Sunday, January 3, 2010

HPW: Iranian Soccer Federation Wishes Israel Happy New Year

As promised, here's the Huffington Post Watch for the Iranian soccer federation article. Not too much anti-Israel sentiment, as the article has little to blame Israel for, but as with any Israel article, there are some haters.


Got if wrong. Israel alone is responsible for all hostilities in the region and over 50% of hostility in the world today.

about as petty and vicious as you need to be to ban crayons and paper from gaza?

as petty and viscous as you must be to arrest and torture minors in isreali prisons.

as petty and vicious as you have to have a policy of malnutrition for kids in gaza so that they grow up less able to take on the israeli army.

as petty and vicious as you have to be to ask your daughters to write hatemails onto artillery shells and then take photos of them doing same.

To my mind the words "petty and vicious" are best defined by one word: "israeli".

you have heard of poison pens? that is what your message [of happiness in the New Year from an Israeli to Iran] is. Keep on dreaming!

Your wishes are filled with conditions and illustrate more than I ever could just why the state of Israel is so hated in the region. Until you can freely wish peace for others, you will never have peace yourselves.

yes everyone else is the enemy of the oppressed and I wish that Israel was not seen as the greatest threat to peace on the planet

Richard Pearce
I wonder if the Israeli Football Association will wish the Palestinian Football Federation a 'happy soccer year'?
Will they go further, and call on the Israeli government to let the FIFA sponsored and Israeli approved football stadium be completed.
Or maybe they could let their friends in the IDF and Border Police know that when the members of the Palestinian national team try to travel to a game, they shouldn't have to add in 2 or 3 extra travel days so enough players might make it through all the checkpoints that they don't have to forfeit.
[the kind of deflection pro-Israel posters are criticized for]

The real reason Iran is the number one target for negative corporate media reporting is:

a. human rights
b. nuclear power
c. Its threat to I_rael's continuing expropriation of Palestinian land

Answer: c.

It's admirable that IRANIANS work to change their political system and wish to enlist world support. That's not what the corporate media frenzy is about, though. If the media had no hidden agenda they would be crusaders for human rights around the world. Corporate media are only covering human rights issues in Iran to further the interests of you know who.
Palestinian human rights get minuscule attention in comparison.
[compared to the human rights of Darfur and Tibet, the Palestinians are A-list Hollywood celebrities. Cry me a river]

I don't quite get why the Israelis felt the need to add the "wink". A wink is used to indicate that the preceding comment was a joke or made in jest. I wish they'd just left it out.
Same with the reference to the "good" people of Iran. I'm pretty sure that there are many generic responses that could have been used, they did not need to take a jab at the Iranians.
[it's actually Israel's fault, as usual]

With all due respect tb92 , given its well documented near 62 year history of dispossessing, occupying and oppressing Palestinians, any "decent human being" should have a "problem" with Israel.

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