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HuffPoWatch: Emanuel: US Fed Up With Israel and the Palestinians

This ongoing, moderated thread is about Rahm Emanuel, the US Chief of Staff, making a statement about how the Obama administration is sick of both Israel and the Palestinians in terms of headway made on the peace process. Obviously, in the eyes of the HPers, it's really only Israel's fault, so Rahm's half right. A lot of posts were about Rahm himself, but there were more than enough anti-Israel posts to make the thread worthy of an HPW. Keep checking this post for updates as time goes by.

Really? Israel is an ally? Are you Drunk? Tell the 34 dead Sailors and the 171 Wounded Sailors aboard the U.S.S. Liberty that was attacked deliberately by Israeli Forces what good allies these Israelis are. I Doubt they will believe you.

eff off. remember the liberty

Good robot....a gold star for you.
[sarcastic insult]

Half truth. Most Americans are actually just fed up with tyrannical governments in general (like Israel's and our own here in the good ol' USA).


Actually, the occasional rockets from Gaza have not killed or even injured any Israelis for about three years (except for a few during the cast-lead massacre of Palestinians). So, it is clear that Israeli brainwashing is working at least in your case.
[of course, the Gaza blockade hasn't killed or injured any Palestinians either, but that's a big problem]


kind of like the way sailors on the uss liberty were displaced er ,dispatched by our friend israel.

How about the fact that hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were brutally displaced and forced into ghettos in order to make room for Israel. The root of this is in the religious notion that God chose a certain people and gave them a certain piece of land. And it's a conflict which actually dates back nearly 6 thousand years.

Frankly, I'm sick to death of both of them and would be happy to see the entire region turned into a radioactive crater so we can be done with their idiocy.

Never missing an opportunity to spread half truths and misinformation.

How come we only hear negative stuff about Hamas?

The only countries that have designated Hamas as a terrorist organization are:
Canada, USA, Japan, Australia, Israel and 27 EU countries.

So, only 32 out of 200 countries of the world agree.
I don't know why that is, but it probably explains why we hear boths sides of the issue...from just the side of 32 countries....all but Japan, being white.
[posted twice on the thread, word for word. Also posted here]

I actually 1/2 agree with him.

But sick of Palestinians standing up to a US backed mafia?


Good! Back it up with a reduction in aid to Israel. Why should we finance instability in this region.
[but not to the Palestinians. This was a common sentiment on the thread]

The Israeli people keep voting these hardline warhawks into office, how can you say they are fed up with Israel? They had a clear choice last election between one current war criminal and one soon-to-be war criminal. The soon-to-be won. The more hardline you are against the Palestinians the better chance you have at getting elected in Israel.
[apparently to be Israeli is to be a war criminal]

Israel voted in a hard right-wing government (enough parties holding that position to form a coalition). Many say that all of Gaza deserves what they get because they elected Hamas. So can we say all Israelis deserve the condemnation of the world for their governments actions? Or is that statement only applicable if you are not Israel?
[of course, aly has a problem with "collective punishment" against Gaza, but not with the BDS movement against Israel]

Wow. The US divesting from Israeli intransigence?

A sudden outbreak of commonsense in US-Israel relations. How did that happen.
[Israel not doing what the US does: intransigence. The Palestinians not doing what the US wants: Just how the Palestinians are, no problem]

If we are expected to believe this then cut off all funding to Israel and sto paying the bribe money that the US pays so Egypt and Jordan stay as Israel's friends.

Fed up with the Palestinians? Rahm are you, and the administration, also fed up with the victims of domestic abuse, or rape. The Palestinians are the victims, Rahm...try to remember that!

Well, maybe Rahm should make a small but positive comment about Goldstone....and break out of his funk.
[if he does, he will lose legitimacy forever]

While I applaud the sentiment, I'm sure Mossad will be active in making sure that we stay interested and deeply involved.

I s r a el must stop its acts of aggression and threats against Iran.

They must open their doors to inspection of THEIR nukes.

They must stop being RACIST.

The ironic thing is that according to Zionist ideology, a Jewish person owning a plush Park Ave apartment has more rights to a piece of land in Israel/Palestine than does a Palestinian farmer whose ancestors may have occupied the land for the past 1000 years.

Actually Israelis are building 700 more condos on stolen land and Rahm thinks that Palestinians are throwing a tantrum over 700 more condos and hundreds more evictions while they have been keeping their side of the deal.

Rahm making excuses for his inability to take tough action with Israel.

He should just leave already!
[usually, there needs to be a "deal" before the Palestinians can keep it]

No he's 110% wrong! As usual he's making excuses for a job badly done by himself! It's obvious this administration has continued to indulge the Israelis while the Palestinians have been meeting their side of the prerequisites for negotiation. And yet he blames the Palestinians for a missed opportunity. What missed opportunity? Israelis just green-lighted another 700 condos on stolen land and this White House has taken no action just words, words and more words and excuses!

You forgot Cowboys vs Indians. But, don't trivialize this issue by such faux analogies. This is a case of displacement, occupation and ethnocide just like in our American west.

What amazes me is that IsraeI points to their Iegitimacy as a country because the UN made it so, but that same UN agreement gave the PaIestinians a specific Iand for their country.

If it's vaIid for IsraeI, it's vaIid for PaIestine.
[of course, this user forgets that the Palestinians didn't accept that UN agreement, but Israel did]

What's this supposed to mean? The US wants a reason to get out of the process and let the Israelis slaughter Palestinians at will. Rahm is setting the stage.

[responses to a pro-Israel post]
Same script...different day. It's getting old, don't you think?
Booooo... Get a life
you know so much about history and nothing of humanity

Americans are SICK OF IT TOO! Time for Israel to end is always about them, their anti apartheid system needs to end...Palestine is for PALESTINIANS who are clearly the majority and the indeginous land owners. The Europeans moved in during and after Hitler and think no one realized that they are not "true Jews" as they would have the world believe. The truth will be revealed very soon, all the faked documents and land deeds etc. Time for the US to PULL THE PLUG on ISRAEL!
[response: Amen!]

Y'll notice the Zionist agents here are nowhere to be found recently? AIPAC must be working on new straegies for propaganda. Just wait. Hufpo has been nice to them so far.

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