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HuffPoWatch: Hamas: Israel Assassinated Operative In Dubai

A couple of days ago a new story was published on the HP. Hamas claimed that Israel had killed one of their operatives, and if one reads the article it definitely sounds like there were suspicious circumstances. Though there were a few abusive comments (and you can click the link below to read them), I had a couple more observations about the story.

-Although many of the talkbackers agreed with Israel on this topic, and thought that the Hamasnick got what he deserved, I thought it was interesting that many of the anti-Zionist crowd accepted Hamas' word unquestioningly. I can only imagine that if it were the Israelis claiming that one of their people had been assassinated by Hamas there would be many accusations of "playing the victim," "indoctrination," and other expressions of suspicion.

-Many of Israel's detractors tried to make the case that the alleged assassination was an "extrajudicial killing," and therefore illegal. Yes, seriously. Apparently it's okay for the US and Britain to kill hundreds of terrorists with a Predator drone, but Israel needs to arrest and give a trial to every single Hamas operative. It's not much of an argument: Hamas is the government of a nation at war with Israel, they aren't Israeli criminals. I guess they have to scrape the bottom of the barrel on that one. It's also quite interesting that they are willing to condemn Israel for killing a member of Hamas, but we take that for granted at this point.

Now, here are the comments:

Yes, it destroyed PALESTIANIAN economies and divided PALESTINIAN families while helping ISRAELI security.
The defenders of Israel have shown that they are indifferent to the condition of the Palestinian people. Why would further destruction of Palestinian life be a problem to these people?
Perhaps you should focus on a solution to the things that would make people want to blow themselves up in the first place. But no, the iron fist of authoritarianism will always be easier for you simpletons.

Billy Hell
[deleted] Take your propaganda and shove it where it fits best. No matter what spin you try to put on it, the actions of Israel have amounted and continue to amount to atrocities against humanity.

Olge - That's your own faulty logic telling you people support them because they "lost".
It's a matter of UNIVERSAL human rights.
I find it disgusting that Israel postures as a civilised nation when it treats the Palestinians as sub-human.

Israel can build "The Great Wall of Israel" completely around itself, build a 15 foot deep moat filled with sharks along the wall, top it all off with a roof, kill every Hammas or Palestinian man, woman and child and still it will NEVER achieve peace.
The damage done is too great, the ill will created too deep and the anti-Semitism fostered by the actions of the recalcitrant Zionists (at the expense of their own Jewish people) now growing worldwide. No Israel, I am afraid you have created your own hell.

Israel was founded on terrorism ,why does it surprise you that they would murder somebody like this ?

And don't forget about the whole "promised land" thing. There are so many reasons Israel has to murder people of the region.

"Israel is a long-standing nation with a history that stretches back for several centuries."
Ha ha. Where was it? Poland? [Denying Jewish history.]

CAREFUL! Zionists mercenaries should completely avoid any mention of international law.

So your warning about "living and dying by the sword" only apply to Palestinian people? Israel can go about wiedling its swords in whatever way it pleases?
At least you people make no pretensions about your unbelievable racism. [Who's "you people" I wonder?]

It isn't about pity for Hamas. It's about the rule of law, it's about justice, it's about a sane and rational way to gain the world's respect for your country. Israeli failed on all counts. This kind of murder is illegal, there is no due process, no verification to the outside world, nothing. [One could never find a better example of a nation taking steps to defend itself than here. Yet he considers it to be illegal. Perfect.]
It isn't about defending Hamas. It's about establishing the rule of law and ending this unceasing cycle of violence. You can't sit and crow about the excess of Hamas and Hizbollah while you defend extrajudicial assassinations by Israel.
In Bin Laden's latest tape calling the US responsible for global climate change and calling for the abandonment of the dollar, he also played a tape from the 9/11 bombers - in essence they said, as long as the Palestinians have no peace Americans will have no peace.
Following the 9/11 bombings, Bin Laden said the number one reason for the bombings was the US support of Israel's genocide against the Palestinian people, who, he said, have no one to fight for them and die daily at the hands of US backed Israel.
Obama didn't even mention Palestine in his SOTU address even though the Palestinian genocide by the Israelis is the number one cause for so called 'terrorists'.
Paying Israel $5 Billion annually to build settlements in Palestinian West Bank and to blockade needed assistance in Gaza is truly a terrorist act.
We deserve any blow back we get.

They also deny freedom of movement for the people whose land they're occupying. They also bulldoze people's houses and occasionally people's families. They also shoot children and bomb civilian infrastructure. They also deny basic sanitation and healthcare facilities in the occupied territories. [Untrue.]
Oh wait, that's Israel.

But I don't understand... Israel is such a nice country. I know that because they've told me this through every major news outlet for the last 60 years.

Then they wonder why people hate them

Palestine belongs to the PaIestinians.

If by "Israelis" you mean white Europeans with an invented history of semitism, then sure, Israeli is for "Israelis".

The fact that your beloved Israeli state has denied these people an infrastructure and a viable nation state does not prove that they aren't deserving of one.
Blacks in South Africa had none of these things either. The fact that their respressive government enforced a policy of apartheid does not eclipse their historic and moral right to the land.
The same is true of the Palestine situation. The so called "Israelis" (who are, in reality, white European invaders) are following the same historical trajectory. They will continue to repress and vilify Palestinians right up until the time when the tide of history comes crashing down on their heads.
The denial of a state infrastructure for the Palestinian people by "Israelis" does not make 60 years of apartheid "OK".
[To a pro-Israel poster.] Apparently when you join the IDF they extract a sizable portion of your brain as well as any integrity you might have carelessly picked up.
Palestine was a nation long before 1964, you are simply inventing facts. They never had a state, but Palestinians self identified as such long before the establishment of the state of Israel.
As proof I offer this image:
They're Palestinian coins from 1927 .By your logic they should say "Syria".
Now, your comment about Jordan is equally ridiculous. You actually said "The only homeland Arabs in Israel need is Jordan". Clearly you're wrong on this, the Palestinian people who lived in what is today called Israel CLEARLY are not willing to give you their land. Your relatives and their Brit allies took people's land and sent them hundreds of miles away in exile. You think it's acceptable to offer them Jordan?
As for being "white invaders", do some research. The premise that those living in Israel today are "semitic" has been discredited. So called "Israelis" can actually be traced genetically back to people from Russia's caucasus. The idea that today's Israeli's are somehow descended from King David is nothing but progpaganda to legitimize your drawn out stay in a foreign land.
And Israel IS an apartheid state. Anyone being honest about the situation knows that Israel is the authority when it comes to Gaza and the West Bank. Israel does not allow those living in the Occupied Territories any rights/freedoms whatsoever, that is apartheid. Give them a state and we won't be able to make that criticism anymore.

1400 civilians dead in gaza in the last war. That is ok, because Palestinians are all "terrorists". No that is real drivel.
Yeah, the just ran a bulldozer over Rachel Corrie because the tractor's guidance system failed, right?
Israel targets civilians consistently. If you did not immediately reject anything coming from a Palestinian source as "propaganda" that fact would be evident.
Neither is Israel an American Aid responsibility yet their terrorist regime is maintained by 5-10 billion US per year. But of course in your optical view of things that is ok.

It's just soooo complicated, huh? So if Hamas and Israel are at war this is an act of was and "assassination is not quite applicable. But then if a state of war exists how does one side become "terrorists" and the other "the most moral military in the world" ? If it's a civilian body count then Israel wins hands down-how many civilians died in this operation? So that leaves the pro assassination, pro modern military against the pot hole makers, crowd with no choice but to take the 'my guys are the good guys' position. Nothing wrong or odd about that. But let's not pretend it's anything more than intellectually bankrupt emotional drivel.

Israel gives new meaning to the phrase: "cycle" of violence.

Rachel Brownlee
"Richard Ingrams wondered whether the Zionists links to the Iraq invasion would be brushed aside". [The Jews Zionists pushed America into war.]

[To a pro-Israel poster.] Do you have your new work camps designed yet?

Rachel Brownlee
Can you imagine an article like this appearing in the western media?
"Holocaust remembrance is a boon for Israeli propaganda."
[Off topic at the *very* least.]
I'm thankful that there are Israelis who see things clearly and are not deceived.
Rachel Brownlee
Well, they can't pay all of them Skialethia.

I condemn all forms of violence and believe war is avoidable. However, we do not live in the perfect world I envision. So considering the deplorable situation this conflict creates, I perceive this act this way:
Before the partition 300,000 Palestinians were expelled or forced to flee from their land by Irgun and Lehi’s acts and hundreds of thousands more fled by 1949. These acts and their fruits opened the door to Palestinian resistance. The settlers and military occupation of today are the fruits of Lehi and Irgun’s labor.
Everyone says civilians are off limits. This Hamas commander killed 2 Israeli soldiers. If we take the criteria set by Israel, soldiers are not off limits.
Targeted assassinations are wrong. When the leader of Hamas, Maschaal was poisoned, Jordan threatened to recall their ambassador and more serious consequences would have evolved. This act makes the accusation that Israel poisoned Arafat very credible and especially considering Israel assasinated and imprisoned many other Palestinian and Lebanese leaders.
Marwan Barghouti sits in an Israeli prison charged with incitement and as an accessory to crimes he did not commit.
Israel declared war on Hamas, yet Israel killed 4 times more civilians than resistance fighters in their wars and attacks against Palestinians! Resistance fighters with their non-guided rockets unfortunately killed some Israel civilians. I'm positive that if Hamas had guided weaponry there would be 4 times more soldiers killed than civilians as opposed to Israel which killed 4 times more civilians!
Injustice breeds cyclical violence.
[Posted twice.]

Rachel Brownlee
Only Israelis are entitled to opinions skia (and land)

That info coming in from a Mossad controlled news agency [] is even less believable than a report on Faux News.

Rachel Brownlee
At least she has some - and doesn't have to receive them from "Hasabara for Dummies"

Israel murders more "innocent women and children" than the Palestinians ever have. [Blood libel.]
Would you be saying "give me a break" Israeli leaders were being regularly killed? I doubt it somehow. Hamas were democratically elected in 2006 if you remember.
FYI Last suicide bombing was 2008, and the last Hamas suicide bombing was in 2005.
The elections were assessed as being free and fair by the monitoring team sent by the European Parliament:
"extremely professional, in line with international standards, free, transparent and without violence",_2006#Conduct_of_the_poll
If you turn away from your handbook for a moment and do some research you'll discover Hamas were elected, which freaked Bush and Condi out. Fatah and Hamas formed a unity government but Bush & Co wanted Hamas out so they armed Fatah covertly to overthrow Hamas. In Gaza they failed.
And back to my original point: Israel kills many many more civilians than the Palestinians - and all because it values land over people.

uhh, logic blackout.
Extrajudicial killings are nothing to be proud of, its capital punishment without a trial.
Israel also has 300 or so Palestinians in administrative detention - ie being held without charge.
So much for "the only democracy in the middle east". On the home front, no respect for law, and internationally no respect for law.

Assassination is an Israeli value.

[To a pro-Israel poster.] You need a rest...home.

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