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HuffPoWatch: Palestinians Mark One-Year Anniversary of Gaza War

This article has been on the Huffington Post for a while, but since it's stayed active up until now, we held off doing a profile until now.

The article is about how Hamas marked the one year anniversary of Cast Lead by proclaiming it a victory and holding a rally. Surprisingly, though, "the Hamas call to rally was met with indifference", as most of the Gazans are beginning to recognize Hamas for what it is: a source of problems rather than a solution to them.

The HPers responded to this article not with happiness over the apparent lack of Hamas support in Gaza (surprise, surprise), but anger at the "pro-Israel bias" of the article. You can read it yourself and decide how biased it is, and then read the comments below.

All Terror is wrong. but please, do not even attempt to compare, it simply can not be compared. Israeli terrorism is the worst.

Support of Israel is a moral defect.

[To a pro-Israel poster.] Yeah you people. Apologists, sympathizers and cheerleaders.

Precisely why you would be criminal minded to even support the Criminal entity of Israel.

What is it about Israel? Simple: When the human monsters in Darfur do their thing, or when Hamas commits some barbaric act, we in the US are not implicitly also guilty, because we do not support them with billions of dollars in economic aid, nor are we their chief suppliers of high-tech munitions, nor do we wield our diplomatic force on their behalf. That's the difference. Pretty simple, really. [Claiming Israel is the same as the genocidal government of Sudan.]

Shame on I_. I_ is the cause of so many unnecessary and horrific problems.

Welcome to Hasbara.

There is no way to reason with Israel's supporters at this point. Those with a moral conscience who once supported the Israeli state have gradually moved away from blind support to conditional support to a final refusal to support Israel as long as its behavior requires that its supporters to deny their own consciences and defy their own moral reasoning. Those who are left, Christian or Jew, are the same sorts who supported the Bush administration no matter what it did, or cowardly politicians. There is no point talking with them anymore. We need to make politicians who are inclined to support Israel understand that it will cost them our support, and let corporations or universities that maintain relations with Israel know that their support of Israel is as unacceptable today as support for South Africa was in the time of Apartheid. This will be an uphill battle, but it is the only way forward at this point; those who still think of Israel as an outpost of American values in the Middle East are either too stupid or too evil or too blinded by ideology to be reasoned with.

The title of this article is so comical : "anniversary of Gaza war..." This wasn't a war, it was a one-sided offensive, a massacre and a carnage.
The comedy goes on with this gem : "Thirteen Israelis were also killed in the conflict, and Hamas also faces war crimes allegations." It fails to mention that 4 of the israeli casualties were caused by friendly fire, that 10 were soldiers and that at most 3 were civilians. On the other hand, 1417 palestinians were killed, not including those who died from their wounds from lack of access to care. Out of those, 116 were civilain women and 313 were children. The war crime charges against Hamas is a farce, only to give a feeling of balance and fairness to the more serious allegations against Israel.
It's interesting to see how this post can be so biased and at times, give the eerie feeling I'm reading something quoted from Fox News. I see a very obvious effort to make to apology of Israel in this article when in fact, the world should not stand for this kind of bullying. Not from the US, not from Israel, not from any country!
[morality by numbers]

The Palestinians were and are incapable of starting a war. They have virtually no weapons. [Reverse racism.]
The Palestinians have a homeland. It is called Palestine. Unfortunately israel is currently living on 78% of it and controlling the other 22%.

Not only with facts and references but through experience and personal accounts having lived in the mid-east.
 Please direct me to the Zionist propaganda
that claims that Palestinians weren't expelled.
And if they weren't expelled; why weren't they let back in to claim what was rightfully theirs?
But please, by all means, shower me with your exhausting and vastly embellished Zionist accounts.
BTW, I don't have satellite or cable, but I'll give 100% more credence to Al Jazeera than any of the major American garbage outlets.

Operation Cast Lead is the most recent act of cowardice. Literally using acid bombs on a civilian population.
Stay classy Israel!

I think Al Jazeera gives a very unbiased view of the situation. Truly, it is unacceptable. Israel has created a super concentration camp. It is a concentration camp, no question.

Ignorance is all over your mind.

Your comments, a show of infantile thinking, demonstrate your hate for humanity and human rights.

Shameless, only a very entitled and arrogant person would expect security after a sixty year occupation and the inhumane siege of Gaza.
Israeli apologists want more than having their cake and eating it.
They want to humiliate, objectify, and dehumanize.

bermanator - for anti zionist read - and remember - anti fascist.

Absurd, Palestinian behavior is irrelevant. The conditions on the ground haven't changed regardless of rockets or terror.
While some Palis and Hamas might have in their vision the extermination of Israel, it is indeed Israel that has indulged in the exterminatory behavior.
The Israeli apologists are shameless. You'd think they'd have the humility to be content with the territory Israel has stolen, and the crimes Israel has been allowed to get away with, but the self-righteousness and entitlement continues.
[Yes, the Palestinians are blameless for what Israel does to them]

I speculate that the most medical attention some Palestinian prisoners have gotten is that which comes posthumously when the organ harvesters make their rounds.

What Palestinian classrooms? You mean the one's the IDF play target practice on.
The Israeli apologists are beyond shameless. They occupy and colonize an indigenous population yet they expect roses in return.
No, I've never visited a Palestinians classroom, but I've spent enough time with Palestinian refugees to know whose getting the crooked end of the stick.

Right, it is a holiday camp. Your programmed denial is beyond belief.

On the anniversary of the Gaza massacre Ban Ki-Moon stated once again that "Gazans are being denied their basic human rights". They are being denied materials to rebuild the homes destroyed by the israelis. A sewage plant was destroyed and cannot be rebuilt. Supplies of food and medicine are inadequate. NO ROCKETS ARE BEING FIRED.
This is just part of israel's ongoing atrocity against the Palestinians about whom both the Western and Arab worlds do not appear to care very much.

Because the MSM needs to make Israel into the "good guy", no matter the truth.

'Massacre' please, that was no 'War', it was a cold-blooded slaughter, worth of the waffenschutzstaffel of Benedict's old team in Poland, etc. in the 40's...

Israel is the problem!

"Rights of history"? Is that a legal or historic term? So your happy that many Arabs lost their live and homes? Is that what your saying? Icing on the cake would be that Israel started living up to its commitments as an adult nation. My Uncle, shot down over France and a second cousin died over Hamburg liberating Europe and the Jews of Europe. Icing on the cake would be if Israel, acted less like Germany did in the war towards Jews as they now do towards the Arabs. That would be sweet.

Yet worst than the Israeli blockade is the Egyptian complicity in the starvation and genocide of their own brethren in the occupied territory! Yet as they say, "Karma is a b-tch!" And one day the Egyptian leadership will feel her long silent but never forgiving wrath!

That's why I support Hamas and Hezbollah.
[the honesty is refreshing]

so Innocent Israelis are more important than innocent Gaza population? You make several good points, so far the only one I agree with is, eh. Aboot the rockets, as I have said many, many times, rockets and suicide bombers are no more justified than the actions of the IDF. Its the U.N. an the NGO's that are saying the things about infant deaths, smaller body's an so on. I never said the blockade should be allowed to bring in arms. Anything, anything else should be allowed. Its disturbing that a fellow Canuck would be ok with a 100-1 kill ratio, if the ratio is in favor if the Israel's. Artillery, bombs droped by war planes and tanks is OVERKILL. If all those weapons are up against rocks, and very small rockets is ok with you then man we got no more to discuss. Bush used the same twisted logic to invade Iraq he was wrong and so is Israel. If you live in Gaza, you live in Gaza, there is no where else to go because its the worlds largest concentration camp, and if anyone should no better it should damn well be the Israel's. Good luck and good night. This has been a special comment by Kennyfloyd Olberman.

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