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HuffPoWatch: Israel: Turkish Prime Minister is Fueling Anti-Semitism

In the spirit of quite a few article about anti-Semitism coming out in recent days (which caused the AZs to smell a conspiracy), the Huffington Post reported that Israel felt that Turkish PM Erdogan is "fueling" anti-Semitism with his extreme statements. You can read the whole article at this link, but personally I feel as if this is a bad move by Israel's foreign ministry. It's petty and vindictive, and comes off as exceedingly desperate.

Naturally, the HP community responded in the same way they always have: If people hate the Jews, it's because the Jews are so evil, they deserve to be hated. There was also a decent amount of attacks on Israel's helping out in Haiti and daring to take some credit for their good work. I can go on, but you can read the comments yourself below:

Turkish Prime Minister Fuels Anti-Semitism

"Zionism for Dummies"
"What hangs in the balance is whether Palestinians will be eliminated as a people" [Slander. Notice the attack is on "Zionism" aka Israel's founding philosophy.]

Now now Israel you know it is your own policies stop blaming and start accounting for you actions !!

Obviously some folks need a bit of clarification on what anti-semitism is. If somebody uses a pejorative on a Jewish person that generally indicates they are anti-semitic. If someone objects to Israel's war crimes, apartheid policies, violations of international law and refusal to join the IAEA and sign a nuclear non-proliferation treaty, that is merely legitimate criticism of Israel that in a democracy like the U.S. is thankfully still allowed.

instead of going to Haiti for some brownie points - how about Israel rather focuses on not murdering Palestinian Civilians and denying them their human rights and their land.

Are you kidding me? It's the rhetoric of Turkey's Prime Minister and not Israel's actions that fuels today's antisemitism?

Israel fuels antisemitism with it's "Eff the world we'll oppress the Palestinians if we want" attitude. Anytime, anyone criticizes Israel, they use the antisemitism card.

You can thank our lobbiest form of goverment for that, anyone with any money can press there opinions among our goverment, Israel has many huge lobbing groups in Washinton, most americans will only hear what they want you to hear.

Major push to silence internal Israeli criticism and protests by Israeli citizens: [Off topic anti-Israel slander. Using Al Jazeera, btw.],%20Due%20to%20the%20Israeli%20Siege.htm

Misbah Ali
wow... anytime someone criticizes Israel they are automatically labeled an anti-Semite and a Nazi sympathizer

... i think they milked their antisemitism sentiment for little too long.... is wearing off and people are getting more informed and more educated about the whole issue....

The currency of the anti-semitism charge has become devalued, so in response, they have to print more of it.

this "right to defend itself" argument is so tired and disingenuous. if you acknowledge that israel has a right to defend itself, its nothing but pure bigotry to claim that palestinians don't have the same right. for just over a century now, israeli colonists have systematically tried to dominate, marginalize, oppress, ethnically-cleanse and kill palestinians in their own land, often using terrorist methods (see the irgun, the stern gang, the king david hotel bombing, the assassination of UN mediator count folke bernadotte, etc). palestinians have every right to fight back.

alysheba 3
Do they give that same right [the right to exist] to the Palestinians? No. Israel steals their land and water, refuses Palestinians life-saving medical treatments, and stops deliveries of food and basic human necessities.

In the last few years Israel has fueled most of the Anti- sematism with their actions in Lebanon and Gaza . The years of "its true because i say its true" are over Israel becase you forgot how to tell good lies

Fourth "anti-semitism" headline in as many days. Anyone notice a trend here?

Please do us all a favor: alienate Turkey completely once and for all.
Israel does not deserve to have one ally in the neighborhood, not one. And the nerve of threatening to boycott Turkey. I believe the boycotts will happen the other way around and will be very well deserved!
This Friday, Gaza's only power plant will shut down, because they have no fuel to run it and Israel which is obligated under International Law to provide power to Gaza is not doing so.
How will hospitals be able to function? How will their sewer system function and their water be purified? This ongoing blockade is a crime against humanity!

Oh. dear, here we go again ... when in doubt, play the anti-semitism card. Works every time. Like a charm.
Seriously, I see no point to this story whatsoever.

Israel must take its own responsibility for how it is viewed in the eyes of the world.

In the past anti-Semitism meant someone who hated Jews, it seems that it now has evolved to mean someone who the Jews hate. [Responses: "Well put!" etc]

Good post....but, actually, the USA should have abandoned Israel over 40 years ago for the deliberate attack on the USS Liberty. Even if one believes the Israeli lie that the attack was an "accident", the Israelis machine-gunned American sailors in life rafts. [This has yet to be proven.] That is a WAR CRIME. [It's not.]

The distinction is meaningless, if not intentionally misleading. The gist of the Israeli whining about Erdogan is the pretense that any criticism of Israel is "anti-Semitism". This is the same stick with which Israel's apologists have been threatening its critics for years. No matter how bloody, dispropotionate or unjust a particular Israeli act or policy might be, the threat remains: "If you criticize us, we will tar you as an anti-Semite".

I am getting the distinct impression that mattters are not going according to the script and some Israeli politicians are rocking.
A challenge to their authority? How dare the Turkish PM.
And how do they deal with it? By putting it down to anti Semitism of course.
Beginning to look silly boys.

alysheba 3
The Israeli Foreign Ministry accused Turkey's prime minister of fueling anti-Semitism with his criticism of Israel, officials said Tuesday, threatening to spark a new diplomatic row with one its few Muslim allies.
So, will the Israel apologists still tell us that the high incidences of anti-Semitism Israel counts are truly based on hatred of Jews and not criticism of Israel? Apparently any country which voices disapproval of the slaughter in Gaza last year is anti-Semitic.

and Israel doesn't fuel anti-Semitism with its actions?

Apartheid is creating "negative public opinion" toward Israel.
Taking homes at the barrel of a gun, or crushing them under a bulldozer, in violation of international law and the Geneva Conventions, is creating "negative public opinion" toward Israel.
Using military might to expand its borders, while keeping the citizens of Gaza locked in a prison controlled by hostile soldiers and preventing families from visiting each other or receiving medical services, is creating "negative public opinion" toward Israel.

so what did PM Erdogan say that wasn't true . . . it certainly does seem as though any criticism of israel is now labelled "anti-semitism" . . . especially if the criticism is directed at the israeli treatment of the Palestinians . . .
israel keeps turning up the heat . . because they have no intention of honestly negotiating with the Palestinians . . . . it is more than time that UN sanctions and trade embargoes were enforced against israel . . . . and if the US doesn't like it tough . .

Erodogan is sees the truth about Israel. They are thieves of Palestinian lands. If Israel should want to be accepted in the modern world, they will need to return the occupied lands back to 1948. They are wrong and Erdogan is a voice of reason with respect to the slaughter in Gaza, as was Richard Goldstone also.

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