nation that has a large percentage of Muslim citizens.

I wonder, why Israel can't seem to offer its non-Jewish citizens the same sorts of protections and advocacy as it does its Jewish ones.

We can't call it discrimination (wouldn't want to contribute to the rise in anti-Semitism), but for once, I'm at a loss for a word. Any suggestions?

The nerve to speak of "antisemitism" and not speak of Israels oppression of the Palestinians.

Notice how the two top stories in this section are both about the "victim" issue. Nothing on Kairos, the NGO that just got $7 million in funding pulled by the Conservative Government in Canada because NGO Monitor, an Israeli operation, handed them a smear dossier on this NGO. This is not the only NGO they're targeting! They're also going after: Oxfam, World Vision, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and others to name a few.

These NGOs serve millions of people around the world who are the REAL VICTIMS here. Many are presently working in Haiti. They're targeting NGOs because they're criticizing Israel on its treatment of the Palestinians and are pressuring Canada, the U.S., the EU, Sweden, Norway, Spain and others to pull funding from these NGOs. Already Israel has denied NGOs work permits to prevent them from working in the Palestinian Territories. The Palestinians are in an oppressive situation where they are almost totally dependent on NGOs and humanitarian relief!

Israel is trying to silence dissent with this vile form of revenge. Don't allow them to succeed in turning the narrative around and making themselves appear as the victims! This is part of the ongoing strategy to usurp and dominate public opinion.

Don't allow this eternal self-indulgent strategy to obstruct the truth!

Unfortunately, the term "anti-semitism" has become a catch-all response used soley to difuse and deflect any remark presented that is not favorable to the policies or behavior of Israel.
Not all negative criticism is "anti" anyone so much as a commentary on those specific policies or behaviors which some may see as wrong or distastefull.
Through out the world every other sovereignty (to one degree or another) bears this commentary as it is warranted or delivered without raising the shield of objection or the claim of being persecuted as a people by people who express their noncompliance.

If Israel doesn't want criticism they change their tactics. Criticism is not "anti-semetism"! A ridiculous charge under the circumstances. Not even worthy of an article.

On page 6 of the report:
The extreme Left made effective use of propaganda to gradually undermine Israel's legitimacy to exist as a Jewish State.
That statement has nothing to do with Jews as individuals, it is attempting to link "anti-Semitism" with the anti-Israeli feelings generated by Israel's government policy.
From page 12:
Continued attempts to initiate economic, socialand academic boycotts of Israel.
Please show me how this is attacking individuals.
From page 23:
Fear of the nationalization of the state's private education damaging the possibilities of Jewish education.
Apparently a state wanting to nationalize education is anti-Semitic, although the action which is being accused of being anti-Semitic would also affect private Catholic schools.

Shafiq Pandor
And how do they compare to say anti-Immigrant or anti-Muslim attacks? How do they compare to anti-Arab attacks in Israel?

It's a bit hypocritical for Israelis to lecture Europeans (who have their own organisations to tackle anti-Semitism) when their country isn't much better.
[Ah ah ah! We can't deflect, right? NO talking about anti-Muslim violence]

Shafiq Pandor
How about investigating potential war crimes in Gaza instead?

Shafiq Pandor
And because bad things happen elsewhere in the world, war crimes in Gaza shouldn't be investigated?

Israel has more of a responsibility to investigate potential war crimes in Gaza than it does to investigate potential anti-Semitic attacks in Europe - the latter is the responsibility of European organisations.

Richard Pearce
Too bad they didn't use the Jpost article on the same story. At least it let people see that they'd widened the definition of anti-Semitism to include just about everything that could be termed anti-Israeli.

It made me think that a number of the Haaretz articles I've read would have been counted.

But I do wonder how they handled the Goldstone report. By their definitions, they should have counted his report as an incident of anti-Semitism (along with the Breaking the Silence testimonials of IDF memebers), as they would fit their notion of 'delegitimising Israel', and then turned around and counted all the attacks on his character (fits the standard definition, seeing as they were disproportionate because of his being Jewish).

Gee, they finally get the message???
If you act the way they do, then people actually tend to not like you. Nothing new in that, just human nature.

Sadly, Jews around the world are being tarred with the same brush which is very unfair. I have many Jewish friends who do not support the way Israel behaves.
[Yeah, if a country acts a certain way, it's human nature to be racist towards you! You need to change your behavior first!]

After the first half hour this article went up there were 20 posted comments and roughly about 25 pending. About 2/3 of the comments were skeptical of what constituted anti-semitism in the report and were critical of Israel's actions, not "bashing", critical. Hitting refresh suddenly the posted comment count went down to about 4, all in praise of the report and 2 given "huffpost's pick" status (they can be seen on the last page). In other words the moderator sanitized the free speech of multiple people to paint a picture of compliance with the article. The constant claim that HuffPo is anti-Israel is a crock. Allowing criticism of Israel is NOT anti-semitism by way of HuffPo or in an other fora.
You claim that various "open minded liberals" are condoning violence. Could you clarify?

Human spirit transcends national, religious, political, cultural or any other kinds of identities. It is what it is. Eventually, not even the most formidable PR machine can contain the outward expression against that which is patently heinous. So, for my Jewish friends quick to put blame on anti-semitism, I say, take a look in the mirror every now and then.

Take a look with pride at the wonderful contribution the Israeli contingency in Haiti has made.

Take a look with consternation at the conditions in Gaza. No, it is not all your fault, but your fault is part of it.

That may be your opinion but it's [that Gaza is no longer occupied by Israel] neither international consensus nor is it the opinion of the UN.

Because of the extreme control Israel exerts over Gaza, including closed borders, closed sea and air space, and the economic and trade blockade, Gaza is still classed as an Occupied Palestinian Territory.

Even the withdrawal of the the IDF is practically meaningless, since Gaza has been almost continuously attacked with missiles and artillery shells since 2005, with at least two...


...ground invasions since then. 800-1200 Gazans were killed between disengagement in 2005 and the eve of The Gaza Massacre a year ago.

Gaza is no longer occupied. It is now an outdoor prison, with Israel as the guards and warder.

If one finds themself with the autonomy, soveriegnty and the means to do so, they can pretty much do as they please.
But not without the consequences of cause and effect that are part and parcel for everyone else. One of which is public opinion.
[justifying anti-Semitism as 'consequences']

This is all about self-indulgence and obfuscation. The real victims are those suffering oppression and persecution, and the poor and vulnerable around the world. The real victims are the NGOs trying to help the latter, and whom Isreal is trying to silence on the gravity of the Palestinian situation by pressuring Canada, the U.S., EU, Sweden, Norway, Spain and other countries to pull NGO funding and Israel is already succeeding!

Stop this!

Read criticize Israel= anti semitism.

Israel and all these hundreds of front-group fund-raisers for Israel have a strong incentive to exaggerate if not manufacture claims of anti-Semitism: they use the trumped-up fear, the dramatic claim that the nazis will take over and create another holocaust, that millions will be slaughtered, to terrify Jewish people around the world, to encourage them to move to Israel or at least send money. And they use these claims to fund-raise from every other group in the world. It's big business.

The thing that is most sickening is the rather complete lack of acknowledgment by Israel that it has become the oppressor, it has become the state that is murdering its citizens, slaughtering its neighbors, all under the sickening claim of innate god-given superiority of Jewish people and innate, god-given worthlessness of their Palestinian neighbors.

Israel is engaged in genocide against the Palestinians. There is no other legitimate way to describe it. Israel stole the Palestinians' land and is now trying to kill them all off. When people around the world object to this horrible crime, Israeli front-groups scream hysterically that anti-Semitism is on the rise. It's a tired old fund-raising scheme. It gives new meaning to the term blood-money: Israel slaughters their neighbors then claims to be the victim so they can raise more money.
[Yep, because Jews..oops, I mean Israelis,...just LOVE money!]

Official Israel (I'm excluding peace-minded Israelis) will have to cease their own ongoing anti-Semitism directed toward the Semitic Palestinians before they expect anti-Semitism directed at Jews to decrease.

No one likes a bully, no one. It's as simple as that. If you talk about the school yard or international relations the bully evokes the same anger.

David Rozgonyi
Much like the world and ME backlash against the decades-long policies of cultural and military expansion of the US, Israel is also reaping what it has sown.

Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Israelis and pro-Israeli policy apologists are doing this.[pointing out the mistake of assuming Israel and the Jewish people are exactly the same, i.e., that Jews can be blamed for Israel's wrongdoings]

Unfortunately, it is exactly the actions of Israel and fanatic Zionists that have put the lives, peace and wellbeing of their fellow Jewish people in jeopardy.

I live in a city that holds the largest number of Jewish people outside of Israel and has the largest Synagogue on earth, New York City. Most of my co-workers, friends and even some of my family members are Jewish. Believe me, they have no more use for the fanatic Zionist movement than anyone else.

If anyone has become "anti Jewish" it is the Zionists themselves. Their genocidal actions are at the root of this issue. Nothing occurs in a vacuum, I repeat.

Part 1

1. What Israel does should have no influence on how Jews treated; the people that committed the anti-Semitic actions are totally responsible

2. Pointing out potential reasons why anti-Semitism might be on the rise does not mean one is blaming someone for something. Historically you might say that the relatively greater material wealth of the Jewish community was a cause of anti-Semitism but this does not mean you blaming someone for something

3. Just as those who commit anti-Semitic actions are totally responsible for their actions Israel is totally responsible for her actions. At no time has any one forced Israel to bomb Gaza, it was an action they took on their own and they are solely responsible for the death and destruction that happened.

As I see it my friend. If you say anything to criticise Israel they start shouting anti semetic. It is the stock answer and in many ways it works. Constructive criticism coupled with evidence is not anti-semetic it is simply stating a fact. The Israeli propaganda machine is all around the world trying to stifle free speech by uttering this very familier shout.

Very true, count. [that Jews are not to blame for what Israel does]
But there's also the underlying perception that if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.
For the people of Israel and the people of the US, this is a catch 22.
If it's the gov't of your country being judged (fairly or otherwise) you are liable to get a little on you. Whether you are deserving or not.
This is just the way things are.

Yank in France
Here we are at the beginning of the year, and it is time to use the anti-semitism weapon against entire countries deemed less receptive to Israel's every whim.

Of course, France is singled out, although the emphasis is now on the Muslim population and not old-line antisemitism of the European French.

Please, do not get me wrong: antisemitism is wrong and must be condemned, as I have done on numerous occasions here and in private conversations. But this report, and others like it, do NOT mention seem to measure antisemism in the United States or other Israel-friendly countries!

Why do you think that is?

What about all those attacks against elderly Jews in America's urban centers? The report speaks of violence against Jews in France, but as an American, I can tell you that I have heard really horrible language launched against Jews in the US.

Does anyone remember the Crown Heights riots in NYC where gangs roamed the streets, invading Orthodox Jewish homes, and killing one Australian yeshiva student?

And what about all the swastikas painted on MUSLIM cemeteries in France. I and others feel very, very lonely in our protests against such acts!!

Conclusion: antisemitims is despicable, and the use of this reprehensible behavior as a political weapon is even more despicable!!

Fight what Israel is doing to NGOs!!!!!!!!!! This here is a distraction and a non-story. The real story is Israel's war on NGOs!

Please post my comment with links on NGOs!

Once an individual or a group embraces a narrative of persecution and victimization as the central tenet of its communal identity, every instance of confrontation of conflict with another group or its members is easily interpreted as yet another episode of persecution and victimization, and the response one can expect to that conflict will yet again confirm the basic theme of eternal persecution and victimization. The difficulty, of course, is that many different peoples and individuals have indeed been horribly persecuted, and their narratives of victimization are based on the recollection of real horrors visited upon real people. The question is what to do with such memories. Historically aggrieved people can be terribly dangerous to themselves and others because their self-understanding as perpetually threatened and imperiled people tends to intensify the perception of "existential danger" posed by others, and to make their response to such threats disproportionally violent. So it is no surprise that this Israeli report sees Europe as once again full of Jew-haters; there was a time when Europe was indeed full of Jew-haters, and millions of Jews were murdered because of it. But if one wishes what is best for Israel and her people, one has a responsibility to speak honestly to and about Israel and its treatment of the Palestinians, even if it means being perceived as yet another of those who hate "the Jews."

They are not the real victims. This is a distraction from the real victims. Israel is banning NGO work permits preventing them from working in the Palestinian territories.

Not only that, they have succeeded in getting the Canadian government to pull funding on a very well-known NGO and are pressuring the U.S., Canada, the EU, Sweden and Norway and others from pulling funding on NGOs who dare to criticize Israel's treatment of the Palestinians.

I have been trying to post all the links relating to this story. The real victims are the poor, the sick and the vulnerable all over the world who will suffer if Israel gets its way on this!

I guess the EU's call for East Jerusalem to be the Palestinian capital is anti-Semitic even though Palestinians are Semites. The Israeli's owns both the town and the term-DA*M IT! :))
[apparently, the anti-Israel folks won't let even the English language get in their way of denying anti-Semitism]

Look into how apartheid worked in South Africa and you will see the term is relevant, especially in light of Ariel Sharon trying to create "Bantustans" out of the Occupied Palestinian Territories - and succeeding in Gaza to do just that.

Arab Israelis have almost equality under the law but Israeli law often favours jews and discriminates against muslims. The real problem is in the Occupied Territories where Israel exerts so much control over the lives of the Palestinians that the apartheid analogy is more than appropriate.

Prominent South Africans have described the situation in Israel/OPTs as apartheid:

[Apparently, Gaza is a Bastustan now]

The rockets fired out of Gaza have NO guidance capabilities, therefore it is simply not possible for them to be aimed specifically at kindergartens, or schools, or hospitals - unlike the sophisticated weapons Israel launched on Gaza a year ago.
[excusing terror attacks]

This item brings to mind the wise words of Uri Avnery, respected Israeli journalist and former member of the Knesset:

"Many good people, who feel no hatred at all towards the Jews, but who detest the
persecution of the Palestinians, are now called anti-Semites. Thus the sting is taken out of this
word, giving it something approaching respectability... Not only does Israel not protect Jews from anti-Semitism, but quite to the contrary, Israel manufactures and exports [anti-Semitism] around the world."

It is estimated that about 54 million innocent people were killed in WW2. People simply living in a place being shelled, exposed to harsh weather, blockaded, nuked, firebombed, or simply were killed by a stray bullet. With the Jews in the labour camps and death chambers, there were others the Nazis tortured, humiliated, and killed. Let us not forget them as well.

Telling the WHOLE story isnt anti Semitism. It is time for Jews as a group to understand that suffering isn't exclusive to them. A rape is a rape, a torture is a torture, the feeling of a wife forced to watch as her husband is used as a human shield it the same. The pain of a mother is the same as she watches her child wither away in starvation because where she lives is blockaded.

Understand that victim is a victim, a criminal is a criminal, and justice is justice, for all, equally. There are no special victims, and some day the suffered need to overcome his victimhood and become a survivor, or he will have truly have surrendered himself to the oppressor. His every waking moment from his disturbed sleep will be consumed by fear and hatred, and he will lash out to make victims of others, rather than deal frankly, and honestly with what happened.

There is an African poverb..."Until the lion learns to write, the hunter will be the hero."

It isn't 'anti-hunter' for the lion to tell his story.
[say something, ANYTHING, but deflect from the fact that anti-Semitism exists]

So why do Jews take it [the Holocaust] out on the Palestinians?

While I essentially agree with your post, I'd like to make a couple of comments. First, Elie Wiesel did not call the killings in Sudan "genocide". I remember him on a talk show at a Boston NRP affiliate saying that there has been only one genocide in the world. In his view (at least at the time, in the mid-90s), even the Armenian genocide did not "qualify" as one. Second, there's a difference between antisemitism and anti Israeli policies. Nowadays, if you disagree with Israel's policies, you're tagged as an antisemite. Based on that benchmark, I'm sure there are quite a few "antisemites" in the world.

What odd logic. You'd have to argue that all gays were victims also, all Gypsies, all Poles, all children with birth defects, all non-Aryans. Jews may not have cornered the market on misery, but they've sure as heck cornered the market on giving guilt.

Claiming specialness in your people's suffering leads inevitably to understating the suffering of others -- that's how Israel can do what they do to Palestinians without qualms.

I understand the need for "Israel", but not at the expence os another. It is true that the Jews never claimed to have a market on misery, but today, they are the only ones on a world scale using it to excuse the oppression they cause to someone else....and that everyone else either looks away, nods in agreement, or wholeheartedly support like lemmings without question.

That is the problem for me, and why I find not a shread of sympathy for the Israelis...because we condemn one for the same evil that we excuse, encourage, aid, demean and dehumanise thier victims, and even participate in the same thing for Israel.

Yes, you are right. "All Jews were victims" Many Jews were turned away in droves from European nations, and could only find refuge in Palistine. I guess this is how you thank those who give you refuge.

Sadly, though, it is very much an eye-of-the-beholder issue; an attack on the Paris Metro upon a single Jewish person does much to confirm many Israelis and Israel-supporters in the perception that the world is full of Jew-haters just waiting for a chance to wipe the Jews from the map. That belief then colors their perception of the horrific state violence against the Palestinians, which leads pro-Zionist Jewish individuals and communities in Paris or Brooklyn or Los Angeles to redouble their support of Israel and their attacks on anyone who criticizes Israel. Meanwhile, Christian Zionists, Neo-Cons and cowardly politicians who think that "the Jews" as an undifferentiated bloc will not tolerate any slackening of support for Israel, continue to defend Israel and pour money into her war chest. All of this, of course, feeds anger at Israel and her supporters, all of whom are, in the minds of many, Jews. It is a sad, dreary cycle. The only solution is for people of good will to continue to speak out on both Israel's vicious treatment of the Palestinians and any savage ethnicity-based attack on innocent, non-Israeli Jews, even if the former means being perceived as one of those who do in fact hate all Jews, and even being publicly accused as such.
[Fire up Cerebro! It's time to read some Israeli minds]

There is a cover-up going on alright, and that is the only part of your statement that reflects the trut
[Click for context. Seriously. Do it now. It's very enlightening]

Perhaps if people were allowed to express dissent and discuss Israeli Governmental policies, these actions would cease. But because the Jewish population is typically incensed when any criticism is made, the knee jerk reaction is to label the action "anti-semitic".

Not sure how much I trust the findings of an Israeli report.......kind of like the tobacco industry examining cigarettes.

Maybe Israel should stop giving the FU to it's Western allies. Dose everything have to be Anti Semitism, or could it blow back of overreaching militaristic policies in region. The same can be said about us, are our Western Allies angry with us becasue there anti-American or is it due to our policies.? Anti Semitism didn't just go away after WW2, If Iareal was serious about Anti Semitism, they might want to take long hard look at there own policies.


  1. Ah, another one.

    There are a number of issues with the report, which I outlined in my posts:

    - Why was the report carried out by Israelis? Does Europe not have agencies whose job it is to tackle anti-Semitism? What has this got to do with Israel?

    - What was the methodology? Does the definition of anti-Semitism include anti-Israel actions?

    Asking for comparison statistics with anti-immigrant or anti-Arab attacks aren't attempts at deflection but legitimate questions. Is it solely hatred against Jews on the rise or is it a trend of hatred against everyone?

    So far, none of my comments on the three posts nor any of the other comments seem to warrant moderation. If you think they're bigoted, then that's mostly down to your own insecurities.

  2. I hope you appreciate the time I've taken to explain all my posts.

    If you do find any cases of Jew-hatred in my comments or any others, please do let me know. As for being anti-Israel, that's not something I'm going to apologise for. Until she starts acting like a responsible state, I will continue to campaign against her. Obviously the Palestinians aren't blameless, but that's another story altogether.