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HufPoWatch: Three-For-One

I am combining a few smaller threads into one medium-sized HuffPoWatch today, Egypt Working on Wall Across Gaza Border, Israeli Minister: No Real "Freeze" On Settlements, and Yaacov Neeman says Jewish Law Must Become Binding. Some are more interesting than others, but all are worth checking out. Read on.

Egypt's Wall:

Hamas and their rockets right?
The 8000 high tech rockets from Gaza that rained down on Israel from 2000-2008 and killed a grand total of 15-20 Israelis?
That was the reason to invade Gaza right and kill 1400 Palestinians, right? To destroy 5000 homes totally. [Israel's goal was to kill "Palestinians.]"After a 5 month ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, which Israel broke on the same day as the 2008 US Presidential elections so nobody noticed? (Last chance before Bush got booted).
Some justice.

I reject the premise of your question. [How many people would have to die before Israel can defend itself?]
But i sadly note that you think 20 Israeli deaths lives justify the shooting-f­ish-in-a-b­arrel deaths of 2000 Palestinians. Not to mention the ongoing miseries of the Gaza blockade.
Don't bother with the PC stuff about 1400 Palestinian deaths in the Gaza Invasion being a tragedy - you obviously don't mean it or else you wouldn't be defending a murderous land grabbing state like Israel.

[Very off-topic.] Whereas Israels cluster bombs, Chemical weapons and artillery and 1000 pound City blockbuster bombs are merely used to tickle people and entertain children and the elderly.
Their DIME munitions fired from Attack helicopters and nerve gas shells fired from Main battle tanks are enjoyed by Children as young as 3, thanks to a generous donation of these materials by Uncle Sam. Good old Uncle sam, give him a peace prize.

No Real "Freeze,"

What? Israel is going to steal more land, evict more Palestinians? Color me surprised.

Because AlPAC is in control of them. [Congress]

Naaawww, really???!!! I am shocked, I tell you, shocked!!!!!!!!
Israel is so full of crap, it is no longer worth blogging on the subject.
Good luck with that peace process!

There are several possibilities to peace.
1) You can annihilate your enemy or make their lives so miserable they accept anything. Israel has been attempting this for decades and it isn't working.
2) You can through education and other programs encourage a majority willing to make a legitimate compromise. Not happening.
3) You can impose economic sanctions that make it impossible not to accept solutions even though politically it is impossible. And this is what is left and it is slowly gaining momentum.

one day the biggest enemies of the juice will be proven to be themselves.

It would be so great if they would really do this. Then perhaps, we can have some peace but, you, I and, the entire international community knows that the Zionists will never, ever, even consider it.
The most propbable outcome to this black, black hole of misery is that, eventually, as Israel digs deeper and deeper into the territory, Palestinian demographics will overwhelm them and the hate that they have fostered amongst that demographic, will eventually explode against them while they are "stuck in the middle with them".
They cannot exterminate, nor displace millions of Palestinians, no matter how hard they try.

Hey Cigar, good to see you!
They too can return to claim the land. Not to mention the millions that are still there.
Israel does not realize that they are painting themselves into a corner, surrounded by states that loathe them. Their hubris, arrogance and sense of entitlement based on the credo of "God's chosen people", has left them discredited, unmasked and alienated from the rest of the international community.
They better make sure that the US remains strong, it is their only hope.

Generations of Palestinians will never forget 60 years of crimes, injustices and theft of their land

It is a matter of record that Mahmoud Abbas participated in 18 years of direct negotiations with seven Israeli governments; all without the settlements freeze.
In which time the settlements and their associated infrastructure grew exponentially. What do you suggest, that Abbas sit down for another 18 years of negotiation while Israel continues it's apartheid rampage? He has wised up to the problems of his previous approach. More power to him.
While he declines negotiations the world is now seeing the it's the Palestinians that were the problem as defined by the Israeli's but the Israeli's themselve.
Israel continues to undermine the very credibility to the Middle East peace process, making a mockery of existing agreements and sabotaging all prospects for a return to genuine negotiations.
The real thing that threatens Israel’s legitimacy is the way it behaves and maintains the occupation. That is the issue.
Israel will never stop constructing houses on Palestinian land until they are totally isolated by the entire world community, the US stops providing them with money and military assistance and the UN allows the Palestinians to unilaterally declare and the World recognizes a Palestinian state.
Israel can attack Lebanon, Syria, Gaza and anyone else that doesn;t agree with their failed policies. They threaten anyone who opposes them with military action. Yet, they cannot get their illegal settlers behind the green line and into Israel and out of Palestine and settle for peace? Oh, that’s rich.

Ironic behavior [settlers vandalizing mosques with Nazi images.]..­.yet in some corners there are shouts of unfair comparisons to previous cultures.
They seem unclear on the definition of "compare" and think new behavior and actions have to mirror past behavior and actions...­from A to Z, before such a comparison would be fair.
The important thing here is that a member of the government has sent a signal to the settler movement that they are not taking any "freeze" seriously.
It's a sham-- and yet some wonder why the Palestinians, i.e. are refusing to negotiate.
Thank you Benny Begin for being more honest than your party leader.
Time for the US to take action.

See, it's not a freeze, come on. It's just an act. Really. A deception, a head-fake. So relax. We're not really going to stop illegally taking the land. No, not ever.
So, shhhhh... calm down. We've got this swindle covered.
We've got the nukes, the holy books, and no one will dare stop us from taking what we want. God says we're "chosen" and everyone else is less-than.
Case closed!

A mosque is burned and nothing on the front pages of US media. Now if a Synagogue was scratched, then it would be on all over the place. Nope, nobody controls the media.

there was a group in the 30's and 40's that continued to do whatever they pleased because they thought they were right and 'destined' to "OWN" something.
and all attempts to "appease" them just enabled them to take more.

[response] Thabit
Well said and true

" and people must stop using it." [The Jews-Nazis comparison.]
I'm not Palestinian you know - you don't get to decide what I think.

jj - i haven't "used it" [J/N comparison.] but merely pushed back against the Hasbara Thought Police.

Gaza IS the Warsaw Ghetto only bigger and lasting longer. If israel thought it could get away with it it would wipe out Gaza tomorrow. Cast Lead was just testing the water.

"Except it's not at all a valid comparison [J/N], as supporters of Israel have proven time and time again."
You've proven nothing of the sort. The conduct of the settlers and the Israeli government itself, and the current U.S. policy toward Israel, are proving the comparison more and more apt each day.

Yaakov Neeman:

It is the same country where the president ra.p.ed a woman !

once again the Israel apologists try to change the topic by pointing the finger at someone else.

"Step by step we will bestow religious law upon the citizens of Israel and transform religious law into the binding law of the state," he said.
How is that taken out of context?
Sounds like the Israel is becoming what they accuse Iran and the Taliban of.

A dictatorship is a dictatorship and no dictate is more personal or intrusive than one of conscience.
Theocracy is theocracy, and unless you are part of the official group you are still on the outs.
Watch the movie 'Promises'. It's no picnic living in Israel as an Arab.

Heh. Israel. The only democracy in the world that can be seriously compared by its supporters to sharia states.
Worst democracy ever.

All parties in Israel have coddled the fundamentalists in order to gain support for coalition governments. As we know, theocratic factions are implacable, aggressive and immune to logic - after all, they already know everything. The present government goes a step beyond; it is part and parcel of domination of the State by the orthodox extremists. When this minister speaks, he speaks with the voice of real political power. Does anyone out there still think that Israel has any interest in peaceful accords with Palestinians? More war is on the way.

That's not the point. Remember, Israel is "the only democracy in the Middle East," [notice the quotes] a major reason given for why we continue to blindly support them. If they become just like the Arabs...we­ll, what then?

Israel and the US Congress claim that Israel is the only "true" democracy in the Middle East, thereby giving some sort of validation to the US's unwavering support for Israeli atrocities.

An excellent representative of Israeli justice. :) [Bigotry.]

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