Tuesday, December 22, 2009

HuffPoWatch: Israel Admits Harvesting Organs from Dead Bodies Without Permission

The Huffington Post posted yesterday this article about Israeli forensic doctors who harvested organs from dead bodies they were assigned to give autopsies to. This practice is pretty disturbing, but apparently not illegal in Israel (just unethical) and the organs were harvested indiscriminately, from "Israeli soldiers, Israeli citizens, Palestinians and foreign workers,". The problem is that the harvesting was done without permission.

This is obviously pretty bad, but judging by the posts of the HPers you would think this is one of the worst things to ever happen in the world. Organ smuggling is a rise trend in the black market and it's unfortunately no surprise it made it to Israel.

It's also very interesting that this article is old news. The harvesting happened in the 1990s and stopped in 2004, which is when the news first broke. Why is the Huffington Post reposting this old story? Because it supposedly provides corroborating evidence to support the Swedish Aftonbladet story about the IDF killing Palestinians for their organs. Of course, it clearly does not, as there is a huge difference between stealing organs from corpses and killing Palestinians specifically for their organs. It's like assuming a thief kills people for their wallets. It may be possible, but you need additional evidence beyond the theft to prove it. Of course, numerous HPers took this article to mean the Swedish article was right all along.

UPDATE: Many of the following comments were deleted, but considering that they even appeared on a fully moderated thread is pretty bad. And of course, more came right along to take their places.

Anyway, on to the comments....

When it comes to genocide they learned from the best. If you're going to try to slowly bleed a minority population and fuel your economy on their demise: waste not. Hmmm... What else could Israel use it's "citizens" for? If I recall skin makes excellent lampshades ;)

OMG...can Americans (the overwhelming majority) be subsidizing and supporting this religious State?

I was in a history of Israel class last semester, mentioned this article, and was told that this was anti-Semitic. I was also told that the person who broke the story hates Jews. Now, I can be right AND disgusted.

Most revile Dr. Mengele for his unethical practice of medicine, would crimes against humanity charges apply here as well?

[response] Apparently not because the Israeli government dropped all charges. Apparently there are different laws if you are Jewish.
[or if you're in a different state besides the US]

Hani Almadhoun (HuffPo Blogger)
This is unfortunate, Kudos to Sweden for breaking the story four months earlier. I hope no one is able to justify those inhumane immoral practices.

Oh, they will be able to; it's Israel: everything they do is justifiable.

Hmmm interesting, were they trying to emulate 40-45, as was done to them?

this must be why they keep the palestinians confined to the ghetto.............easier access to the source.......

And our inhumanity continues.
It's particularly disturbing when those who were formerly oppressed take lessons from their oppressors.

[response] well said,

these practices remind me of another time in history...

Interesting part of the article is demonstrated here, that angry Israelis played the anti-semitism card. It seems that anyone who criticizes Israel or anyone Jewish is labeled as anti-semitic, and the issue never gets examined. This is a long established pattern, apparently used quite succesfully to deflect critics, that I have noticed.

The choosen ones went a choosing.

Hideous and ghastly!!!

I have five more thoughts:

1. I wonder who made money off it.

2. It is reasonable to suspect live people were selected by the IDF and then harvested.

3. This is a glaring example of the similarity between Germany WWII era practices and Israel.

4. They say they are still doing it, but within ethical guidelines...a reasonable person would be skeptical.

5. No doubt this ghastly behavior will elicit contorted defences from the aplogists.

Well they do appear to have a long track record of ly-ing.
I would say that there is certainly room for doublt considering the Israeli track record for truth.

Of course. Did you see the denials and finger-pointing coming out of Israel when this story came out this summer? The ONLY reason they even made a statement on this today is because there was video footage not in their control.

Or do you believe everything they say? Watch and learn, sweetheart.

Who would have thought they would learn from the _______. Do they make wallets and lampshades too?

The Chosen People? LOL. I don`t think so.

This is, of course, the cover story. The truth is much more gruesome. For this, the Jews will lose Israel. [I see this poster knows "the truth" that has bypassed us mortals.]

Didn't you get the memo? The Israelis can do no wrong.

Why not? They take everything else.

Randy Treibel
The oppressed becomes the oppressor/

They are the chosen people, they can do as they wish. The rest of us are the unchosen. [Interesting how he immediately jumps to religion just because the article is about Israel.]

Trust me, they turn on Jews who criticize them too.

Only until Israel gets caught having out of wedlock relations will Americans care what it does. Atrocities suffered by Jews are not reason enough to commit new ones. This is not a matter of balancing out a ledger. It's appalling.


If this is not a criminal act, what else is?
Why is it that the world is silent when the Israelis commit a crime?

here comes the spin...it was also a coincidence when rabbis were caught in NJ selling trafficked human organs...
[Is it also a coincidence that there are people in Uganda who steal organs...?]

Don't be silly - don't you know by now Israel is always correct no matter what atrocity they commit
A3: Don't hold your breath b/c it has not happened for 60 years. Israel tells the US to jump and they jump as high as they are told. Billions of dollars to Israel, while the Palestinian people live in hovels. Awful, just awful.

This is the most despicable crime in human history. No decent society can tolerate such criminal act. The perpetrators of this crime should be brought to an international court of justice.

Christopher Millsap
This is so repugnant on so many levels that it is hard for an honest person to process. They have been caught red handed as state approved institutional organ thieves and had the gall to brand the Swedes' accusation as antisemetic??? Seems to be their only response to anything they don't approve of anymore. Sad.

As goes israel so goes America, eventually. Our government and foreign relations apporatus is filled with indiviuals with dual citizenship between the US and Isreal ( I mean Rauhm Emanual has dual citizenship for heavens sake) not to mention all the major players who's only goal is to keep America engaged in wars in the middle east to keep the pressure off of Israel and it makes US a self fulfilling prophasy: America kills innocent Muslim civilians long enough, they will hit us, which is what Israel and the rest of the war mongers want. For those who scream everytime antrisemite upon reading such thought, where you angry at the media for announcing the health care bill was passed or at the Senate who passed it... don't blame the messanger.

Soldiers di harvesting shortly after battles, supplied with coolers etc for this purpose [An obvious lie.]

Why do many people in the U.S. are prone to bend all logic and rules to make evil by Israelis appear less unjustified?

Who said we share "common values" with Israel again? Hmm? Any takers? Congressman...? [Because organ harvesting never, ever happens in America.]

People should push their representatives to stop sending our tax money to Israel.

How would Israel save Palestinians if they cant get thru checkpoints to the hospital ? It is much more likely that they harvested from palestinians that died at checkpoints

LIES...all lies...from a State who believes narcissitically everyone/anyone who is not them...has no humanity.

That includes YOU...tax paying overwhelming majority of Americans. Yes...YOU. And, YOU are paying for this.

Rachel Brownlee
Of course, cutting the heads off people is much worse than bombing innocents, shooting children, depriving millions, stealing land, committing war crimes and lying through your teeth. Hasbara much?

They got caught and they are now trying to spin the media. Who knows what they actually did to these people? There treatment of the Palestinians is inhuman and certainly creates doubt about what really happened but can never be proved.

Good Lord, what is NOT wrong about this revelation?

This practice was barbaric, Israel. At the VERY LEAST don't you think some sort of apology is in order?

Can you NOT think of some kind of parallel to a certain regime that stole body parts off of murdered Jews? Honestly?

Wow, the old "They are worse than Israel" deflection. But guess what, this story IS about Israel, not China or North Korea.


Rachel Brownlee
israel and it's supporters never apologise. they deflect, distract and distort. It's called hasbara.

Our alliance needs to be terminated. Thats all there is too it.


Israel knew this was going on and denied it, in fact covered it up, they have no credibility, I believe the Swedish reporter that broke the news, and their initial assessment, that Israel was and is killing Palestinians in order to harvest their organs!!

All things being equal the Swedes have credibility!!!!

Monsters, Civilized peoples do not do this.

Hard to believe a people almost erased from Europe by the evil nazi party would be involved is such diabolical schemes. It is not a matter of paying the piper back, rather a country that thinks it can live outside international law. Seems many think the Jews have that right. Did we and western Europe create a different monster.?

How is that state defensible?

israel does a lot abominable, heinous crimes everyday. didn't learn a thing from what they went through 60 years ago.

It is so sad that Israel has gone from being the victim to those that victimize others. This is not exclusive to Israel, just those that move to place of power.

Desecrating the dead bodies of others. You think Israel would be using their influence to put a stop to this sort of thing, not participating in it.

Reasonable observers of Israel will be far from surprised by these revelations.
ditto. i don'r get why so many americans had been brainwashed into believing that israel can't do anything wrong
Really. How can anyone be surprised at what this "country" does....Israel has killed more journalists than anywhere else, including Iraq. Accidents, happen.....a lot....They use laws they themselves create to justify takingof homes and life. It is to our shame as Americans we support these Russian immigrants now called Israelis...

Rachel Brownlee
Don't bother trying to have a rational argument with the Israel firsters posting here.
They're probably paid by the State to do their 'good deeds'!
It's called Hasbara, in the West we refer to it as propaganda.
Israel, the only country in the world that has to pay people to defend it.

fifteen pounds
Wrong...the US pays Israel then Israel takes that money and kills, steals, destroys, spies on the US, and all left over goes to healthcare for Israelis, and buying our senators and other politicians.....

The IDF was bringing them Palestinian bodies. I had to be government sanctioned. The only questions is whether the IDF killed Palestinians to create bodies.

fifteen pounds 
of course, they did....they are the chosen...

These Israeli Jews never cease to amaze me. While playing the "Whoa is me, Holocaust card" out of one side of their mouths, they do something not to far from what happened to them.

I quit feeling sorry for these people and their arrogance years ago. They continue to wage war on the Palestinians, constantly want us to feel sorry for them because they are oppressed, and it pissed me off to no end that every question in the last presidential run seemed to be what were the candidates views on Israel.

I for one, living in the Midwest could give a s**t if Israel is a country or not. I don't care if the U.S. supports it or not. I don't care if they go to war with all of the Arab world....it does not matter to me. They have one of the strongest military's in the world, and if the Arab Nations hate them (which they do), maybe they should try to play nice.
[yep, it's Israel's fault the Arab world hates them. Maybe if they had been nicer to the Germans, the Holocaust wouldn't have happened!]
fifteen pounds
there will be no ramifications, at least from the US....the Israelis know who their friends are in the govt....and they have many.....disgusting.

dead after they killed them

Israel is a disgustingly-run country.

For a group that went through the holocaust you would think they would go out of their way not to resort to the same tactics.

I was thinking that too.
I wonder if they haven't been shocked by so many unforgivable acts, that sometimes they lose their moral perspective.

I think they think that much has been done to them throughout history, they can do anything they want.

This story highlights the irresponsibility of the American government. This is what happens when weapons are given to people who apparently do not possess the moral fortitude to use these arms in a responsible manner. Continued welfare to Israel needs to be predicated on some kind of American oversight into the actions of the Israeli government, and the ability to reverse or veto Israeli laws that are not in keeping with our own legal code.
Our leaders have decided to prop up Israel's military and economy and what do they do with our support? They steal organs from those whose voices and lives have been snuffed out by American weapons. It is disgusting and shameful that we consider such countries to be our allies.


They want their mind, body, and land
it is official ,there is nothing Israel will not stoop to, and there is nothing their apologists won't explain away.End their aid now .

Sorry WBMD, but you are misinformed.
This is a war atrocity. [Not anti-semitic but an example of selective outrage.]

Which would mean that this kind of illegal activity didn't just happen 10 years ago. It's still happening. And that these few people that got caught are just the tip of the iceberg. Not that they'll ever admit to it. They still won't admit to deliberately attacking the USS Liberty back in the 60's. You could produce video of these jokers doing something illegal, and they'll stand there and deny it with a smile.
And the Israelis seem to have plenty of apologists on this site, no matter what they do.

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