Monday, November 9, 2009

HuffPoWatch: Tom Friedman: Time for a Radical New Approach

The Huffington Post recent published this article by Tom Friedman who (for those of you who may not be familiar with him) is a somewhat controversial figure. His political views fluctuate somewhat, in other words, making it difficult for outsiders to figure out just which "side" he is "on."

Although the threads amassed over 180 comments, it was nice to see that there was less blatant anti-Israel and anti-Semitic rhetoric this time around. It is possible that this was due to it's publishing on a weekend, it might also be due to a crackdown by the mods. I cannot say for sure. Anyway, on to the comments:

No subcategories this time, I'll just let the comments speak for themselves:

"What is the difference between an Islamic Republic and a Jewish State? Aren't both "crazy fantasies"?"

"Lets see. We are chosen you are not"

"Make the Middle East safe for it's European colony."

ten pounds
"You are correct. AIPAC, the organization that buys our corrupt politicians, destroys our institutions, funds Israeli spies, sponsors trips to Israel for prominent Americans, is more powerful than any state in this country. It is now an institution in DC and that is a guarantee that Israel must be heard and will be heard, no matter what an American president does...."

"Complete disengagement of the US is better than nothing, but it would give a green light to ethnic cleansing and genocide by israel.
It is necessary to sanction israel severely for its war crimes and crimes against humanity and force a change in its behavior. Just as the world community sanctioned apartheid South Africa for its behavior and forced a change.
Like it or not we in the US have been complicit in the crimes against humanity that have gone on and continue to happen in Palestine. (I cannot begin to tell you how much I resent this complicity, not by me, but by my elected representatives who ignored the wishes of the electorate and chose instead money and influence. They are as guilty as anyone for the past 60 years.)"

"Unless I misread the eight years of Bush foreign policy we have already tried "ignore 'em" and it failed. What we really need to do is somehow impress upon they Israelis that their intransigence and bellicosity have cost the United States as much blood and treasure as we are willing to spend so they need to start negotiating in good faith or prepare to be hung out to dry."

"Aipac is the agent of a foreign nation, whose top people have been indicted on espionage charges for reciveing classified intel and giving it to Israeli government officials.

"Their method of doing business includes blackmailing nancy pelosi by directing people like Haim Saban to withhold millions in contributions if they dont get the results they are after.

"They are utterly corrupt and only represent a VERY radical subset of Isreali settlers and their supporters here. They DO NOT represent the will of US citizens, or they would not seek classified intel to give to Israel."

"It has a lot to do with us. Without our support, the Israelis would have had to make peace with their neighbors a long, long time ago."

"the heat is getting very hot and close indeed
to the criminals and their accomplices in Israel and the US,
which includes tom friedman.
your free-roaming days are numbered, tom, LOL.
wake up from your "masters of the universe" daydream and smell the coffee."

"It is amazing, colonization in the making. That is exactly how British colonization did, divide the same people and family and conquer. The U.S against North and South Korea. West Bank is completely isolated from its family Gaza forever."

[In response to another poster asking who is supposedly "preventing" anti-Israel politicians from being elected] StCuthbert,
you had to ask! "Why"? because the jewish lobbies are very well-funded, well-organized, and spend millions of dollars getting members of congress elected or defeated in every elelction cycle based on their strong support or lukewarm support of Israel. That is WHY.
Who? Jewish lobbies with AIPAC (do you represent them by any chance?) I in the lead are the "WHO"."

Just another day.

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