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HuffPo User Profile: EllaLaurent

The user EllaLaurent is an interesting one, as in many of her posts on the subject of Israel she contradicts herself. In one post she is praising Israel's openness and democracy, in another she is calling Israel undemocratic, racist, oppressive, and so forth. She has been active since September 2009 and has around 120 comments. I definitely do not think that she is anti-Semitic or is bigoted in any way against Jews or Israel, though her criticism is quite harsh. The truth, though, is that many of her comments do in fact cross the line to anti-Semitism, and many still remain on her profile.

Her posts themselves are the usual fair: Insults, both against Israel and people who disagree with her. Even creepier, she says more than once that if she could, she would send her children to fight and die for the Palestinians. You'll see them on the list. Here is one for above the cut:

Rand: Please stop equating Israel's actions with the struggle of African Americans in America. AAs were brought to this country in chains, Israelis stole their land. AAs conducted a peaceful, non-violent demonstration against their oppressors, Israelis use bombs and illegal weapons against a civilian population. The only way you could possibly equate the struggle of AAs and Israelis is if AAs had in fact taken up arms and murdered the wive and children of every white person in America. So, please don't sully the noble struggle of AAs by equating it with the murderous regime of Israel.
posted Jan 10, 2010 at 10:48:09

So what she is saying here is that the Israelis murdered the wives and children of every single Arab man in the Middle East, or maybe just the Palestine mandate. I'm not really sure. Either way, calling Israel a "murderous regime" and making that kind of accusation certainly crosses the line and violates the terms of service. By the way, the comment is still there one week later.

Israel declared Independence from what? You can't just take someone's land, plant a flag on it and 'declare independence'.....and fifty years later wonder why they are continuing to rid the land of you. Honestly, where else on earth would this be allowed to happen? Do you own land? Well, I own land and I can tell you for certs that if you planted a flag on my acres and declared it yours, you probably wouldn't live to tell the tale. We got laws round here, no trespassing.
posted Jan 07, 2010 at 01:05:07

Murderous monsters? Six Palestinian men were gunned down this past week (3 in the West Bank, 3 in Gaza) because an Israeli Settler was murdered. These men did not have access to a court of law, they did not have access to attorneys, there has been no evidence produced to prove that they were directly involved in the murder of that settler. 6 Palestinian lives for 1 Israeli settler (who was living on contested land). Who are the murderous monsters here? [Remember, all six Palestinians were members of terror units. And three were killed because they tried to infiltrate Israel, not because they killed the rabbi.]
posted Dec 28, 2009 at 16:11:22

Can we now safely put to bed the suggestion that it is Israel who wants peace and not the Palestinians? These new plans to build more conflict housing in the West Bank as well as the provocative killing of 6 Palestinians late last week (which was buried in the news over the holiday) is a clear demonstration that the only 'piece' Israel wants is land, land, and more land.
posted Dec 28, 2009 at 10:13:30

If you find collective punishment so reprehensible, then why do you (yes, you specifically) continue to support the collective punishment of the Palestinians in Gaza? Or is it only horrible when Israelis are lumped together and condemned for the actions of their government?
posted Dec 22, 2009 at 09:04:59

Israel is only prosperous because of our (read US Citizens) tax dollars, donations from Israel-firsters and exports to Europe. Time, time is not on your side.
posted Dec 16, 2009 at 15:26:26

I, for one, am very happy that Iran has the ability to protect itself from Israel's increasingly unstable government. A government that can no longer control its people (see the violent settler uprising), its military (see reports on soldiers refusing to obey military orders to aid in tearing down illegal settler housing and arresting the culprits), a government that continues to persecute the indigenous population with impunity. Iran has its own problems, without question. But, no other country in that region is castigated so thoroughly for obtaining weapons to protect itself (Israel's nukes? They're OKAY because they're Jews and Jews are harmless, right?) You hear this line a lot from Zionist about Israel, but the truth is, Israel routinely goes to war against a civilian population (where is the standing army that would serve to protect Gaza from the invasion of Israel's army?) whereas Iran is arming itself for battle against a full military. Who is more justified?
posted Dec 16, 2009 at 14:44:53

Again, do Palestinian leaders regularly travel throughout the West promoting an Apartheid state and raising money to purchase more bombs to rain down on innocents? It seems to me that this arrest warrant and others that should follow, are long overdue.
posted Dec 15, 2009 at 13:08:50

It will be interesting to see Netanyahu come crawling back to us after he basically told us no dice on freezing the settlements, but he'd be happy to take our hard earned tax money. Congress will vote to veto any resolution put forth by the EU in the UN and Obama will remain silent as always. Hopefully, the EU's reaction will be to spearhead a full and crippling boycott of Israel and impose sanctions, which will put more pressure on the US to give Israel more money thus causing the population of America to wake up to our true role in this debacle. [What was that about "collective punishment?"]
posted Dec 01, 2009 at 14:15:08

Four rockets? Where is your source? How many Palestinians have been murdered this month? (Didn't we just see a HuffPo article about one incident?) How many have been carted from their homes, faced down a bulldozer in Jerusalem? And if you don't see how settlement expansion and bulldozing homes in Jerusalem are acts of aggression, I don't think you and I have anything further to discuss. If someone bulldozing your home is not an act of aggression, what is?
posted Nov 24, 2009 at 13:35:19

With Israel controlling the roads, water supply, Jordan River valley, waters off the coast of Gaza, travel and commerce? That is not a Palestinian state, I believe you would call what Israel is proposing a ghetto. The only solution is a one state solution, which would guarantee Palestinians the same rights and opportunities as the Israelis. A true democracy, not the theocratic racist Jewish state of Israel.
posted Nov 24, 2009 at 12:57:31

Can anyone believe anything this man and his government says? Honestly, people wax on about how horrible Hamas and the Palestinians are, yet when was the last time Hamas or the Palestinians committed outright acts of aggressions against the Israelis? [Practically every day.] When was the last time the Israelis committed acts of aggression against the Palestinians? Let's see...the building of settlements, destruction of Palestinians homes in East Jerusalem, the murder of Palestinian protesters, continuous harassment at checkpoints. No one is saying that Hamas and the Palestinians did not commit acts of atrocities in the past, but they have managed to control the rocket fired into Israeli territory...this one act was the only leverage they have. What more do these Israelis want? Who are the bad guys here? If settlements will not stop, if expansion continues, if they won't discuss peace, if they won't entertain a right of return, where does that leave the Palestinians, living in perpetual imprisonment? Ethnically cleansed from their land? Will we stand by and let these people become casualties of Israeli aggression?
posted Nov 24, 2009 at 11:51:54

We are morally responsible for the actions of Israel because when Israel drops those bombs that they are so fond of on the heads of women and children in Gaza, they don't say 'Made in Israel' they say 'Made in the USA'. We gave you these weapons, we are responsible for the actions of Israel. When our senators, representatives and mayors of major cities (Bloomberg) go pay homage to Israel, this empowers Israel to continue their inhumane treatment. The people of America elected these officials to office. We are responsible for the actions of Israel. When UN Resolutions and constructive suggestions to boycott and sanction Israel are presented and we block these resolutions, we are responsible for the actions of Israel. When former NYC residents arrive in Israel and decide they want to build a house on contested land, we allow them to travel freely to and from Israel, even though they are criminals. We are responsible for the actions of Israel. When Arabs decide that their only way to get out attention is to plough planes into our skycrapers because nothing else works, we are responsible for their actions because we are responsible for the actions of Israel. Do you understand now? Your attempts to detract from the wrongs of Israel make not a bit of difference to Americans because we have supported your murder and oppression of the indigenous people of Palestine for far too long. We don't want this on our National Conscience anymore.
posted Nov 18, 2009 at 13:23:05

Absolutely Israel was attacked and rightly so. [So it's "right" for Palestinians to attack Israel, but when Israel attacks Palestinians, it's "aggression."] You don't come into anyone's home and tell them that you are going to split it down the middle, you take the best half (the half of the property where the water well is dug, the main entrances to the house and access to the staircase are located) and give me the less than desirable part of my home, the home I worked to maintain and nurture for years. ANYONE and EVERYONE would pick up arms and fight. And if you win the first time around, then I would continue to fight and send my children to fight and their children to fight because you have no right to come into my home and take what you wish and leave me with close to nothing. If the Palestinians were recruiting for an army today, I would send each one of my children. There must be some restitution for these people.
posted Nov 18, 2009 at 13:02:02

Why do you continue to deflect? You consistently do this in each post about Isreal's war crimes. Even when Lieberman made that statement about there being no chance for peace, you deflected. Why? No one here, I think, denies Israel's right to defend itself. [She does. In the post below this one, she calls Israel's self-defense action "a war of aggression against a civilian population."] However, Gaza has no standing army to speak of, so when Israel invaded and launch a war against Gaza, it was quite literally launching a war against the civilian population who, even if they had arms, did not have time to prepare itself for such. Could Israel have not simply sent in the Mossad to take out those who were launching the rockets? Did it really need to roll their tanks down the dirt city streets? Destroy agriculture and textile plants? Why? Israel has defeated the Palestinians in every way and yet still, with quiet dignity, they hold on to their rights. While the world has turn its nose up at their cause, yet still with quiet dignity, they hold on. Give these people a state and the right to self-determination and then Israel will live in peace, but not a moment before this time.
posted Oct 16, 2009 at 11:09:32

This is what happens when you have a military funded by the US government conducting a war of aggression against a civilian population [See?]. Why do we continue to call this a war? Where is Gaza's standing army?
posted Oct 14, 2009 at 16:47:14

Sane and rational people who lock the minority segment of their population in an open-air prison, blockade basic necessities from entering, bomb them indiscriminately when one or two of their population shoots rockets that haven't killed anyone in years into territory that belonged to their ancestors, attack them when they protest an illegal wall which runs through their farmland and separates them from their families, ration their water and prevent them from fishing the waters off of their shores. Does this sound like the behavior of 'sane and rational people'? [Racism.]
posted Oct 01, 2009 at 11:50:10

At least we've finally gotten you to stop calling Israel a 'democracy'. Thank God for small favors, eh?
posted Sep 09, 2009 at 11:47:49

Don't forget about the 'exciting' organs coming out of Israel as well.
posted Sep 07, 2009 at 23:13:44

I concur, why you need only take for instance the demonstration on 4th september in Gaza in which the Palestinians were attacked by the Israeli military for attempting to peacefully protest the wall (deemed illegal by the Israeli Supreme Court) that ran through their land and effectively cut them off from their families. Sir, they certainly do not 'share this luxury' of being able to speak out freely about the injustices carried out against them. And so we will speak out for them and we will do so because we DO have that luxury and we will do so UNTIL they have that luxury and instead of fighting for the rights of an oppressed people you continue to defend the indefensible and with every feeble justification, you inch closer and closer to losing your humanity. You and others like you are absolutely NO different from those who attempt to defend the actions of the Third Reich or those who deny the holocaust. You too deny what is right before your eyes. You need no further proof and any attempt to argue the contrary reveals you more and more to be beneath contempt.
posted Sep 07, 2009 at 00:08:31

I don't understand how artists, world leaders, members of Congress and citizens of the free and democratic USA continue to support an apartheid state such as Israel where discrimination is so blatantly on display and international law is so easily ignored. Whenever I read stories like this I am reminded of how soul-destroying it was for we African-Americans in America to fight for equality. There was a time when our government turned its back on us, when the populace of America turned a blind eye to our struggles for equal education, housing and opportunities. I can remember my mother and father, as a child of the 60s, wondering aloud how it was possible that the 'civilized' world would tacitly allow their abuse at the hands of the people whose salaries they were paying with their tax dollars. Whether or not we were really living in democratic society amongst a civilized population and if so how these notions of freedom and equality ceased to apply to the African American community. As the Palestinians must feel. I watched Generation Islam documentary on CNN and found myself repulsed by the UN's attempts to 'educate' Palestinian youth into accepting Israeli occupation, accepting their second class citizenship, living lives wholly different and less than. Why should they accept this? Why shouldn't they fight against the boot on their necks? Anyway,enjoy this aged, pathetic woman's attempt to entertain with geriatric gyrations. While next door, people are lacking in basic necessities. Absolutely disgusting.
posted Sep 01, 2009 at 16:00:51

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