Monday, December 14, 2009

HuffPoWatch: Obama at Oslo: Israel Exempt from International Standards

MJ Rosenberg is back! With his latest piece singling Israel out, implying that is the only country on earth that isn't held accountable for its actions. There's nothing there that we haven't heard before: Obama is being too easy on Israel, Israel "killed 1400 Palestinians," how can the USA ignore Israel's nuclear weapons, and so forth. He rails against American "hypocrisy" and yet refers to Israel as a "miracle." I am glad that Mr. Rosenberg has some good will towards Israel, though you'd never know it from the rest of his article. Too bad his audience doesn't share that good will.

Israel has lost the propaganda war and the tooth-past is out of the tube. The Palestinians are clearly not going quietly into the night and the concept of a country based on religious purity or historical destiny is quite ridicules at this point. Israeli politics need to grow up before they lose any leverage they have left.
[To a poster who disagreed with the above.] Like I said, grow up.
thanks MJ for your courage in writing this article. You are the torch-bearer of justice among the American jews of intellect but unfortunately, as reflected in some of the comments by zionists here day after day, , the masses of American jews are brainwashed by the "lobby".

Thank you MJ for this excellent article.
Silence about Israelis nuclear weapons and lack of membership to the NPT while maintaining such harsh rhetoric towards Iran’s nuclear program, which is legally allowed to enrich uranium as a NPT member is an example of the kind of outright double standard BS that the United States has been following in its foreign policy.
When will Obama hold Israel to the same standards that Israel is demanding of Iran and anyone else who threatens Israel’s hegemonic agenda? Level the nuclear playing field or get rid of it.
Israel does not realize that they are painting themselves into a corner, surrounded by states that loathe them. Their hubris, arrogance and sense of entitlement based on the credo of "God's chosen people", has left them discredited, unmasked and alienated from the rest of the international community.
In addition, if Obama is not yet prepared to do the right thing and bring the Israeli Occupation to its knees, then the world progressive community will have to continue and intensify its campaign.
Israel and its supporters should expect the continuation of the erosion of its support in the world.
They should expect intensifying cries for justice in international legal venues. Pressure mustl mount from governments like the EU, if not eventually from the US.
Israel is on it's way to becoming persona grata in the international community.
Let’s not forget, whatever Israel accuses another country of doing you can bet they themselves have already done it.

Agree. So lets just return the israelis to where they came from, Eastern and Western Europe, and give the land back to the people that were living there for hundreds of years. That's the Palestinians in case you haven't been reading your history books.

Rest his Soul, Professor Edward Said said this a couple of decades ago. At the time, he was shouted down. Eventally, a unfied Palestine, binational with multiple religions, one wo/man one vote will come. There is absolutely no other way to have peace there. Zionism has to die out for peace.

Isn't it amazing. Goldstone is a well respected Jewish jurist who has investigated other war crimes (Bosnia I believe) and is openly pro-israel. Could you have handpicked someone more qualified and, from an israeli perspective, less biased against israel?
Imagine if he had been a Muslim/Arab. israel would have yelled and screamed. Only g-d can judge the Jews.

Inoku, Yes, RAELLY! too bad the time for zionism and its agents is almost up. good riddance.

You may want to review your Hasbara handbook, because that was pretty weak.

And the Israeli - American hegemony killed over 1,000,000 Iraqis in the war and over 500.000 children under the sanctions !
Hundreds of thousands of Afghans. Oh i forgot they are not " god;s chosen people " destined to inherit the earth !

well obama knows who can keep him and his dem budies in congress for another 4 years. So he's not gonna fuel that fire.

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