Monday, December 21, 2009

HuffPoWatch: Picture of Murdered Jew Appears on Dating Site

The Huffington Post has published a small story about a picture of Ilan Halimi appearing on a Muslim dating site. For those of you who aren't familiar with the story, he was a French Jew who was tortured to death by four people because of his faith. The story has nothing to do with Israel, of course, and it was sickening even by news standards. But that didn't stop the Huffington Post community from trotting out the usual anti-Israel and anti-Jewish talking points.


If your charged with murder why would give a $h1T about being called anti-semitic.Why is ANY crime against a Jew Anti-semetic but just a "crime" if committed on the other 6.5 billion people on the planet ?
Kind of makes me think of the attitude of Israelis toward Palestinians because so frequently Palestinians are described as the "other". Recon "never again" only counts toward Jews in Israel .....Right?

True. Israeli Jews (not all of course) consider Palestinians and Lebanese people as sub-human. This is well known and well documented and Israeli behavior towards their neighbors is indicative of their beliefs. [Well since he said "not all" I guess that makes it okay.]

It seems the antisemitic card was overplayed in this case. Theft was a major element here, and there doesn't seem to be any tangible evidence that antisemitism was the key factor. It really was just a horrible, brutal murder.
The purport of the article here seems to suggest a terrible irony in his picture being used for a Muslim site, which is a very bigoted conclusion to draw. As if it is a particular affront to the Jewish people to be associated even mistakenly with Muslims.
[He might have a point, but consider the source. This isn't the first time he's appeared on this blog.]
[In response to a post about how people blame Jews for things.]
How about 9/11? Where did that come from?

Same place as the attack on the Liberty.

You like to post this. My thought is, when a number of people, of every ethnic group, in various world locales, begin to hate a people, it is time for them to think about why.
The entire world (or most of it) is worried about Islamic fundamentalism. We understand why. There is active anti-Islamic sentiment in the US, much of Europe, and other areas. The terrorist issues, the issues of repression, narrow-minded way of living in the past, has brought this on.

[In response to a post about how Halimi was killed because he was Jewish.]
Why do Israeli snipers murder women holding white flags in Gaza? Because they’re Palestinians! Correct? But the American media seems to drop stories like that quickly, with no real questions asked. Just like they’ve spent forty-some years trying to make the attack on the USS Liberty go away. Makes you wonder who’s running the show, doesn’t it?

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