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HuffPoWatch: Alan Dershowitz's "For Bigots"

Alan Dershowitz has written another fantastic article, which is very similar in topic and point of view to the Bradley Burston one from last week. Like Mr. Burston, he calls out the anti-Israel crowd in their reaction to Israel's work in Haiti. The title is "For Bigots, Israel Can Do No Right." And how right Mr. Dershowitz is, because the bigots came crawling out just for this article, spewing their anti-Israel talking points, apparently having not even bothered to read the article.

I know that I don't like to draw conclusions about people without sufficient evidence, but I think in this case, as Matt wrote before, the facts are clear. The posters came to the Asher article, and to the Dershowitz and Burston articles, came with one thing in mind: Destroy any good will that Israel might have gained with their work in Haiti. Make Israel the bad guy. Tear Israel down. Whatever it takes to make this happen, do it. And I do not believe that this is something that people who are only interested in "peace" or "justice" or "human rights" would do. It is something that bigots do, however. And I feel that this small group of HPers (a very small one indeed) felt that they were attacked, which of course they were, and hit back hard. Not by debating Burston or Dershowitz's words, but by hitting the target that can't fight back: Israel itself. In doing so, they have exposed the truth about themselves, that they are motivated by prejudice.

Here are the posts. They were few, but nasty, even for a fully moderated thread.

"Arabs will continue to cage the Palestinians and blame Israel for stealing their land"
just astonishing....this is what mega.phone and giyus crowd spreading these days....

I agree, you hit it on the nail! I'm tired of hearing the poor little us themes from Isreal, it is not becoming of a great nation. I grew up admiring Israel but over the years their heavy hand has disgusted me. It isn't even and eye for an eye, it an slaughter for an eye from my view. They make it a never ending war and have drug the entire would into their mess.
You have to be sorry for what you've done first, otherwise it just piles up. Admitting War Crimes in Gaza would be a huge first step. But, we won't be seeing that, will we? Israeli persecution complex is rivaled only by the American Conservative movement.
"why do I have a feeling that if the "Jews" had settled there, Haiti would not be as chaotic as it usually is."
Because you are unashamedly racist? [It's an understandable remark, given the quote, but still abusive.]
Well put! Israel and her supporters constantly uses every opportunity to puff up Israel's rather tattered image. Denying that Arab and Muslim countries are capable of compassionate acts is part of that strategy. If Isreal treated its' immediate neighbors with the compassion it shows elsewhere, this conflict could have been resolved long ago.

Rachel Brownlee
Yes, like the govenment of Israel! [Click for context. Calling the government of Israel "bigots."]

Yes they have....
I guess the difference is that they did just to do it, no need to FLASH it in everyone's face... and Israel did it and wanted all the publicity it could muster out of it. And that's where it gets sick. No one would criticize Israel, if they just did it and let it be. But when I am watching CNN and they need to focus on the Israeli military as if it is the only thing there and the most important thing there. And you read countless articles about Israeli's humanitarian aid, it really smells.... One, why do you need to push it in everyone's face and Two, STOP the humanitarian crisis Israel is actually MAKING.

more details:
some do it on TV cameras and some do it behind the TV...publicity for some is not the goal..humanity is

I'm sorry in what way is Israel humane to it's either indigenous population or to the people it occupies? Countries will always and should always be judged on how they treat the least members of those living under it's control. Considering the list of human rights violations Israel has racked up, humane is the last thing I would call it.
"The evil that men do lives after them; The good is oft interred with their bones."
Act 3, scene ii of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

HUMANE? who are you kidding? Israel doesn't apologize for anything? For war crimes that it commits, and GUESS WHAT? We don't apologize for calling Israel OUT. Its a Criminal Nation, that exploits situations ONLY for PR purposes. It did it to the Holocaust for god sakes, and its very very clear it is doing it now with Haiti. No one is going to pat Israel on its back, when it goes to Haiti to give "humanitarian aid" while it is causing a humanitarian crisis in its own yard.

Shafiq Pandor
The idea that Israel can whitewash its human rights abuses by helping Haitians is preposterous.

Don't get me wrong, helping the Haitians is a good thing - but try not making it an attempt at propaganda

All roads lead to .......anti Sematism. [Responses include "too true!"]

Surely, the issue is that of all the countries that have come to Haiti's aid, only Israel is using its efforts for propaganda/hasbara purposes.
For another view go to: "Israel's compassion in Haiti can't hide our ugly face in Gaza"
By Akiva Eldar – Ha'aretz.
Jan. 18, 2010.
EXCERPT: "...identification with the victims of the terrible tragedy in distant Haiti only underscores the indifference to the ongoing suffering of the people of Gaza. Only a little more than an hour's drive from the offices of Israel's major newspapers, 1.5 million people have been besieged on a desert
island for two and a half years. Who cares that 80 percent of the men, women and children living in such proximity to us have fallen under the poverty line? How many Israelis know that half of all Gazans are dependent on charity, that Operation Cast Lead created hundreds of amputees, that raw sewage flows from the streets into the sea?"
Also check out: " Humanity cannot be divided": Gaza shows solidarity with Haiti
Rami Almeghari writing from the occupied Gaza Strip, Live from Palestine, 20 January 2010,

I can assure you that you would have an entirely different opinion if like the Palestinians, the Haitians having suffered over 60 years of dispossession and expulsion, were also suffering under the boot of an illegal, belligerent and brutal Israeli occupation. Call me old fashioned, but I believe in and respect hard won international humanitarian law and hence, identify with and support the victims, i.e. the Palestinians, not Israel, the well documented victimizer. [How ironic that someone who"respects" international law will defend people who flout it.]

Mommamia, like many Israel supporters, has a problem with chickens and eggs.

Exactly OH72, that is why they have problems with chickens and eggs. Somehow it passes them by that Israel constantly has much bigger bombs aimed at Gaza, where people are trapped and completely at the mercy of the whim of Israel's rulers, who have already proved they are completely ruthless.
That is a nightmare scenario for any human being to live with. I saw an interview with a Palestinian doctor who said Israel's recent threats and warmongering leaflet drops have some people hysterical with fear that they will launch Cast Lead II, as they can do nothing to protect themselves. And if any of the hasbara mob responds to this with the usual "Serves them right, they brought it on themselves" shame on you.

And how much has Israel given? Not a cent.
Instead we've been treated to a PR campaign designed to help us forget the 1400 dead Gazans, and the IDF medics have had the benefit of a training exercise in Haiti.
BTW your information appears to be out of date, Saudi Arabia have committed US $50 million dollars, the third most generous country donation to date after the US and Canada.
I wonder if Jerusalem Post will be correcting their article?

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  1. Hi,

    I'm not sure what to make of you thinking my comment was hateful, other than bewilderment.

    Like I said, helping out the Haitians is a good thing. Doing it as a PR move is not. Doing it and saying 'look we help people in Haiti, therefore what we do to the Palestinians is justified', is awful.

    Being anti-Israel is, over time, becoming a badge of honour. Its actions over the past couple of years have been despicable. I'm thoroughly disappointed that you think that I'm bigoted for speaking out against a bully state but I'm not going to cry myself to sleep over it.