Tuesday, December 15, 2009

HuffPoWatch: Rahm Emanuel Lights National Menorah

Last night the Huffington Post published a story about Rahm Emanuel and a few Chabad rabbis lighting the National Menorah on the White House lawn. You can read all about it, but in case you didn't think so, Israel is not mentioned. In fact the only text besides the pictures was a reminder about what Hannukah is. Here's one of the pictures:

I expected this would bring out the anti-Semites on the Huffington Post, and the audience did not disappoint. Out of the following 237 comments (so far) on the unmoderated thread here are the worst. Comments that attacked religion in general (and there were quite a few) were not included.

the worlds largest menorah brought to you by goldman sachs and partners via their hundreds of billions in taxpayer bonuses and trillions in toxic derivative assets.

[Response: "I think the menorah was provided by Chabad. Response to that:]

from The Jerusalem Post: Nov 14, 2007 21:38 | Updated Nov 15, 2007 11:20 - Chabad heads suspected of major embezzlement - http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1195036609095&pagename=JPost%2FJPArticle%2FShowFull

I get the feeling the US is a subsidiary of Israel.

dual citizen rahm

what happened to the rabbis selling organs in NJ? that got buried in the msm real fast.

2% of the US population dwarf all around them.

Lets not forget bernie Madoff, David A. Tenenbaum, Jonathan Pollard, Irv Rubin, Stephen Bryen, Richard Perle, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, David Greenglass, Morton Sobell ,Harry Gold Just to name a few

The thing about Judaism is that they demand others to open their tents while they themselves throw out and then close their tent to others. If you don't believe me ask a Palestinian.

PaIestine belongs to the PaIestinians no matter how many biIIons of vveapons the White House sends to the 2ionists.

The Jewish state belongs to the Palestinian people.

v eyepete
There is no doubt about the Christian heritage of the founding fathers of this nation. Those beliefs are tightly woven together with our national traditions and therefore we respect them. We can not throw them out. If your family has come here since 1776, you must respect what was here before you arrived. Adding respect for other religions traditions will never hurt us as a nation.

I wish I could feel good about anything Hebraic, but they are an exclusive religion that only grudgingly opens up to others outside their own sphere. They want rights and privileges that they themselves are unable to give to others, which is respect and tolerance. They don't see the two sides of their own coin. One should always look to how they are treating the Palestinians to observe their true nature. They do that on the American taxpayers dime, and this is what I object to.

Boss's Day on the White House lawn

Obama i think your double standards and no equality is beyond measure..where are the signs for the muslim eid festival last week,and the sikh,and hindos,and buhddist,christian,greek orthodox and many many other faiths festivals...

i hope one day there will be on the white house lawn the symbol of the freedom of palestine

Yes...as the Goldman Sachs' CEO told us..."doing the work of God...."

W i l l
How do you get a national anything when you're less than 2% of the overall population?

When Goldman Sachs gets trillions from YOU and can BUY campaign donations with it.

You forgot to mention being 95% owners of movies, television, news (both print and electronic), lawsuit abuse, etc. All the things that make American life what it currently is

The spirit of envy (and hate of others) can NEVER obscure the season's true history and meaning for the overwhelming majority of Americans...thankfully.
Peace and love for ALL humanity. [You might need to read the context to understand why this one is a problem.]

" There are many good, honest, hard-working Jewish Americans who should not have to give up their traditions and religion."

You wouldn't happen to be including their religious tradition of genocide(butchering the Canaanites because God told them so. Doing the same to the Palestinians), would you? I am absolutely cool with those who identify as Jewish culturally but have given up their backwards faith.

All of us who follow Abrahamic religions either just culturally or full on practice are all guilty of following pretty blood-thirsty faiths; however, most of us aren't engaged in full-on genocide and apartheid in order to secure the "purity" of a religious state.
Zionism, Orthodox Judaism, Christian and Islamic fundamentalism all need to be put in the same box as Fascism and Racism in terms of unacceptable ideologies. [Notice the inclusion of "Zionism."]

W i l l
I've heard of over compensating...but oy vey...what a sad display that is.

Let's see, each "flame" must represent 1 Billion dollars that Americans are forced to "give" to Israel every year. Happy Extortion-ah

As far as I know we don't just hand them money for being whatever it is that Israel calls itself to command to be subsidized in this way. As far as Democracy goes, I don't see that we have a Democracy in America. If fact, anyone but a FOX Zombie knows that we don't have a Democracy in the U.S. As far as being forced to support the killing race in Israel Im sure Americans would rally against it if in fact we did have a Democracy.
Nope! No anti-Semites here! Just anti-Zionists! Welcome to the Huffington Post!


  1. people just love to hate the Jews - on the right we need to be saved and on the left we are money grubbing zionists running an aparties state. On yeah - we also stared communism, capatalism and started ww2

  2. If you don't like it then go back to the middle east, you know, the land you've supposedly been whining about for 2000 years but most of you still can't find your way back to.