Thursday, December 3, 2009

HuffPoWatch: Jewish Nationalists Clash With Palestinians in East Jerusalem

As mentioned yesterday, there's an article on the HP about Jewish settlers fighting with Palestinians, and it is accompanied by a video. You can find the video below, or follow the link to the article. I highly encourage you to do that, because it reveals the absurdity of the comments. Let's see what the HPers interpreted that video as:

No. Like when Israel raids Gaza, blockades and starves the place in violation of the truce, launches missiles into Gaza, and then Hamas responds with rockets.
[putting the cart before the horse]

The BBC changes the words from TERRORISTS SETTLERS to " Jewish Nationalists" which shows
how they twist the facts in order to deceive the world
.WHAT ABOUT the Palestinian lands !
The lands that they're talking about is actually a Palestinian homes for three to five generations ! Can you Imagine an American born Jew arrives to Israel and decides to remove a palestinian family from their OWN east Jerusalem's home that they live in & own 4 many generations and he succeeds to expell the Palestinian family from their own home based on appartheid State rules that allows jews
to live any where in Israel even if they wanted to remove a Palestinian family & take over the house.
NOTE : Those Palestinians who live in east Jerusalem are ISRAELI CITIZENS but it doesn't matter
because in Israel,Jews are free to own all the lands..." Hypocracy in action "
[media conspiracy theory, about the BBC no less!]

the medical technology developed in Israel doesn't atone for the war crimes that Israel has committed.
[but, of course, the myth of "stolen land" DOES atone for Palestinian war crimes]

Why do we give these racist orthodox settlers $8 billion a year of US Taxpayer money? [so it's not just the settlers, it's all of Israel]

Nice to know these racists have free healthcare, while half of Americans go without. We pay for these settlers to get subsidized homes and swimming pools, all while they commit crimes against humanity and display a disgusting sense of religious and racial superiority.

Judeofacists never did anything for America, we need to keep our tax dollars at home rather than fund these racists. These facists don't deserve to have a higher standard of living than Americans, whose tax dollars are squandered on these thugs.

Let me guess, the huffpo censors will stop this and only allow me to post if I throw in bogus and stupid terms like islamofacist (which makes no sense), or if I use the misquote of what the figurehead president of Iran said about Israel.
[Rant, rant, rant...]

The Palestinians could have done that settler in after they hit him and he was just standing there. It is a testament to Palestinian patience and benevolence that he was able to walk away from that encounter.
[see my article below about this doozy]

Many of the hostile "Jewish Settlers" are orthodox American Jews. This could cause an even fiercer reaction from native Palestinians because these usurpers manage to con, weasel, bribe or downright steal properties from desperate Palestinian owners, and THEN have the audacity to want to "fight" to keep these pilfered properties from their rightful owners.
[overly simplistic and incorrect view of the conflict]

One can hardly blame the Palestinians for fighting back. I hope the Palestinians win their freedom and reclaim all the land that has been stolen from them since 1967. Then we can talk about what was stolen from the Palestinians in the 1940's.
[excuse me? fighting BACK?]

How can you fault the Palestinians? You try to steal my home, I will resist.
[usually walking through East Jerusalem isn't considered stealing, but hey, any world view will do]

The institutionalised theft of properties like this backed up by justice system which is systemically racist is one of the many reasons Israel cannot be considered a true democracy.

Having different laws for people living in the same place based on ethnicity is fundamentally wrong.

Peter Noble2
Today I have yet another reason to feel ashamed. I know my family and many New York Jews like Mayor Bloomberg give unreserved support to Israel. However if Bloomberg was the Mayor of Jerusalem I would hope he would not tolerate such mob violence.

Time to stop our support for Israel. I am an American by choice. I am an American first, my oath and loyalty come way ahead of my being a Jew. Sadly most Jews put Israel first and America second. If we were Muslims this would be a major scandal. Here we are rewarded with the safest place ever to live and yet we insist that our leaders support a country that does not remotely protect the longtime inhabitants of the region our people stole back. Even the Colonial rule of the British would find this shameful. Israel has no shame. America has no shame in who it supports.

If Jews cannot stop the rage...

What has been done to us is beyond comprehension but if we can't form a nation of laws that protects even the most despicable then perhaps its time my cousins left Israel and choose the best country in history to live as a Jew: America.
[Palestinians beat a Jew and he blames the Jews for not "stopping the rage"? What the heck?]

VIolence is always regretable. But Fundamentalist Jewish Zionists can expect nothing else as they steal Palestinian lands and homes. A movement that unleashes pogroms on the Palestinians can expect to be treated in kind. I am not a lawyer, but it is probable that under international law, acts of violence against adult Jewish fundamentalists is probably legitimate resistance to the Israeli occupation of Palestine. Palestinians have suffered decades of abuse at the hands of the Israeli government as well as at the hands of these unoffical settlers. Israel turns a blind eye against settler violence and I view the fundamentalist settlers as a form of paramilitary shock troops.  
[Really? So if you steal something from me, I'm allowed to BEAT YOU? No, I'm supposed to call the police and work it out in court.]

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