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HuffPoWatch: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei Predicts Israel's Destruction

Yesterday an article was published about the Supreme Leader of Iran's latest prediction that Israel will be destroyed. Of course, the words that he actually used were "the Zionist regime" rather than naming Israel by name. This prompted some defenders of the Ayatollah to claim that he was really misquoted and that he really didn't want Israel's people dead and it's Jewish character annihilated. They also claim that he didn't call for Israel's destruction, he just thought that Israel would eventually be destroyed. Passive voice. I feel like this argument lacks validity for two reasons:

1) How can you separate Zionism from Israel? Every Israeli who feels that Israel should be a Jewish state is a Zionist, therefore any government could be called a "regime." Just because the Ayatollah doesn't say the word "Israel" some take it to mean he doesn't mean Israel, the Jewish state. Well, what does he mean?
2) If you look at the Hamas charter, they don't say that they are going to be the ones to destroy Israel either. They just say that "Islam" will eventually destroy Israel. And yet, as soon as Hamas got the chance, they attacked Israel, intending to do their best to destroy it. They have continued ever since. The double talk has been used before, it's not going to fool me again.

It's also interesting to note that quite a few of the posters who are virulently anti-Israel now come out in this thread to defend Iran and it's leadership, most notably "Richard Pearce," "hemara" and "Rachel Brownlee." You can check out the thread and see for yourself.

Before I get to the comments on the fully moderated, though, I felt I needed to share this one. It was addressed to a new poster who made a pro-Israel comment: 
dem 01

Excpet the US of A you do not have any friend !
... and you know what ...
The empire is dying.... and you know what...
The Ar...abs are going to eat you alive.
And then we had this follow-up:
Rachel Brownlee
...with fries!

Here's a screencap in case it gets deleted:

This is pretty sick stuff, even for the Huffington Post.  But of course, this is just legitimate criticism of Israel, right?

Khameni predicted the end of Zionism, not of Israel.
And he's undoubtedly correct: a national raison d'etre founded on race in a land with a pluralistic population is incurably unstable, and cannot last. However, Khameni's own regime will be long gone before this comes to pass. He would be wise to hold off on the gloating.

Richard Pearce
It was interesting to see how Israel tried to chekov the world's response (including the Muslim world's response) to the Haitian earthquake disaster (there have been several disasters in Haiti over the past few decades, more of them the result of the policies of foreing governments than natural disasters), and then claim it was the victim of hatred when people pushed back at that.
[I think he's saying here that Israel is trying to stifle news about other nations helping Haiti. But if you read the Haiti threads, you will see that the AZs there were far from "pushing back."]

Rachel Brownlee
Israel cannot continue to antaganise it neighbours without reaping a savage harvest.
This doesn't mean Israels dissolution it just means peaceful concessions within international law.

Right out of Israeli Global Language Handbook:

[Usual Freenation spam. If you read the thread, you'll see how *extremely* off topic it is.]

Rachel Brownlee
But Israel is - yea right!
That you can so easily see problems in other countries and yet are so blind to those in your own is something that you should work on.
I'll give you a hint - it's called 'objectivity'!
Of course, you won't get paid for it!

Rachel Brownlee
Kinda like Israel sending aid to Haiti while opening the floodgates of the dam above the Valley of Gaza and flooding the inhabitants. [In the subsequent thread, she was unable to back up this obvious lie. However, if you read the thread, notice other anti-Zionists who will believe it without question.]

No matter who speaks the truth, it is the truth. Do not attack the man, for we all know who he is. The article is about what he said. It seems Zionists have a hard time refuting his words, so they attack his charater.
Zionists tend to do that. However, it gets to be a badge of honour after a while to be demeaned by Zionists, just as the bigots did in South Africa, now the man is a hero to his people, and to the world.
It was the arrogance of the bigots of South Africa that destroyed apartied. It will be the arrogance of the Zionists that will destroy Israel...not Islam, not the Palistinians, and not Iran...but the ideology of Zionists. [His slip up: Failing to refer to Israel as "the Zionist regime," like the Ayatollah did. Notice the use of "Zionists"]

Palestine belongs to the Palestinians.

[In response to, "What belongs to the Israelis?"]
Eastern Europe

[Anti-Israel spam]

Stating that "only those who hate Israel and her people would agree with you" is a false declaration. Zionism as a concept has displaced so many, killed so many, taken the land and destroyed the culture of so many, that it will inevitably consume itself in its own paranoia. [Translation: Israel has no right to exist, and should it be destroyed, that would be a good thing.] There's a large contingent in not only Israel and the Jewish diaspora but non-Jews as well that believe pretty much that--the concept itself is not Judaism but uses Judaism as a carrier wave to function. Zionism is a form of nationalism based on religion and ethnicity spawned in Europe and transplanted to the Middle East.

"especially today."
Please, spare us the emotional blackmail.
Whatever lessons Israel learned from the holocaust weren't to do with human rights.

I know Palestinians in the UAE working in white collar jobs.
The last time I checked it wasn't arabs or muslims refusing to recognise refugee rights, illegally occupying Palestinian land and acting "to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger", as Dov Weisglass so delicately described the open air prison that is Gaza.
Israel is the victor in the oppression stakes, overwhelming.

In the interests of fairness you will include the Knesset and IDF for good measure [in a list of terrorists include Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad]? In the name of maintaining an illegal occupation, they manage to outclass Hamas et al in the killing of civilians several times over.

Exactly. How many of these al qaeda end up being Mossad, CIA, or affiliated somehow with the ADL? How many documents have been forged supposedly speaking to nefarious Iranian secret plans at world domination or whatever they're claiming? 2 tons of explosives went missing from a company in Vancouver the other day, two guesses on where and how it'll turn up and who will be blamed, actually one guess.

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