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HuffPoWatch: Israel Cracks Down on Wall Protesters

A relatively recent article about the (not particulary) non-violent protests against the wall in Bilin was published on the HP. There weren't very many comments, but among those that appeared there was quite a lot of anti-Semitism. Mostly the "Jews are just like Nazis" variety. Click the link below to read.

Israel Cracks Down on Wall Protesters

David Rozgonyi
[To a pro-Israel poster.] Someone should teach you how to read and open your eyes to hypocrisy instead of spouting jingoistic rhetoric that just continues to prove your ignorance.

During WWII, Jews were put into ghettos. Having gone through all that, what do they do? So sad. You would think a people like that would have more empathy.
Erzsebet Gilbert
You're so right - ghettoization, confiscation of property, forced identity papers, economic & medical & social deprivation, the slaughter of civilians... what happened to "never forget"? And how long will the world watch the atrocity before we act?
It doesn't matter that the similarities are overwhelming.
Until the uniforms and language spoken is the same, they will refuse to admit it.\
btw, have a cigar.
[further responses]
Yes, that is pretty much it.
But, I also am intrigued that the almost universal denial of the similarities are so strong that the deniers are unable to recognize the irony of the recent example and work hammer and tong to eliminate it.
CG - The deniability has been institutionalised:
"Examples of the ways in which antisemitism manifests itself with regard to the State of Israel taking into account the overall context could include:...
...Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis."
The "could include" section is always ignored. I've witnessed more than one hasbarite chuck a tantrum on here because someone made the comparison.
The free speech implications... well the mind boggles. [Aw, I feel so bad for you.]

The Palestinians are not put into ghettos. No, They are put into Gaza, which is worse than a ghetto. Gaza, where medicine, food, water and fuel are controlled by the whims of the Isrealis.

Not peaceful well you are right there the palestinians are peaceful but the IOF (Israeli Occupation Forces) and Local Police Goon squad is anything BUT peaceful so you are half right

Erzsebet Gilbert
Another sad story? How about the 1982 rape, torture, and massacre of Palestinian civilians at Sabra and Chatila, by the Phalangist militia employed by Israel whilst Israeli soldiers made sure no civilian could escape the village until the extermination of Palestinian men, women, and children were exterminated? [Revisionist history, if that.]
"A shameful tragedy indeed."
If I were Palestinian, I'd probably experience self-pity after this, and after my land had been seized, my freedom limited, my family starved and my identity animalized, I wouldn't be in the most diplomatic of moods. I'd dream of being treated like a human once again.

Megaphone didn't direct him to it.

Richard Pearce
Iran arrests 'protesters', puts them through trials of questionable quality (sure some get released, some aquitted, but that doesn't mean those convicted are in fact guilty), and then kills some. [A lie. Capital punishment is illegal in Israel. It has only ever been used once.]
Israel skips the arrest, and trial for those it wants to kill.
But, hey, the second method let's the PR guys make all sorts of claims.
The brainwashing is complete.

'Their' government is the government of Israel, who kills them for protesting, kills them for trying to get water, kills them for being children, you get the idea. [Blood libel.]

You didn't look too hard.
You're 100% right, those _lazy_ _impudent_ Palestinians, it's all their fault for not thriving when half of them are under military occupation and the other half are trapped in a Ghetto reminiscent of Warsaw.

The problem is that for a large, politically and economically powerful group in this country [I wonder who?], the war to create a Greater Israel, free of Arabs and preserved as a Jewish-apartheid state, isn't, to them, someone else's war, they consider it to be THEIR war.

The people who invaded from Europe and stole the land in the first place started the violence.

Didn't Obama, himself, say that peaceful channels don't always work and that force is sometimes needed? Well, after DECADES of being illegally occupied by Israel, that's why the Palestinian youth are sometimes matching the violence being leveled against them with violence.
Israel is badly losing the PR war.
You are right - Israel's words about peace are shown to be nothing more than rhetoric.
Palestinians resist violently? They're put down violently.
Palestinians resist non-violently? They're put down violently.
No regime interested in peace acts like that. I'm reminded of Iran and their post-election reactions more each day.

Why shouldn't the Palestinians resist the violence of the Israeli theft and occupation of Palestine with violence? or is self-defense reserved for Jews alone, in your opinion?

The Palestinians believed that all the people should live in one state. The Jews wanted an ethno-religious apartheid state. The Palestinians were right in resisting.
And here we are, after decades of US open wallets and israeli propaganda, we reach the point where a foreign, invading people, can portray itself victims of those they are oppressing and occupying.
But you still didn't answer my question. Given that we are where we are, why shouldn't the Palestinians use violence? Is self-defense only permitted of Jews?

The only solution that is possible now is a one-state solution, whereby everyone in the land has a say in the government. The cancer of settlement and occupation is establishing that. But those who favor an ethno-relgious apartheid state will continue the occupation indefinately and thereby lose whatever humanity they have left, rather then respect the rights of the Palestinians.

Wow. The ethno-religious bigotry of the israelis is really ugly when it hits the light of day. Given the way that the Israelis have treated the Palestinians over the last 100-odd years, since the ethnic cleansings of 1947-on, and especially since the occupations since 1967, don't be too surprised to learn that paranoid Israeli fears are not too high on my list of concerns.

" non-Muslims tend to get treated very harshly in Muslim majority countries."
More ridiculous generalisations. I've lived and worked in muslim majority countries and as a non-muslim was treated no better or worse. You're merely trying to spread fear.
Posturing aside Israel isn't even a democracy now: it goes through the motions but the courts and police/IDF favour jews in Israel proper and the treatment of the Palestinians within the OPTs is undeniably repugnant.

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