Tuesday, December 1, 2009

HuffPoWatch: EU Draft Document on Division of Jerusalem

The Huffington Post published an article about how the European Union is proposing a division of Jerusalem in which the Palestinians would have half for their capital. As usual, the Palestinians are relying on their whine-o-matic to get free concessions from Israel without needing to sacrifice anything in return, including keeping the peace. Anyway, this article sparked quite a lot of hatred and clear-cut anti-Semitism. Here are some examples from the fully moderated talkback thread.:

Zionistas NEVER wanted peace, it's all written for all to see

[response] invirginia
It is written in their actions and their holy books.


Theifery [thievery] since day one
I mean right after the first copy of the talmud came out
Do you still practice what the talmud said about raping 3 year old girls ?

The Europeans are united in their radical opposition to Israel's treatment of the Palestinians [not true]. America is literally Israel's only friend on earth [also not true]. It's time for the American people to join the rest of humanity in condemning Israel's shame. Obama's heart's in the right place, but he's clearly been intimidated by AIPAC's purchase of the rest of DC, lock, stock, and barrel. Likud Israel, AIPAC, and their neocon agents who designed the invasion of Iraq are entirely responsible for the loss of thousands of Americans killed and injured in Iraq, as well as a trillion dollars of debt to the Chinese, FOR NOTHING. Even the fool neocon fantasy that regime change in Iraq would "protect" Israel was wrong. Their dumb invasion simply strengthened Israel's bitterest enemies, Iran and Bin Laden. By making the war in Afghanistan now unwinnable, by distracting America for so many years in Iraq, the neocons and their Likud backers simply brought the day closer when Bin Laden would take over Pakistan and its nukes, leading to the eventual vaporizing of NYC and Tel Aviv. And there's not a damned thing Israel will be able to do to stop them. If the Pakistani nukes are safe from India's nukes, they're just as safe from Israel's. And Israel can no more invade Pakistan to get the nukes than we can. We either defeat Bin Laden now, or NYC and Tel Aviv are toast. All because of the Israeli tail wagging the American dog right into the Iraq fiasco.

finally. This is exactly like South Africa apartheid regime but would anyone in the west dare to sanction Israel similar to what we did to south africa? I doubt it.


Zionism is on the wrong side of history, as the Europeans are screaming at Israel loud and clear. Likud is engaged in an exercise in futility in trying to keep its fingers in a dike that springs more leaks every day. Olmert rightly warned Likud that if it doesn't make a two-state peace with the Palestinians soon, Israel is simply doomed. The ancient Israelites who wrote the Jewish Bible continuously castigate the Jews for being a "stiff-necked people," meaning a people which shoots itself in the foot again and again because of its sheer blinding arrogance. Over and over, God PUNISHES the Jews for this arrogance, sending wave after wave of conquerors to teach them a lesson. Somehow, modern Zionists still don't get the message. The idea that a nation can oppress people the way South Africa did and Israel does and get away with it indefinitely is simply the madness of hubris. As everyone knows, Jews will be a minority WITHIN Israel before long. With an Arab majority within, and hundreds of millions of Muslims surrounding them with undying hatred without, and a world community which turns against Israel more by the day, in disgust over its injustices, just as the world turned against South Africa, how long do sane Israelis and American Likudnic Jews think Israel can survive? It's a tragedy for Israel that it has turned a deaf ear to Olmert's harsh sanity, and embraced the suicidal swagger of Netanyahu and his American backers.

Looks like Israel better move forward soon or a one state solution will be a fait accompli which many of us look forward to. Israel has had many chances to do the right thing but is just too greedy.

You are absolutely correct about the Chechnya issue. That does not make it right for Israel to do what it has done. This is possibly the most distasteful tactic in the pro-Israeli arsenal, the childish tendency to whine, "Why are you singling us out -- look, they're doing it too!" The Israeli occupation is illegal and immoral, and it must end, one way or another. [Pointing out double standards is now "whining" and a "tactic."]

Settlers, colonialists: The bell tolls for thee.

Good! Divide everything.
That is good Prophet Solomon advice. For years, We, the World family have heard about the "Peace Talks". Well, enough talking, it is time for actions. Either both sides can decide their fate, or We, the World family will divide their fate for them.
Palestinians are living in slums, and Warsaw, Poland type ghettos, waiting for peace and justice.
Until God decides who gets what, We humans will decide and right now, splitting everything right down the middle is the answer! Period.

alysheba 3
It [a holocaust] is beginning to happen to the Palestinians.
The Warsaw Ghetto is a great predecessor to Gaza.
It [another holocaust in Israel] would not happen if they were not so aggresssive and unfair in their approach. You reap what you sow.

it's the few reich-wing zionists who are against any peace, the majority of Israeli's want peace and over 80% are ready for land-for-peace, but not the zionists. [despite the moderate tone of this post, I have trouble believe that was an accidental misspelling.]

...and the Israelis want Gaza, West Bank, Mediterranean Sea, United States....­and on and on
Lets not be bias, big guy. [This might be sarcasm, but the glowing responses to it seem to indicate it wasn't taken that way.]

I hope this report about the EU is correct . . and the EU will back an free and independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital . . . [Not what the document said, dude...]
israel's problem is the one it has always had . . it isn't interested in the peace process . . it just wants all the land that belongs to the Palestinians and their water . . . israel objects to any arrangement that will restricts its imperialistic expansionism . . . in other words . . .israel wants to continue what it has been doing . . . and unfortunately has been allowed to get away with for the past 40 years

Carl Caroli
Israel will scream about this the way they scream about anything that isn't one sided in their favor. It's time we either stop pampering them and drag them to the table for serious talks, compromises and reconciliation or leave them to their own demise.

Nothing like calling giving back something you've stolen "bargainin­g." [The myth that never dies.]

Israel is "worried" about this plan undermining the "peace process"? Hogwash! What peace process? Where, when, how, who? Israel never intended to have a peace process just stretching the talks to occupy more land, destroy more Palestinian homes, build longer walls, kill more Palestinian youth.
U.S. never had the backbone to stand up to the jewish lobbies, may be EU will.


  1. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/wires/2009/12/01/haaretz-exclusive-eu-draf_1_ws_375359.html?page=2&show_comment_id=35496283#comment_35496283

    "About 30 million European Allies died fighting the Nazis.

    There are Holocaust Survivors because of the Allies."

    I'm floored.

  2. Pardon my ignorance, Bryan, but I don't see a problem with that comment. Did I miss something?

  3. True as that statement may be, the Allies weren't fighting to stop the Holocaust or to save the Jews, and turned away Jewish refugees who fled before the war, not to mention that many European governments complied with Hitler's demands and gave up their Jewish communities for annihilation. It's disingenuous to paint the Allies as the saviors of the Jews when saving the remainder of European Jewry was just a convenient side effect of defeating the Axis powers.