Thursday, December 31, 2009

HuffPoWatch: Marchers To Gaza Gather In Cairo, Egypt Says Few Can Cross Border

The latest and greatest update about the Gaza Freedom Marchers being delayed in Egypt led to a comment about an anti-Zionist Holocaust survivor named Hedy Epstein. This of course led to a storm of anti-Semitic comments comparing Israelis to Nazis, inflicting a "Holocaust" on the Palestinians. Read on, if you have the stomach for it. Just as a reminder, this was an unmoderated thread, so we can't get on the case of the moderators too much. But it does give us yet another insight into the Huffington Post community where Israel, Jews and Palestinians are involved:

I would like very much to join in that protest!
Unfortunately, in America there is a complete and total blackout of news about the Palestinian Holocaust, all news, anything about this ongoing brutal Israeli occupation of Palestinians is subject to complete and total censoring by the American media.
Israels brutal invasions and assaults and stealing of Palestinian lands will never be seen nor heard about from media cuckholds such as CNN.

I think that Hedy Epstien recognizes that Palestinian children in Gaza are the victims of a newer holocaust perpetrated by the Israeli government and the IDF.

I agree with thrdr, I think Israel has created a durable ghetto in Gaza similar to the ghetto created during WWII in Kraków. They are not hauling them out, just starving them in place.


I think the Palestinian children are too busy living in their own holocaust to worry about what you see as significant at this moment!

Hedy was humiliated when searched by guards at the Izrli Airport. How sad that Izrl stoops to picking on little old ladies now and 'juicyju" can’t resist ridiculing an old woman with a tragic past.
There is a double-standard when you consider that Isrl banned references to "Nakba" the "Catastrophe", in books destined for Palestinian children and prohibited events marking the massive cle'nsing of Pal stinians from the territories when Isrl was created and millions of Pa stinians became refugees.
I wouldn't fret. Israel's doing a great job of teaching the surviving Gaza kids all about it [the Holocaust].

What a nerve! Playing the Holocaust Card while at the same time Israel is perpetrating it's own holocaust of the Palestinian people who were driven out of their homeland:
Now Israel is ethnically cleansing the Palestinians out of existence. And you 'dare' to complain that 'the neighbors' don't like you?? I wonder why?
Palestinians have the right to exist and in their own homeland. The right of return for the Palestinians must take place.

Read what Mr. Neta yahu recently commented on Iran's leadership:
"Iran is silencing all sources of information," said Netanyahu. "Using the power of the Internet and of Twitter against the Iranian regime is a tremendous thing that the United States can do."
Watch how the pot called the kettle black:
HAHAHA! Neta yahu feigns concern for Iranians accusing their leadership of controlling the media, but no one does it as well as Iz ray el!

fifteen pounds
hmm, as opposed to those "do gooders" inside the fortress of the Jewish state? Those doo gooders who kill on a whim, destroy houses in order to build apt. houses for their own occupying forces. Get a clue...sooner or later the Jewish state of Israel is going to have to come to terms with its own muslim and Druze minorities and the surrounding millions of displaced and victimized people who see them as invaders and might not like it, but that is the truth....Israel is the greatest mistake of the 20th Century and it is destroying everything the USA once stood for...When the Egyptian govenment falls after Mubarek passes, things are going to be very uncomfortable in that area for everyone....Blaming Hamas is not going to cut it....blame those really responsible for the catastrophe in creating a Eurpean state in a Muslim area....

And if the best deal the Palestinian people can expect from Israel in its current political alignment is ongoing ethnic-cleansing and the threat of genocide?

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