Friday, December 11, 2009

HuffPoWatch: Palestinians Fake Cancer To Flee Blockaded Gaza

After a period of relative silence on the topic of Israel and the Palestinians, the Huffington Post came back massively with a flurry of articles, which in turn provoked a flurry of responses. Fisked here is one of the latest and greatest threads, where the anti-Semites on the Huffington Post came crawling out of the woodwork to spew their hate. The article is pretty clearly about the topic, and even though there have only been 136 responses so far, the anti-Semitism there is over 9,000, so to speak. By the way, the thread is unmoderated, but comments have been deleted and I know some of mine were held up in moderation. Here's one comment to get you going:

NEVER AGAIN they said after WWll.
What they meant was never again would they be of the receiving side of such an action. To be on the Opp.ressor side of things, well that slogan should be FOREVER AGAIN, WE HOPE!
The chosen ones. Yeah. Right.

That's right. This poster just wanted the Jews to be murdered like in the Shoah or "oppressed forever." Just when I thought I had seen it all, the anti-Semites on the Huffington Post continue to surprise me. This comment was actually deleted, along with some others, as I wrote this post, which meant it had been up for hours at least. Read on, if you have the stomach for it:

[To a pro-Israel poster.]What does that have to do with the fact that some Gazaans are so utterly desperate to get out of the hellhole prison that Israel has created for them that they're willing to fake a terminal illness?
You might think if you repeat a lie often enough (that all muslims are terrorists) it becomes true but I'm glad to say those days are over. [As far as I know, the poster has never said that.]
Just like Iran after their corrupt elections, Israel can't control the message anymore.

Maybe the Palestinians are faking cancer so their organs won't be harvested by the Israelis.

The HoffPolice got my first comment; let me try again.
Perhaps (faking cancer). They need to try everything to escape the ho1ocaust of life in the open air c-camp.

Since I'm Jewish, I probably wouldn't live very long. [responses...]

Change great...
never mind.

Wait really I would have never guessed

The fate of all tyrants eventually.
[In response to someone's comments that even though Egypt contributes to the blockade, they are not called "apartheid" or other loaded terms:]
Okay-- Egypt shouldn't do that!
Now back to Israel, Gaza is a massive ghetto. I am disgusted that my taxdollars (2 billion a year) support the corrupt government in Israel that continues these war crimes.

There is a whole other story on the Egyptian wall. Screaming "anti Semite" every 5 minutes is so old, tired, incorrect and insulting. Most of the world don't buy it except for the US Congress of course which has already been bought.

Israel is NOT a democracy. A democracy is a political system where all persons under control of the state have equal rights and suffrage. Keeping a portion of the population that you control outside the rule of law as cheap chattel is not a democracy. Israe1 controls the Palestinian lands.
It's totally uncivilized, but this was to be expected when you really think about it.

Nascent Palestinian State. LOL...
That was a good one! And the Pals. are refusing ever offer of a state that comes their way!
Your cheap propaganda is not fooling anyone, except perhaps StCuthbert or others of his ilk. He says life in the OPT ranks among the best in the ME.

It's much worse than that.
Don't you know? It is the Palestinians who are terrorists, not us.
Don't you know? Israel only ever acts in self-defense.
Well, that's the way the oppression of the Palestinians is sold to the world.

Israelis can [justify ill treatment.] by pretending the Palestinians "do not exist".
They also say they can "move to jordan", while fencing them in with razor wire and concrete.

Interesting perspective. It's not Egypt and Jordan's responsibility to take on consequences of Israel's ho1ocaust of the Palestinians.

Credibility from you I can do without.
Let me know when I've totally exhausted it please. Drop me an email at

It says that they've forgotten what they promised themselves after the Holocaust ended.

Welldunn "never again " only applys to Jews , and because it happened to them , otherwise it can happen over and over as long as its not to a Jew and they are fine with that

Just heard about this story.
Very sorry to hear how badly these poor people are treated and the lengths they must go to, to be Free, and to be able to take good & proper care of themselves and their families. Stuff the rest of us take for granted.
And all this punishment, we are told, because they voted for the group called Hamas and these folk must now be taught a lesson.
How painful that Israeli leadership and Jewish leaders abroad as well, are the ones to make a mockery of the Holocaust principle of "Never again" - Doing unto another nation what was once done to them. Forgetting all the good people who died fighting for them and their rights and against Germany. [Unbelievable...]

This reminds me of the ghettos in WWII Europe. It's sick.

[response] CigarGod It is where it was learned. [My comment pointing out this was anti-Semitism was deleted.]

Egypt does not wage war on civilians like back in Jan. How many children died again?

Save your breath, thelonelygod [pro-Israel poster.] is a very sad bigot!

It says that they've forgotten what they promised themselves after the Holocaust ended.


  1. phemara's "The fate of all tyrants eventually" comment was deleted, right after I reported it and posted a response asking if he were actually suggesting that StCuthbert deserved to be murdered for being Jewish. Coincidence?

    I seriously wonder how these comments get through moderation. Do the moderators see the context?

  2. I think the initial moderation is a computerized process, where posts are scanned for keywords like "racist", "bigot" "Jew" "Muslim" etc. When those keywords are hit, a person looks at them, but otherwise posts will go through unhindered. That's why putting a p.eriod in the m.iddle of w.ords helps a post go through more quickly.

  3. That explains a lot. I don't think putting periods in the middle of words is worth the decreased wait time. It looks so classless.