Wednesday, January 20, 2010

HuffPoWatch: Frank Gehry/Jewish Chronicle

I've combined two articles into one post today, because both posts did not generate enough anti-Semitic comments to be worth an HPW post all to themselves. The articles are: Frank Gehry Withdraws from Jerusalem Museum of Tolerance and Jewish Chronicle Hacked (which I mentioned below).

We'll start with the Frank Gehry article. The context is that Gehry withdrew after the news the Jerusalem Museum of Tolerance is going to be built over an ancient Muslim cementary. This article caused a significant amount of anger, which in this case I completely agree with. However, only a couple of comments crossed the line, which was surprising as I expected more, and they are outlined below:

Wow! Tolerance defined in Hebrew apparently means desecration of other religions' burial grounds. Way to go Israel. I particularly love the bombing they just did in Iran this past week forever silencing Iran's prominent physics professor.
Not sure about your Iran issue but read the OT [Old Testament] re the desecration thing. Rape and murder are okayed too.

ssfahrer Not to a Jew. Thus Jews justify 'antisemitism' by their own actions!
Too right - check how the ashkenazis viewed the Mizrahi Jews when they arrived from Europe.
And how they view schwarzer Jews.
Not very tolerant are Ashkenazis.

So, the LA based firm that ended its involvement gave no reason other that,“it is politically very sensitive.”

Henry Siegman admits, "Israel has crossed the threshold from 'the only democracy in the Middle East' to the only apartheid regime in the Western world."

At the 2009 Trades Union Congress/TUC Annual Congress in Liverpool, unions representing 6.5 million workers across the UK overwhelmingly passed a motion reflected the massive growth in support for Palestinian rights and to develop a mass campaign to boycott Israeli goods and called for the TUC General Council to "put pressure on the British government to end all arms trading with Israel and support moves to suspend the EU-Israel trade agreement. Unions were also encouraged to disinvest from companies which profit from Israel’s illegal 42-year occupation of Gaza and the West Bank."-"BDS: The Winds of Change Blew from the UK and the Blow Back" @
[off topic anti-Israel spam]

And here's the Jewish Chronicle posts:

If the newspaper supported the illegal acts of the state of Israel then it has no right to be published, let alone to be not hacked.
[1. There is no indication that it does, other than the fact it's a Jewish paper. 2. What was that about free speech?]

semorg I'm confused I thought most English papers were Jewish based :P
[Sorry, that :P doesn't invalidate what you said]

Why rubbish?

Are English Jews Israelis?
Yes [all Jews are Israelis]

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