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HuffPo User Profile: Kirby

Today we're talking about Kirby.

No. Not that Kirby. I wish I was talking about that Kirby. I'm talking about this Kirby, one of many anti-Israel trolls on the Huffington Post. He has been active since April 2006, has 20 fans and about 500 posts to his name. Kirby is obsessed with AIPAC controlling the US and all of his posts reflect that same theme. Read on to see what this far-from-cute mind has to say:

 Biden: Palestinians Deserve "Viable" State
What the US needs to demand is certainly not the dissolution of the state of Israel, but it definitely needs to demand that Israel dissolve itself from the extra lands it has taken beyond its original borders in '49. Not only is Israel's security ultimately at stake, but more importantly for us, the security of The United States of America is definitely at a very grave crossroads. To ignore this, out of deference to the AJC's [American Jewish Council] domestic influence, will come to haunt and injure all of us. It would seem sensible, therefore, for the AJC to reflect why their fellow brethren in Germany were perceived as enemies of the state, and to reverse their coercive course of actions upon our politicians to endorse Israel's ambitions for more land.

Israeli Report Says Anti-Semitism Peaked in 2009
Do not worry about being called anti-semitic when you are critical of Israeli terrorism against the Palestinians. Real antisemitism is another matter, and, for that matter, antigentiism [anti-Gentilism?] is alive and well in a segment of Jewish society, world-wide. The Israelis have brought on alot of this themselves by their iron fist policies, and we Americans have tacitly stood by them, and totally supported them, due to the domestic politics of AIPAC and its kindred organizations and individuals. In the face of all of this, is it any wonder why we are the laughing and crying stock of the whole world? Is it any wonder why we are on a par with Israel as being the most hated country on earth. We tacitly condone every act of terror committed by Israel against the Palestinian people.
Their bottom line is that they are going to have every inch of the West Bank, haides or high water, and sad to say, we are being forced, by virtue of their virtual control of the United States, to share both with them.

Tony Blair Defends Obama On Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
To answer your question, "What hold do they have on us?" one should reflect first on a statement made by former Israeli PM shouted at a cabinet meeting, "Don't worry about the United States, we control them!" Point the finger at the Israeli agency, AIPAC, which operates all over the United States in one way or another, but particularly on the Hill. You must see how it operates to have the entire Congress in its grips. We can only anser this question by standing up to this 800 pound gorilla. First, it should be required to register as an foreign entity representing a foreign government. This would stop much of its intimidation of senators and congressmen. Second, the operations of Mossad on the Hill need to be stopped. Mossad passes information it has on senators and representatives to AIPAC which uses the info to keep its payees in line, in tune with the Israeli world view which revolves around Israel and its expansion.

Netanyahu's Stubbornness On Settlements Produces American Call For 1967 Borders

GZlives, You say, "build." That's Israeli code word for confiscate, tear down, and kill. Most of us Americans are on to what you people are attempting to do, and you have been clever in how you have put us in a stranglehold on our political system. More of us than you think are getting more than fed up with your treachery.
[you people]

Amazing Gaza Film By Young Palestinian Kid

But they will stop us from ever doing anything about it, and on and on it will go: pac money to the supporters' campaigns, coordinated efforts by their media to their politicians, speaking engagements with honoraria given, Israel junkets, Mossad operations on the Hill to give backbone to the total operation, big tax relief to all who give to Israel or its IDF (to continue the Iron Fist pollicies), and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it at this time, for the AJC through its AIPAC are firmly in control of us. In a sense we are like sheep being led to the ultimate slaughter, save we have the blood of Palestinian martyrs on our door sills, placed there by AIPAC.

To Do Nothing Is an Insane Policy

Israel and AIPAC have thus rendered him, period, because their intention is that the status quo is just fine. And this is why what Friedman suggests is a non starter, for Friedman has made himself the (American?) spokesman of Netanyahu, who would, of course, want us to do absolutely nothing. In the coming months we may well see how much Israel does, in fact, control the United States of America. Israel might just have a big surprise coming, and it could be our answer to its tossing the likes of Netanyahu on us.

Turkey-Israel Tensions Rise As Nations Argue Over Gaza And Drones

What a laugh! What a cry! I have seen with my own eyes the barbaric treatment of the Palestinians by the Israelis. And I have written profusely about the keen steps the AJC has made through AIPAC and their media to tie the U. S. into knots assuring support for all Israeli actions. The editors have refused to publish some of my writing about this because it is the truth, and it is not desired that Americans know how they have been swindled for Israel. The crimes Israel has committed cry to heaven for vengeance. Must we Americans pay for this gross miscarriage of justice and right? Right on, Turkey!
[Yeah, you're not a kook or anything]

Turkey Bans Israel From Military Exercise Over Gaza War

Right on, all civilized peoples! Right on, all Americans to undo the heinous hold that AIPAC has on our country through its hold on the U. S. Government!

Goldstone Report: Palestinians' Anger At Their Leaders Intensifies

If push comes to shove, you actually think that you can cram down the throats of the majority of us U. S. citizens' throats a national approval of extremist zionism's actions in the Middle East. You will come to eat your words because we Gentile Americans have a conscience panging with pain over what you people have done and how you have calculatingly manipulated our politicians. Your media are no longer trusted for telling the truth about what has occurred and what is occuring in the Occupied Territories and Gaza, the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Get ready for a big shove and a big push to put you right back into a very real reality of democracy in action in the U. S., despite your AIPAC, your little organization which most of us Americans have come to despise for its work on behalf of a decadent foreign power. Maybe what you need is a national boycott, and you'll get a good dose of your own medicine.
[Clearly, his problem is not limited to Israeli Jews]

Israel vs. Iran: The Writing Is on the Wall

Yes, I may contribute directly to Israel or to the IDF and declare it as a deduction, but I don't wish to do so, and not many other Americans, if any, other than Jews, use this tax loop hole created for them and Israel. No American may contribute to any other government in the world and declare it as a tax deduction. Can you cite the tax code provision which you allege permits us to do so. Perhaps we Americans who feel so inclined may give money to the Palestinian Government in Gaza and declare it as an income tax deduction. What actually exists for you and Israel does not exist for the rest of us vis-a-vis any other country. This is a good example of how control has been established in Congress by the likes of AIPAC.

Goldstone Defends Gaza Report After "Barrage Of Criticism"

Israel will white wash every heinous deed done in Gaza, just as it has done for years in the West Bank with United States' official approval at the behest of AIPAC. HOW LONG, AMERICA, HOW LONG? Stand up to the Zionist Extremists in our verfy midst!

Obama Facebook Poll: "Should Obama Be Killed?" Pulled From Site, Secret Service Investigate - UPDATED (PHOTOS)

There are Fifth Columnists who are ready to do it; their first allegiance is not to the United States of America, but to a foreign power with absolute power in and over our entire Congress. And if it happens, God help us. The white flag with the big blue six pointed star is imbedded in their hearts and psyches. Screaming their rants and raves, and dreaming , scheming of a secure enlarged eretz Israel with total domination over all Their propaganda is all over us through the likes of Fox and the rest of their media.
[in a thread that has nothing to do with Israel]

Who Will Harness The Rage?

Who will control the rage, indeed? Now where was the rage really begun? Check out the linguistic patterns of many ragy internet stories and commentaries and they are unmistakably Israeli. The rage has been started in Israel to discredit, undermine and totally weaken the President of the United States in his effort to establish a comprehensive peace between Israel and the Palestinians. Those words shouted by Israel's PM Sharon ring out repeatedly loud and clear: "Don't worry about the United States. We Jews control it." So Israel will control it to its own ends.
[false rumor repeated by Kirby as fact]

The Goldstone Report: Three Strikes and You're Out!

Israeli propaganda for the simple minded.

The Goldstone Report: Three Strikes and You're Out!

Yeah, they should have just sat passively in the Occupied Territories and waited upon good Israeli hearts to give them back their land. Yeah, right. Indeed they have every right to do whatever it takes to get their land back.
[excusing terror]

George Mitchell To Press Netanyahu Yet Again On Settlements

They have Uncle Sam by his scrotum because they are in control of our Congress, the Media, and PAC monies to reelect and elect all officials at the state and city positioins as well. Right now there is an underground, under the table, movement to jack up the level of verbal noise - as much as possible - to discredit the President of the United States, and to weaken him, so that he cannot successfully move Israel into a viable comprehensive peace settlement with the Palestinians. The email stories being circulated, and the voice of discontent being fomented have most of their origins from that source. Does Obama really know what he is really up against? The AJC, its AIPAC, Israeli fanatics, and the American neo-cons are responosible for this, and they are willing to cause extreme violence in the U. S., and above all, to destroy Barack Obama. Does anyone doubt that they have the know-how and power to do it? The health care issues are being used by these people to rabble rouse, so they can STOP OBAMA in the quest for Middle East Peace.
[Who is "they"? Not the Jews, I'm not anti-Semitic, honest!]

Iran Says US Nuke Documents 'Forged'

It would be better for us all, were we to "impeach" Israel. They are the rascals who circuitously, through their neo-cons in Washington, who diectly got us into this big mess, in the first place.
[Blaming Israel for Iraq war]

Iran Says US Nuke Documents 'Forged'

All the more pointedly does this tell us that AIPAC mujst be registered as an agency of a foreign power. Let the American People find out how extensive their manipulative maneuvers have been and continuedly are. We are little more than a puppet in the hands of a foreign power. This has been brought on by a powerful group in our midst.

Sweden: Editor Denies Anti-Semitism Charges, Gov't Refuses To Condemn Anti-Israel Article

You hit the nail on the head with this one. It is a so-called hate crime to hate and speak out against the power that their US Media and AIPAC have over the institutions of our government. You can jolly well put me in jail forever for condemning the actions of these people as they strangulate us with their total control over our foreign policies. (We do not have the right to hate Israel for what it has done?, even though we're forever hopeful that Israel will change its behaviour.) AIPAC should be registered as an agency representing a foreign power! And Americans should get news and views from sources other than their media sources which Jews own in the United States. We need to block out all their propaganda, starting with the simple statement that Israel is our friend.

President Obama's One Term Nightmare

Gotta love the ability of some people who have nothing else with which to respond except the old, tried and tired epithet of a canard -"anti-semitism." Most Americans know the bind, and how it has been achieved, that we're in because of the intransigence and trickery of the extremist zionists. I continue to say, enough is enough of this, and if you want to brand my sentiment an antisemitic one, that is your narrow, limited perrogative entirely reflective of your mind's depth.
[If I sound anti-Semitic, it's only because you're not enlightened enough to agree with what I'm saying]

Obama Sends Message to Israel That It's Not Business as Usual

How right you are Thabit; that element is ready to do everything in its formidable power to obstruct any thing Obama can do to ameliorate the awful situation in the West Bank, Gaza, and East Jerusalem. And the extremist zionist fringe element in cahoots with Shin Bet and Mossad operatives around the world probably have a contract out on Obama. Let us pray that the Secret Service can keep its ever high vigilance, for that fringe element is very upset at this time. Long live a moderate Israel, with peaceful and non-enlargement intentions, and long live Palestine, each, side by side, safely, and each with its own sovereignty.

Netanyahu Clashed With Obama, Congress On Trip

More of the Jewish American/Israeli propaganda ad stinko, ad nauseum, and we are sick of it. Let's be clear about one thing: Israel did not create itself but it acts and "talks" as though it did; from day one it has connived and sucked the Arabs into wars to enlarge itself and in the process has decimated large blocs of Palestinian People with American armaments. God bless the Palestinian Freedom Fighters who have had the courage to stand up to them. Yassir Arafat stated publicly that in negotiations the Palestinians were willing to recognize Israel's existence. Israel does not, will not recognize the existence of the Palestinians, but let me tell you something: They (the Palestinian People) will overcome; the world is sick and tired of Israeli obstruction of a comprehensive peace with the Palestinians. The only reason Israel has been able to get by with this is because American Jews have bought off Congress in a number of ways - all real. Eretz Israel is Old Testatament/Old Covenant reality, and the majority of the world is living under the New Covenant which does not continue a title to the ancient land of Israel. Israel has become a land of ingrates. We need now to require AIPAC's registration as an agent of a foreign country, and stop the tax write offs to American Jews and Jewish owned corporations for their donations to Israel and the IDF, and stop the massive flow of money out of our treasury to Israel.

Netanyahu: Better for America, Better For Israel

Chavez08, Are you one of those dirty bigots who would question whatever Israel chooses to do? Ha! This whole travesty is unbelievable, i.e., how we have become wrapped around Israel's big mid-finger. Pac-monies, payoffs, Mossad on the hill getting the goods on our Congressmen, there have been so many tricks and ploys used to get us where we are enslaved to the Zionist world view. These people have made a sham out of what once was a democracy. REFERENDUM now thoughout the U. S. on support of any kind for Israel.

Obama's Impressive Beginnings as an Honest Broker in the Middle East: The Psychology of Perspective-taking Where Perspective is Hard to Find

Study/analyze all the ways Israel and its compatriots in the U. S. have discovered and do employ to control our whole country. Would to God we could throw off this albatross!

Israeli troops and tanks slice deep into Gaza

Annihilate all the perceived enemies of the Israeli extremist Likudniks and what will we have? Israel at peace with itself, and an entire transformation of the Middle East, with Israel in control of it all, as in what Hitler's "Deutschland uber alles!" was to be for Germany. A new world order heretofore never imagined possible, with Israel becoming THE world power, in control, literally, of the entire world.

Iran Test-Fires Nine Missiles, Warns It Will Retaliate

And you sound like an undercover Mossad Agent.

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