Wednesday, January 13, 2010

HuffPoWatch: Israel Publicly Snubs Turkish Ambassador

The Huffington Post article about the Israeli ambassador to Turkey using different tactics to embarrass the Turkish ambassador has set off a firestorm of anti-Israel rantings. This is one of the worst articles I have seen in recent memory, with some new faces joining with the old hands for some anti-Israel and anti-Jewish postings. There's quite a few comments, covering a broad range of topics. From Israel's creation to Cast Lead, from the occupation to the definition of anti-Semitism, no topic is left uncovered.

And for those of you interested in the actual story, you'll be glad to know that the Israeli ambassador has since apologized for his actions and is suffering a lot of criticism from his own party.

The Palestinian Holocaust continues...........
oh I believe some other group has a copyright on that word.

"If Jews in France were required to carry identification cards designating them Jews (even though French citizens), could not acquire land or buy or rent homes in most of the country, were not eligible for service in the armed forces, and French law banned any political party or legislation calling for equal rights for Jews, would France be widely praised in the United States as a "symbol of human decency" (New York Times) and paragon of democracy? Would there be a huge protest if France, in consequence of such laws and practices, was declared by a UN majority to be a racist state?"
- Edward S. Herman, 1994

Typical....The problem with Israelis is that they will never admit that they are wrong.
The whole situation is childish - on both sides, really...but the chair thing - come on - grow up.
They need Turkey more than Turkey needs them.

In the end, just another snub by Israel that claims to be out there on their own - and does
everything in its power to ensure that they will always be on their own!
[everyone's a little bit racist, it's true...]

"Or perhaps those countries were confident enough to simply shrug it off as "TV". "
It's no coincidence that the most oppressive regimes are also the most sensitive to criticism.

From the Raft
Its quite simple: Israel is an immature bully who has it coming.
To be fair - not all of Israel - the bullying tendency is the Zionist tendency.

Well this has certainly got the paid pro zionist posters really excited.

The authorities in the illegal Jewish settlement of Beitar Illit, which is built on stolen Palestinian land, regularly open their sewage tanks on to the farmlands of the Palestinian village of Wadi Fuqeen, ruining crops, contaminating the water table and posing a serious health threat to villagers.
[off topic Israel (or maybe Jewish) bashing]

It [AIPAC] definitely rules the Republican Party.

Israel can do no wrong. [sarcastic]

And you do you know that all these zionist posters have been to Gaza - that's why they're experts.
It's just seasoned journalists and UN staff that got cast lead so wrong.
Fancy that.

To answer you last conceal d r t y little secrets.
And yes, they love to play the Anti-S card to silence all criticism.

Showing of the baby being shot by an Israeli soldier is anti semitic because 2ionist do not kiII to steaI PaIestine from the PaIestinians. PaIestine is a no man's Iand so 2ionists are kiIIng nobody. And what you see is not true. And if you say what you see, then you are anti semitic. [sarcastic]

One child killed in 2003? You know how many hundreds of Palestinians children Israel has killed since 2003?
Puh-leeeeeeeeeez! [So a Jewish child died! Who gives a crap!]

2ionist do not kiII to steaI PaIestine from the PaIestinians
Oops to late they already did 50 years ago.
You need to broaden your horizon by turning of Israeli State run propaganda.

Rachel Brownlee
Israel doesn't need anyone to incite it - it incites itself.
[Yup, Israel is just violent by nature and loves starting fights for no reason]

Hillary's boss is AlPAC.
Rachel Brownlee
Americas boss is AIPAC

Israel will be fine thanks to American blood and treasure and AIPAC will make sure it stays that way.

Methinks you exaggerate a tad. But really, does Israel, who is forcing millions of people to live in the midst of bombed-out rubble by blocking all reconstruction materials for an entire year after they bombed those people back to the Stone Age while they continue to grab more land, evict more people, demolish more homes, steal more water resources, burn more crops, pollute more farmland with sewage and depleted uranium, cut down orchards and hold people imprisoned in open air prisons and ghettos surrounded by a 25ft wall, deprived of all human and legal rights, have any moral authority whatsoever to dictate to anyone else? Nope....not an iota.
I believe Israel earned all the criticism and is getting exactly what it asked for and not even 1% of what it's dishing out.
[off topic anti Israel rant]

Like Iran, Israel can't control the message anymore.

"Apartheid is a crime against humanity. Israel has deprived millions of Palestinians of their liberty and property. It has perpetuated a system of gross racial discrimination and inequality. It has systematically incarcerated and tortured thousands of Palestinians, contrary to the rules of international law. It has, in particular, waged a war against a civilian population, in particular children"
Nelson Mandela

Palestine belongs to the Palestinians.

I didn't believe it before, but I am beginning to believe that half of the "national security" reasons are theater designed to keep us mired in the Middle East, protecting a nation that will not learn to defend itself because it is much happier agitating it's own allies since it doesn't have to deal with the consequences. The US has to deal with them.

Rachel Brownlee
Israel has already bought and paid for America - it might as well get a return.

Why Clinton era?
The 1967 borders are the only just borders.
That way, Israel Isn't rewarded for subjecting the Palestinians to decades of misery during the illegal occupation.
The UN is on board, the Arab League is on board, the PA are on board - even Hamas have indicated a willingness to operate on 67 borders.
The only holdout is Israel who still values land over human life.
When will the Palestinians be liberated? Will the last 1948 refugee have to die first? Is their 62 years in exile not enough punishment for Israel?
[But the Palestinians WILL be rewarded for prolonging the conflict for so long and for the First and Second Intifadas]

Rachel Brownlee
You've [the USA] already got a huge army, unfortunately it's been destroyed in undeclared wars for guess who.

A "friend"...

Yeah... Right!

"A military engineer has appeared in court in the US on charges of passing classified information to Israel.
Ben-Ami Kadish is alleged to have given secrets involving information about nuclear weapons, fighter jets and missiles to Israel in the 1980s." (BBC)

"Spy Jonathan Pollard caught on tape
Surveillance video from 1985 shows American stealing secrets for Israel".
[off topic Israel bashing]

Please don't confuse antisemitism with antizionism. They are totally different.
The Israeli government is Zionist and they don't give a damn about Semite yet they accuse anyone who is critical of their Zionist policies to be antisemitic.

Israel reminds me of the movie " How to loose friends and make enemies in 60 second"
It plays in every Israeli town everyday.
Rachel Brownlee
It's a good one. They screen it all most everyday

now that is a very good can't really do that [criticize Israel] w/o someone saying that you are anti-semitic. Just like you can't criticize Bush, then you are unpatriotic, Obama, you are racist...Palin, you are sexist. It's really frustrating.

Rachel Brownlee
Darfur is not occupying another peoples land.
Somalia is not occupying another peoples land.
Fail to see your point.
(unless your point was actually just a distraction - then I see it clearly)
[excusing genocide in Darfur and bloody civil war in Somalia]

The Turks unlike the Jews are not on stolen land.

Rachel Brownlee
America - another 'friend' of Israel that they treat like crap!
[apparently, not obeying America's every command is "treating America like crap!"]

Making freinds and influencing people. Don't worry Isreal you still have control of the governments of the US and most EU countries you can afford to humiliate those smelly muzzies.
[racism against Muslims]

Anyone who thinks Israel actually wants peace with it's neighbors is crazy. Israel won't be happy until they control the entire area. To humiliate Turkey, one of the few Moslem countries that still talks to them tells the whole story.

Rachel Brownlee
Just the fact that they are building illegal settlements on Pal land. That they continue to commit atrocities against the Pal population. That they refuse to admit to any wrong doing, even after sixty years of war (where both sides have acted criminally).
The broken bones policy. The hypocritical compensation they extort from Germany while offering Pals nothing. The blockadeing and bombing of innocent civilians. The constant lies that are constantly exposed as lies. The cries of anti-semitism over the slightest criticism.
Need I go on?
[No, no need to go on. You have shown us clearly all the issues you have...]

Yes, I have been to Israel. Have you?
Israel calls itself a democracy, which is a lie.
Palestinians are not free to do as they like. Even peaceful Palestinian protesters are killed, beaten or arrested. Palestinian families have not been allowed to keep homes that have been in their families for generations. These homes get bulldozed so Jews can build homes.
Palestinians work in Israel, mainly at manual tasks Israelis consider beneath them, for wages which are less than half what a Jew would pay another Jew.
Have you been to Gaza? I have, before Cast Lead. Life was miserable enough even back then. I hate to imagine now.
[Again, we see the twisting of democracy to include people who are not citizens of that democracy. Under aly's definition, there is no democracy anywhere in the world]

Please do not insult our intelligence. Israel is not a democratic state, it is an ethnocracy.

The Palestinians have been wanting to throw the Palestinians into the sea for decades. And the Zionists have been wanting to throw the Palestinians into the sea for centuries.
[Clearly, by Zionists he means Jews, as Zionism as such has only been around in the 19th and 20th centuries]

Rachel Brownlee
C-R-A-P - anything that comes out of the mouth of the Israeli government.
[Good enough by itself, but it's a response to the correct definition of anti-Semitism (hatred towards Jews)]

Zionists think it is. And it works. Gaza is looking a lot like the Warsaw Ghetto.

The current drive is US Israel relations and Israel's relations with the rest of the world, is nothing more or less than postponing and limiting Israel's drift to nuclear blackmail. Deeply racist and pseudo religious countries (those run by sociopaths who use religion as a means to gain power) armed with nuclear weapons are extraordinarily dangerous. Mindless egoistic stunts like this reflect that attitude, diplomacy has no meaning to them, it is only a field when fools get to parade their egos.

deflecting the topic once again, try reading the link below and you will realize this tactic is getting old:
[Hasbara argument]

Rachel Brownlee
Won't happen [Pakistan behaving like Israel], Pakistan actually has some humanity.

Rachel Brownlee
When all else fails....[target civilians]

fifteen pounds
Anti semitism is dragged out to throw at anyone who opposes the invasion and occupying of means nothing when used so often...

Anti-semite used to mean a person who hated Jews, it has been thrown around recklessly lately that the meaning is changing to a person who Jews hate.
[response by hemara: "Brilliant"]

Rachel Brownlee
And what is the word for Jewish hatred?

Palestinians have long since agreed to accept a sovereign state consisting of a mere 22% of their original homeland.
[Which Palestinians have agreed to that? Certainly not any in government. And define "original homeland"]

Rachel Brownlee
Every male over the age of 13 is a militant to Israel.
It's a statistical trick to inflate (for domestic consumption) deflate (for international consumption) civilian casuality figures.

"Israel has said the programs are anti-Semitic and inflammatory."

It appears we now have the government of Israel abusing the anti-Semitism accusation by applying it to anything critical of the nation. There is no criticism, there is only anti-Semitism.
[Response: "Wow, you just figured this out?" and "Sadly there's nothing new about your comment"]

Rachel Brownlee
And i'm starting to believe that a few paragraphs from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion would be regarded as "legitimate defense" by others on this forum.
'Anti-semitism shall be used as a weapon' would be a good one.

Rachel Brownlee
The problem is Israel doesn't respect anyone.

Israel is a domestic Jim Crow nation, and a "foreign" Aparthied occupier.

They are repressing Arabs in Israel with separate-but-unequal schools, towns, limits on all sorts of activities in a "separate" form like in the segregrated US. Arabs--aside from 2 minor exceptions, can't serve in Israel's military, and beign a vet in Israel provides benefits like but far greater than the GI Bill in the US used to.

The Arabs in Israel aren't trying to push Israel into the sea. Nor are the Arabs in Palestine. They just want sovereignty over their own land, to have Israel leave--stop occupying--andhave their own country, just liek US, Canada, Russia, England, Germany, France, Malaysia, Japan, Mexico, Serbia, Brazil, Israel...........

It's extremely simple, a war of independence against a colonial occupier.

All Israel needs to do is pack up and go home to Israel.
[If only it were that simple]

Rachel Brownlee
Just like many Germans supported Hitler... and many Sth Africans supported racial discrimination... there are always those who will support brutality and inhumanity towards there fellow man - it's nothing to be proud of.
[Comparing Israel supporters to Nazis and Afrikaners]

Touchy jj.
You have every right to support zionism - noone is preventing you.
But perhaps it is you who should get used to the fact that there are those of us who have the right to be anti - get used to it.

The zionists don't have allies - they're top dogs.
[Nice of him to say]

the way Israels gov't demonizes anyone who dislikes buring children with WP?

I see the AIPAC agent is here

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