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HuffPoWatch: The Gaza Freedom March Threads

There have already been quite a few news articles about the Gaza Freedom March saga. At the time of this writing there are at least four. We have already covered one here. In the interests of saving time, therefore, we are going to do a Huffington Post Watch analysis of the remaining three of them and post the results here. The blog posts about the GFM have exceeded twelve, so I will perhaps wait to analyze them. But don't be concerned, there is plenty of hate and anti-Semitism among the three remaining threads to keep your attention:

 Thread 1: Egypt Cracks Down on Foreign Protesters Traveling to Gaza

Free PaIestine. Wipe lsraeI out of PaIestine. Palestine beIongs to the PaIestinians.

Quote in today's New York Times by Hedy Epstein, 85, a Holocaust survivor who, with 1000 others, arrived in Egypt on Saturday hoping to be able to cross into Gaza with relief supplies. She began a hunger strike on Monday.
"My message is for the world governments to wake up and treat Israel like they treat any other country and not to be afraid to reprimand and criticize Israel for its violent policies vis-a-vis the Palestinians."
At last, more and more people are beginning to speak out against the terrible things that israel has been doing for so long in Palestine.

Either one or the other or even both I suppose.
Perhaps by the time you are 85 you will appreciate the enormity of israel's crimes against the Palestinians.

European cause a great war back in 1939 & now in 2009 the people of Palestine are paying for it real nice !

Kise S.
Mubarak IMO more Israeli then nutnayaho

skialethia I'm a Fan of skialethia 206 fans permalink
Mubarak met with Neta...yahu today. I'm sure he went back to his throne in Egypt with a bagful of pieces of gold and silver like Judas when he betrayed Jesus!
You see this is an alliance made in he//.
Obama came out condoning and supporting the revolt in Tehran, but again he is silent on the on-going tragedy in the West Bank and Gaza and fails to speak out against this attempt to frustrate and prevent this peaceful march that has been a long time coming and is so urgently needed to turn the world's attention back towards this injustice. Why does he speak out for one struggle and fail to speak out and support this effort? manipulating the puppet show. They want to prevent this march from happening at any cost, meanwhile Mubarak, the ty rant, is filling his coffers on the backs of the suffering of Pal stinians, and Obama is in the White House holding the most powerful position on the planet, and "aypac" is smiling.
All's not well with the world.

Don't fall asleep near an IDF checkpoint or you may find one of your kidneys on ebay.

The Party of Say tan, you say?
They pale in comparison to those who pay off and "influence" dictators, ty rants and leaders of the free-world so they can continue unchecked to break the spirit of Palestinians while they advance the ongoing theft of land and contain the oppressed in ghettos and the largest concentration camp in history deprived of reconstruction and humanitarian aid. The inhumanity of it is breathtaking!

Finkelstein's comparisons are even more powerful

[Link compares Israel to Nazis.]

Imagine how many there would have been in the future if Israel hadn't killed all those kids last year.

Egypt is Is r.a.el Toilette!

None of this could have actually happened because American media didn't mention it [Not offensive, but very ironic]

One of the many ways in which the Israelis' sinful and barbaric (terms used advisedly) military aggression against Palestinians in Gaza of Dec. 2008 - January 2009 back-fired on them (paving the way for the truth-telling Goldstone Report, budding divestment and boycott movement, widespread disdain of North American and Western European Jews of conscience, etc.) was that their marauding murderous and maiming actions were partially captured on video camera and televised internationally by Al-Jazeera (English).
Frustrated by the mainstream channels' non-coverage, I subscribed to the free LiveStation online service (very easy to do) and marveled at the calm conscientious courageous reporting of Al Jazeera correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin, one of only six reporters in the whole of Gaza (both from Arab world networks).
I recommend LiveStation to anybody resolving in new year to, in Bob Marley's phrase, "emancipate yourself from mental slavery..." (America's droning mainstream media culture) and view the world through more pluralistic eyes, including those of the peoples of the formerly (and currently) colonized world....

1,400 dead Palestinians v.s. 22 dead Isrealis ( 13 were friendly fire) 600m dead civilians, women and children who were targeteed and destroyed by an unmercifal disproportional use of power by ther IDF who used white phosphurous in a crowed ghetto. Palestinians rockets usually hit nothing as where Isreal knows exactly who they are targeting. The families of Hamas members. If you strike at dinner you sure to "get" them all.

"Money"! The corrupt leadership of Egypt was paid off. "It's a hit." Congress controls money and Israel controls congress. "Don't give me any of that do goody good b*ll sh*t."

Go, Israeli war criminals, go! Drop some more US-made cluster bombs and white phosphorus on those stinking little Palestinian kids!
Might makes right! Yeah!
Who is responsible for the resistance? Israelis who throw Palestinians out of the apartments and houses they have occupied for generations, burn trees and attack shepards and pregnant women. [links]

You mean poor little Israel who wages war on civilians?

Add those statistics to the 1,400 klled this year and what do you get?
Are you actually trying to make Isrl look good here. Are you actually telling us that because vi0lence is down it's okay to go on demolishing homes, throwing people out into the street, taking over their land and water supply and holding these people hostage in ghettos and the largest open air prison in the world?

Hasbara Manual: Chapter 6 paragraph 8.
There may not be a factual statement in the entire post.

Thread 3: "Viva Palesetina" Gaza Marchers Begin Hunger Strike in Egypt After Border Blocked
Please give this March the attention it deserves! These people are living in dire conditions. Despite the truce since the invasion, Izrl continues the collective punishment of Gazans and the border blockade. The injustices inflicted by IZ both in Gaza and on the West Bank persist with no end in sight. Please shine the light brightly here. There is a media blitz surrounding the Iranian revolt and a media blackout surrounding the oppression of the Pal stinians.
Please see what is going on here and decry the hypocrisy and double-standard! The only reason the Iranian revolt is getting so much attention is because there are ulterior motives driving this blitz. The U.S. and Izrl have had operatives inside that country trying to incite civil war there. They want to see Muhslims destroy each other and they want to derail Irans nuclear ambitions so that IZ can establish power in the region...this is all it is.
So please look beyond this charade and focus your attention where the urgency lies. Do not enable the forces of ill will who merely want to destabilize and weaken the rising power of Iranians and to keep Pal stinians trapped in this yoke of oppression under Izrayli military rule!
[That's it.]

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